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Starlight Glimmer destroys Equestria when she learns how and why she actually lost her soulmate, Sunburst. Trying to fix her mistake, she learns time travel done right can lead to a revelation of the heart—and maybe even to the renovation of harmony itself.

A more challenging route to possible redemption for Starlight Glimmer in The Cutie Re-mark.

This is not a sequel to Lesson Learned, but Bedroom Interlude is a sequel to this story. The backstory in this story inspired The Enforcer and Her Blackmailers.

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So this is an alternative element load out story?

If'n it is or if'n it isn't I'm not say'in, though I'd be much obliged if'n you were to use the spoilery tag for spoilery questions. Thanks a bunch!

This is awesome, I've read like a dozen alternative endings so far, and this one is my favorite.

¿"The Enforcer and her Blackmailers" has some connection with this story and its sequel?

7390057 The Enforcer and Her Blackmailers is a backstory for Starlight Glimmer. When writing that story, I made one little change to this story so that they fit in the same "canon," as I also did to The Forgiving Lesson. Though Rediscovering and Forgiving exist on different time lines (in the SF sense), they can and do share the same rough hewn Starlight of the Enforcers. (It was the mention of gangs in Starlight's past in this story that sparked the idea for Enforcers.)

This is really cute. Kudos to you

Author Interviewer

Kind of weird, but actually really good? I'm gonna have to see what else you've done now. :)

Alright, this is kind of inverted Butterfly Effect. While original Rematch was reminiscing that trope, this story kind of inverted the moral, which makes me to dither on the fence about it. Kind of you are not allowed to play with fates of others, but you can do it onto yourself, even if that affects other fates.

Moral of original trope was related to proverb about perfect being enemy of good. On one hand, that's all good and ended happily... But what about alternative Twilight? As it doesn't sound that the lavender alicorn changed to better.And do I understood right that filly-Starlight
essentially had commit suicide, because original Starlight replaced her in this last spot?

Good stuff, huh? Makes you think. Timey SF poses all sort of logical conundrums. Thanks for the comment. PM me if you want to discuss further. Do note there is a sequel as mentioned in the long description, which further elaborates on the ending.

Oh. My. God. O_o I don't think I've gotten this much of an emotional gut punch since Bonnie broke her leg in PussPuss' story. This was bucking AMAZING! And only in one chapter? Wow!

Thank you very much. The ending always brings tears to my eyes, and I wrote it! Little comments like yours make the effort worthwhile.

i won't lie, i highkey hate this ending. it's written brilliantly though, i'll give you that. idk, something about this new ending just doesn't sit right with me, otherwise it'd probably go into my favourites. giving it a thumbs up anyway, simply because of the overall quality.

Yeah, I see that it's a controversial recasting of the attributes of friendship, but a reward for fixing mistakes. I went for the heart, and I think I found the target even in you. Thanks for the critique!

So this is a very interesting take on of the season 5 finale and going for a butterfly effect so Starlight try to change her past instead of changing the timeline when Rainbow Dash won the race and performed the Sonic Rainboom basically she confronted her past self despite that was a big No-No but somehow make things a little complicated but then but everything kind of went black when her younger self attacked her she was back to the castle but instead everything is change not only she lives in Ponyville now she became friends with Twilight and her friends but in this timeline she's been friends with them for a long time and apparently more surprises that sunburst and her are married and she's the mayor of this town boy that blew my freaking mind but very sweet this was a pretty interesting story keep up the good work

Well, thank you! You really ought to take a breath between statements. You are so enthusiastic!

Seriously, thank you. You spurred me to read the story (out loud as I am wont), and was surprised all over again. It's a bit awkwardly written compared to my current work, but still enjoyable. I like my twist at the end to make it work. When I wrote it, I obsessed that it didn't make a lot of sense, but after having written all the stories since then, I kind of like it. This was definitely the precursor to The Enforcer and Her Blackmailers, which attempted to take all the neat background I came up with and use it to make an in-canon origin story for a favorite reformed villain.

I'd recommend Lesson Learned for further reading.

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