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Awoken in the early morning by giggles, Cadance finds Chrysalis playing with a strange creature in the park.

Written for the Fluffle Puff Contest

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i should write something Fluffle Puff! Sounds fun, and I already kinda did.

she kept bugging

Oh you.

The first and apparently only pony to notice this, was Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, better known and pretty pink pony princess number seven, better known as Cadance.

That sentence was a train wreck.

“You’re not some sort of evil demon or psychotic criminal, are you?” Cadance asked.


4932184 Your mother. Or something, I don't know what the problem is here.

4932022 You should hurry, contest ends today.

4932059 Ha, ha, no!:trollestia:

4932087 :twilightsmile:

4932294 fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/267/3/f/liarjack_scrunch_by_reuniclus-d4asxab.png


The word and should be as.

Also: pretty pink pony princess number seven is best pony

Comment posted by The Shade deleted Aug 31st, 2014

Well, I've read this now. :rainbowwild:

The pretty pink pony princess

I was gonna do a story describing Twilight as "the pretty purple princess pony", but now I feel like I'd just be stealing. :fluttershysad:

*randomly pops out from fluffle puffs fur*

4932406 Ah. Fixed.:twilightsmile:

4932423 I.... I don't.......


Also, I'm going to have to delete your coment before a mod yells at me and also because it make me feel unclean.

4932457 It's okay, if it's stolen it must be pretty good, right?:trollestia:



4932559 But, it doesn't violate any of the rules, I checked xD

4932563 It makes me uncomfortable.:fluttershyouch: This is my only rated everyone story, I want to keep it that way!:fluttershbad:

4932572 Muahuahauhauahuhauhauaha, never!

4932559 good band, but YOU ARE STILL EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :fluttercry:

That fluff is evil I tell you, EVIL!:pinkiegasp:

I will never understand that big, pink, fluffy, wide-eyed, tongue spitting, overgrown, ball of pink fluff....thing, and it's obsession with chrysie.
then again, that puff ball is pretty cute and ad-aww-able.
As was this story.

Loved it.

Short and cute. Nice to see, now and again!

Very nice!
(Even if it did often feel like I was reading a sequel I hadn't seen the prequel of.)

4939345 It's suppose to take place within the same continuity as the If You Series, but since it really doesn't connect to anything, I didn't think it needed a sequel tag.

So changelings can understand fluffy pony in the same way that earth ponies can speak to animals? Cool!

I couldn't stop laughing.

All hail the Fluffle:pinkiehappy:

and unspeakable deaths for those that dont

Oh my god. So much fluff! I'm gonna diiiiiiieeeeee :heart::heart:

4932294 Well it's not like she answered :trollestia:

(Trans: Adorable!)

That was adorable

we need more of this story(the one before this chapter, which does not seem to be directly linked to the story in which universe it is taking place) and please, if you do keep it going, keep this as part of the story. that way we get fluffle in the story too :)

The first thing she realized upon waking was that her dream of peeking in on Celestia and Luna as they made passionate love was in fact a dream.

oh cadance :facehoof:

I'm slightly dissapointed that it ended where it ended. It doesn't feels finished.

...shit, they're onto me.

Chapter Neo

Ice cream waifu

Fluffle ain't a pony
She s an Exomoroph like her sister
She doesn't even have a cutie mark !
A dead give away...

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