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Hi everyone! TwiBurst is a ship not that common, but it’s certainly cute! I mean, look at this!!:

Anyway, this group has a few rules:

1. Please do not be rude to people who do not support this ship, and comment their dislike. It’s a new ship, and obviously the StarBurst fans are bound to be a little upset (I’m one too by the way :rainbowkiss:) But please be respectful to everyone!

2. Sort your stories into the correct folder. It makes things a lot easier

3. No NSFW content! This group is a G rated, max PG group, let’s keep it appropriate please!

4. Have fun! This is an experimental ship, may or may not work, but it’s certainly and interesting (and hopefully growing one!)

And if you decide to join and you’re a writer, if you have time, could you please think of writing some nice TwiBurst? Because there is hardly any, and I’d love to feature your work! I’ll be making some soon too!

~Tranquil Stone

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