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Nearly twenty years ago, Equestria's most infamous villains were rounded up and banished to an island smack in the middle of the Eastern Sea, halfway between the Equestrian Continent and the Griffin Empire. While the citizens of Equestria lived in the lap of luxury, the ponies of the Isle survived in poverty and eternal famine.

Now, four foals of the Isle are chosen to return to Equestria, and are given a shot at a normal life. Their parents, however, see it as a chance to escape and get their revenge. Now these children have a choice to make. Will they prove themselves to their parents as the baddest of the bad, or will they abandon everything they've ever known for the sake of writing their own stories?

Unfortunately, the audio drama has been canceled.

*EDIT* Now being edited by Darkie 09.

*EDIT 2* Cover Art by Rezio.

Yet another parody. Descendants because I'm Disney trash. This story heavily features OC's, all created by me most are created by a friend of mine, except for Nyx, who belongs to Pen Stroke. The only things I own are my OC's.

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I like it so far. Just try to stay away from the 'Rarity mean girl' stereotype, as Rarity isn't a mean, popular girl and is very intelligent.

6372926 Not quite sure where this tip is coming from, but don't worry, I will!

Oh great. Another Ponified Disney Fim Fic. :facehoof:

6374355 Yup! Parodies are kinda my trademark.


I've seen people make Rarity into a 'mean girl' stereotype who only marries for money and so on and so forth.

The cover could be better, but I liked the movie, and this fic seems interesting. Good job, so far! :twilightsmile:

6374964 Yeah, the cover isn't my best work...:twilightblush: The only reason I used it is because I had done a speedpaint of the characters before writing this, and that's the thumbnail of the video.

Comment posted by OtakuBrony47 deleted Aug 31st, 2015

Sorry, I didn't mean to be one of those internet trolls. I just...can't STAND :twilightangry2: Disney films. :unsuresweetie:
I'm sure the story's good. :twilightblush:

Cool! I like this story so far and LOVED Descendents. I can't wait for more!

MORE! I WANT MORE!:flutterrage:

That is...if you don't mind.:fluttershbad:

6532505 I'm about halfway done with the next chapter, so it should be out soon!

Finally! An update!

Can't wait for the real action to start!:scootangel:

If these decedents were voiced, what would they sound like?

6574828 Interesting question, one I've thought about. As of now, I'd imagine them sounding like their movie counter parts, but I might do something with that later.

Yay, an update! Can't wait for the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

But, since I'm a Grammar Nazi...

and now it's right ther in front of us,and none of you will take it?

"Ther" should be "there" and there should be a space between the comma and "and".

The older Alicron

"Alicron" should be "Alicorn".

it'llwork in Equestria.

Those two words should be apart.

IF you doexactly as I say.

Another problem with two words not being separated.

so affectionatelycalled me

Another problem with two words not being separated.

Other than that, the story is good, just work on your grammar and spelling! :raritywink:

6580446 Noted, and now fixed! :scootangel: I'm gonna apologize in advance for any spacing errors; my space key has decided to randomly lock up.

I loved Descendants, and I was actually planning on making my own version of it with the following villains: Sombra (Maleficent), Chrysalis (Evil Queen), Discord (Cruella De Ville), and Starlight Glimmer (Jafar). Their children are Serena (Mal), Chrysi (Evie), Screwball (Carlos), and Ray (Jay). Only one guy child though, and all the parents are actual villains who weren't reformed (except Discord, but whatever. I couldn't have Tirek cause he would only jack up the whole "Sombra is worst villain" thing like "Maleficent is the worst villain" in Descendants, cause Tirek was pretty bad...) any who..I think I'll still write it

I love the story BTW :pinkiehappy:

I personally would LOVE to see pony-fied versions of the other "Descendants" works!:pinkiehappy:

I loved this chapter b/c of its likeness to the movie but how it's also different.:scootangel:
And I happily await the other chapters! (I have no idea what you have planned for chapter 5, but I look forward to it!):pinkiehappy:

Really? Silver Shill x Applejack? That's worse then Flim x Silver Shill

Glad for the visuals! I'm more of a visual learner.:scootangel:
Great work with 'ponyizing' this. Really lovin' it. :pinkiehappy:

I would love to see those works ponified!

I love those pictures! I make movies in my head when I read, and those make it way better!

I also love this fic! Keep it up!

My favorite out of all the new characters has got to be Lollypop Swirl. Even though I don't ship Cheesepie as much anymore or think Pinkie is ANYTHING like Mulan but alright. I'm cool with it. Silver Stocking's a jerk, then again, he represents the cruel, although good looking, Chad Charming.

Comment posted by SShimmerFan2 deleted Mar 22nd, 2016

Oh my gosh, the plot is indeed thickening....I'm already imagining Discord throwing a fit about this.:rainbowlaugh:

6841230 Ah yes, Discord is NOT going to be happy about this.

Thanks for the shout-out! I really appreciate it! :pinkiehappy:

Fantastic, maybe I'll audition

I already sent my auditions in! I love the movie.

Thou deserves a like:pinkiehappy:

Ohh, okay, I can see how the love spell wouldn't work now.:moustache:
And ship like it's FedEx, people.

Celery soup is probably a past sins reference.

More more...... Ahm sorry let me get my bearings


6943961 Glad you've decided to join us for this crazy ride.

It has a good flow going.... I also like story's that have the spawns of evil due to one of my ocs being chrysalis's daughter...

this is what i couldn't get out of my head when we got to the lake

Aww! :heart: So cute! My favorite ship here is SciBug, though.

I loved the descendants movie! But, aren't Luna and Nightmare the same pony? EH, probably going to be part of a twist. Keep up with the story please.

7075031 In the show, Luna and Nightmare are one in the same, at least as far as we've been shown, but this is an alternate universe, so for the purpose of plot, they're two separate individuals.

Lady used the mind-control spell Chrysalis used on Shining in A Canterlot Wedding, didn't she?

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