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Queen Chrysalis. She is evil, cruel, manipulative and downright mean. So there's no way anypony could love her for just being herself. However, the captured Mane 6 would soon learn that there is a special somepony for anypony.

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Okay...that's one way that whole episode could have gone...I guess.

A bit short, but I suppose it didn't need to be any longer. Also, was the dialogue in the beginning intentionally cliche or not?

Good story, I did see one mistake, you said.....

“It’s kind of adorable,” said Fluffle Puff uncertainly. “I think.”

I think you meant to type Fluttershy and not Fluffle Puff.

Why is my thumbs up not showing? I need confirmation that I liked this damn it!!!

This was a nice relaxing read for me. While you could have gone a little further into Fluffle's reactions to the world, I'm kinda glad you didn't as that kind of personality can be really hard to get down on paper, so the limited approach works really well for you.


I just wrote on the spot from my head. Needed to get it down on paper.

Maybe I should do a sequel: "Chrysalis and Nightmare Night featuring Fluffle Puff."

:moustache: What the peeved buck is that?
:duck: Spikey don't be rude, language...
:moustache: Dude that's just creepy

:pinkiegasp: four legs popped out the button? (bottom?)

Someone needs to make a short vid of this...

7646294 Definitely do a sequel. ^^

I think you added the wrong tag to this story. It says "complete" when you clearly meant to say "in progress".

But Fluffy is adorable and this is an awesome way of showing her.

“They are not guests. They are my prisoner.
There are multiple. Prisoners.

Hmm maybe Fluttershy and Fluffle should have a talk in the near possible future. Why you ask? The episode "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?" Is you answer. I think it will lead to some really weird and funny situations should the others overhear them.

Snrk, I could see that happening.

This is too cute

Well that was just adorable.

I've heard Fluffle Puff has been in the show? Apparently she has been hidden in one episode and I've had no luck finding it. Does anyone know which episode it is?

Ok I didn't read this cuz I thought it was just some random story, but little did I know it was some random story with THE FLUFF WOOOOOOO, you should have left a bigger hint that it was the fluff because I would have read this in a heartbeat I love fluffle puff that much:heart::heart::heart::pinkiecrazy:

It's a good thing the Mane 6 didn't run into Fluffle's sister.

...That thing was supposed to be her sister, right? Been a while since I've read up on it.


I always considered Marksaline someone Fluffle adopted as a big sis.


Okay, so I don't know how deep into the fandom you are, so I'm willing to pass this off as ignorance. But:

1. There is a specific fan generated race known as Fluffy Ponies.
2. The writers of the Fluffy Pony fanfics and the creator of Fluffle Puff have both said Fluffle Puff is not a Fluffy Pony.
3. They tend to get rather.... upset if people confuse this.

Granted, Fluffy Ponies are genetically engineered creations of a human world in their own canon, so I don't think that they'll be looking for you. But... semantics can matter, sometimes. (Trust me you do not want to read Fluffy Pony stories.)

Anyway, great story.


I usually refer to fluffle puff as a fluffy pony with the word 'fluffy' being more to describe her appearance rather than species.

And fluffy pony stories are SICK.

Too... Much... Cuteness...


This should totally get animated by FluffyMixer. It would be so amazing.

But all in all this was a very fun one-shot story.


Oneshots seem to be my bread and butter. Just find a theme you're fine with and go for it, right?


*sigh Still it was pretty adorable to see both Chrysalis and Fluffle Puff together. The feels and awww's are too strong for me to control.

We all really need to see a series story of more Fluffle Puff adventures.

Oh gosh, why did I only find this now :rainbowlaugh:
That's too cute :yay:

This was my entire reaction.

Hope you make some more, fluffle storys are fun to read.

I'm glad to see this is one of the popular stories.

Somehow I want a sequel, not really needing a full story, just Puff puff there causing havoc among the ponys in her own way.

okay this is just too cute! I give it 12 glasses of chocolate milk outta 10. :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:


I do have some sequel stories for this

7808331 thank you, it seems I forgot to look.

And thus fluffle puff saved the day. By threatening not to give crhysalis cuddles.

Sorry Starlight, looks like you'll need a new crappy villain to thwart to finalise your forced character arc.

Like someone turned a combination of sugar, cherries, strawberries, peaches, and cotton candy into a story. :rainbowkiss:

Short and cute. You need stories like this every once and a while.

So, just please enjoy this bit of nonsense

That sums up this story pretty enjoyable cute fluff.

The beginning felt cliche and could have been done better.

As for Fluffle Puff entire moments is both cute and funny.

The Mane 6 reactions felt a little natural but could have used more dialogue reactions from them.

Also, lol she met Fluffle Puff instead of landing into kitty land in the idw comics

Overall, a just okay oneshot

.......Mind Blown.....

I just realized something; after re-reading this for fun I realized this is the same scenario that happened at the finale for S6... either you somehow found out what the finale would be, or you're timing was on point!

“You’re addicted.”


I’ve never felt so conflicted on whether i should be laughing or aww’ing.... so I’ve decided to do both. Hilariously adorable story by the way. Pretty sure Fluffle Puff definitely approves by the way :rainbowlaugh::twilightsmile:

Thank you for writing this, I shal now read the entire saga!:pinkiehappy:
Also, :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Cute, and I like how she helped chrysalis.

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