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“There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.” - Patrick Rothfuss


Quietly, Sunburst has pined for Twilight Sparkle. Though his feelings run deep, his words fail him. He knows love isn't his expertise, so to resolve things he goes to the best - the changelings.

A special thank you to Techno Flare, Sledge115, RDT and iAmSiNnEr for assistance with proofreading and feedback.

Featured 05/23/2021 - 05/25/2021!

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pa1.narvii.com/5680/956c5755f6d0dd73f57142bf97be2f82dddb5e25_00.gif Well done. What more can be said? And congratulations.

The ending put a huge grin on my face.

That worked far, far too well. I expect to see a sequel!!

The slow-burn romance here is so sweet, and that ending was just perfect. Though, Twilight going there makes me wonder if Thorax sent her there specifically on purpose... Could he have picked up a thing or two from Cady while staying in the Empire?

Well that was cute, even if its descriptions of televised events differed markedly from the events themselves.

Oh, Sunburst. I understand. And yet it's always so easy for the reader to see what the subject of the story can't, isn't it? You did a great job conveying one of life's most terrifying and wonderful emotional roller coasters.

On a technical level, the shifts between first- and third-person in the middle of the story were a little jarring -- it wasn't until I went back to analyze it that I saw the intent. Things might have flowed a little better if first-person had always been used for Sunburst's memories -- even the ones that compacted time in order to take us to the next important moment.

But that doesn't take away from this being a delightful romance with a fitting ending. (I'm going to assume that Thorax told these two that Alary's shop is only open on a certain date and time in order to cut out the middlebug. After all, he knew how both parties truly felt.) And congratulations on finding your Twilight.



I can already see a story when Thorax is secretly Cadence's top love student or something.

congratulations and what a nice and cute story

After Alary had gotten done with the explanations, I thought to myself, "You know what would be really cute? If Twilight ended up going to get the same potion while Sunburst was still there."

I was pleasantly amused by the ending. And while the story was great on its own, I found myself wishing we could have seen more of both their developing friendship and the following romance afterwards.

The real daww inducing factor here, though, is the dedication in the author's notes. Less than three to you both and I wish you all the best.

That's totally Thorax being a sneaky love bug. :trollestia:

What a delightful little story :twilightsmile: Was a pleasure pre reading this, and also a pleasure to see it up! I really liked how adorable all the little moments were, as well as how seamlessly canon was integrated. Extra points for that sweet ending.

An easy favourite for sure, heh

I don't really engage in shipping, but you've made a believer out of me with great slow burn and a creative, non-rapey take on a love potion.

I officially ship it.

He comes off so guileless too, who'd have thought he had it in him?

He had so much fun that he's going back again. I wonder what'll happen with love potion number ten?

Gotta agree with previous comments here: this was a great read and I wish there was more.

Oh frick this is a really good story. That ending puts a big dumb smile on my face. Totally needs a sequel with sunburst and twilight awkwardly denying what's already on the table:rainbowlaugh:

That. Was. Adorable...!!!

I do the fairly common Starlight/Sunburst/Trixie ship, but this was a wonderful take on the two nerds piloting themselves to see if they really want to run into each other or not...

I'm with the others...this needs a sequel, with a full deconstruction by all parties: the two involved, Thorax and Alary, (especially Alary, since he sees a lot of ponies in this situation), all of The Six, Celestia, Luna, Starlight, Trixie, a certain Mother, two parents, a brother...

And Spike. The comments Spike could make...!

Do eeet...!!!

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