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“There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.” - Patrick Rothfuss


Rumors of a dark cult on the rise are circulating around Equestria. As Princess, Twilight Sparkle has no choice but to investigate this potentially dangerous development.

When she finds that the cult is worshiping her as a divine figure, things become more uncomfortable.

So Twilight falls back to her safe answer: consulting with Celestia for advice.

Unfortunately, Celestia's answers are not what Twilight expected.

Written for Fan of Most Everything's Imposing Sovereigns II contest with the combined prompt of Twilight Sparkle and The New.

Featured 10/24/19-10/30/19!

And with a reading by The Mystery Fluttershy Fan!

Featured in Equestria Daily's 44 Awesome Fanfics to Read for Twilight Day! on 8/6/2020!

Now with a Spanish translation by Spaniard Kiwi!

And reviewed by HapHazred! And also by Loganberry!

And by PresentPerfect with a rating of Recommended!

And with a Chinese translation by jazspid available here!

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Know wing Celestia the advice is simple "Take over the Cult and convert it into a respectable religion!". Seems simple, and in a way it is, but it also isn't. Knowing the solution is easy, impliementing said solution will complicated.

I am very excited for this story. :pinkiehappy: :raritystarry:

Yes. I’m way too excited for this story. But I don’t care. Great work! Also, can we expect some sort of upload schedule like every two days or something?

Honestly, I think Twilight is jumping to conclusions here. Sure Cults are 99.999% evil. But nothing about this one screams evil.

Not yet anyway.

i had a good chuckle at this story i was to see more of it

It’s worshipping.

I'm absolutely in.

It'd be hilarious if the cult's activities were all completely harmless (and things Twilight might do herself), but all done with maximum cultishness and evil trappings.

"Bring forth... the tea and biscuits!" *wailing, dirges, flapping of cloaks, squeaking of tea trolley wheels*

When I read the word 'cult' I immediately thought of the Savage Skies series by moguera


I don't have a firm schedule for this one, though the contest ends on Nov. 10th so I kinda have to get it done by then at worst. Chapter #2 is the bulkiest so that one's taking the longest.


American vs. British standard spelling differences. Both are considered grammatically acceptable. (I actually looked this up in advance since I wasn't sure!)


Those two words were the entirety of Twilight's thoughts.

Shouldn't it be three?

oh great, i suppose the next thing to expect is the Spanish inquisition...

I’ve got to stop using this avatar. It’s turning me British.


I think you mean turning you Greek. That doesn’t make it any less of a superb avatar. He’s one of my hero’s.

His blood may be Greek, but those teeth are British.


Bad phrasing on my part, I suppose. I'd meant the Oh No.


What passes between those teeth is certainly British. This is the man that said “When a man opens a car door for his wife, it's either a new car or a new wife“.
I wish I could get away with being like him...

The finest works of Phil the Greek


Oh, I thought she was referring to them saying Friendship is Magic

Oh, this promises to be fantastic. Eagerly looking forward to more. Though I can't help but think that Twilight revealing herself would've solved most of the problems... and, admittedly, introduced a whole bunch of new ones.

"Fetch hither the research papers, that we might grade them!" (Wailing, rending of garments, desperate last-minute applications of correction fluid.)

That’s fine, I love long chapters and I’m more than willing to wait for you to finish so don’t feel rushed. Good luck in the competition

Chapter One: Observe.

Yes. I shall observe this fic.
And follow the author.

Chapter 2 must be titled "Report"

So... the Esoteric Order of Purple Smart?

Dark cult worship bothering you, Twilight?

Eh, you get used to it. (Alondro reaps more sacrifices from his Troll God altar!) :pinkiecrazy:

I like you.

How to destroy the cult: tell them they're about to be tardy... but don't tell them for what.


'Giggles knowledgeably'

Congratz, you got featured. 10/24/2019

you i like you and hate you for this

Lovely so far! I enjoyed her banter with the Captain.

To be a cult, your religion need only be unrecognized by the goverment.

I feel like this is going to devolve into commentary of twilight fans real rapidly.

9904053 All according to The Plan.. :trixieshiftright:

"We will free Purple Smart from the false destiny that has been imposed upon her and restore her to her true position as the Princess of Magic and Books!"

No... the Observant Order of the Purple Smart... O.O.P.S.

Hilarious :pinkiecrazy:

This does look fascinating, and it's competently written so far. Looking forward to more of it.

The answers are not what she expected.

"Roll with it."

"I'm sorry?"

"Just... let it slide. Cults and religions evolve and mutate over time and who knows: Maybe we'll get lucky this time!"

"THIS time, you say. THIS TIME."

"What, you thought Canterlot nobility got that insular on their own? They only ditched the hooded robes a few generations back!"

This isn't a 'sacrifice ponies to our D̢͎̹̹͍̳̞̘͘͘a̷̧̟̙̰̺̮͈̞r̲k̨͖̤͙̖̥͟ ҉̵͉͙̥̥ͅG̘̹̥͡ǫ̰͈̪͖̩̥͓̀̕ͅͅd̥̫̲̰̀͠s̥̰̙͞' sort of cult, cool?

Yet... :pinkiecrazy:

It will never be, Twilight’s fur isn’t a dark colour. Now, sacrificing to our purple god on the other hand...


The fastest way to convince people to learn something is make them believe it is forbidden and exclusive. This cult has done that for themselves. I love that!

And now for an obligatory joke:
“Only card carrying cult members may proceed past this point.”
*Presents library card*
Also, this.

Reminds me of the Apotheosis fic with Rainbow Dash as Goddess of the Weather. I shall watch with utmost interest.

A cult of Twilight nerds? 👀 very intriguing

we must sacrafice books to our dark god of course.

An interesting premise, I look forward to see where you'll go with this.

What if they're reading the books upside-down? :trollestia:

I believe her coat got darker as the seasons went on.

It’s the cult of knowledge. They will most likely happen.

“Bring forth, the sacred book!”

A book written by Starswirl is presented

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