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This story is a sequel to My Little Descendants

After nearly six months living in Equestria, the resident villain foals are finally settling into their new home. Lady has built a fashion business based in her dorm, Shade has earned a spot as captain of the new fencing team, and Flare has his eye on a certain filly. For the first time, they’re happy.

At least, most of them are.

In order for Nyx and Will’s relationship to continue, the filly must learn the ways of royalty and be officially presented as a mare (and Princess) of the Equestrian Court, something that would’ve happened when she was thirteen, had she been raised by her real mother, Luna.

However, the transition is harder than she expected it to be. She tried everything she could think of, learning the traditions, words, poise, looking the part with different clothes, makeup, and even hair, and acting like the perfect princess she’s supposed to now be. But what happens when she can’t keep up the act?

Cover art by the lovely Sakura!

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 22 )

O.M.G!! Yes! Thank you for finally posting this! We've been patiently (most of us anyways) awaiting this moment. Excellent 1st chapter.

I'm with phoenix on this I love the my little descendants series you have woven and wanted to say its just amazing your continuing it

I've been ready for this since Descendants 2 came out. AWESOME! Not looking forward to Will and Nyx's fight yet. However, I wonder who Uma will be.

I read somewhere that it would the daughter of Adagio, I think. She makes the most sense if you think about it; aquatic, arrogant and a singer.

Awesome! So glad you've finally got started. Can't wait to see who you choose for Harry, Gil, and Dizzy. I also like Berry (Dude talking was so funny in the movie.) I can kind of imagine her voiced by Candi Milo. However, any reason why you didn't include the songs like in the last one? Just curious; I would have loved to see "Ways to be Wicked" and "What's My Name?" in MLD form.

Glad to see some excitement!

Welcome back to the fandom!

Sorry for taking so long! School, health, y'know how it is.

As my writing has improved, I realized that including songs in books really disrupts the immersion of reading. But don't worry, I have a plan. :raritywink:

I’m gonna try and predict what the new VFs (villain foals) are like:

-Dazzling’s daughters for Uma and Dizzy (Adagio for Uma, Sonata for Dizzy?) or maybe Diamond Tiara (or Silver Spoon) has like a cousin for Dizzy.
-The Harry Hook colt is related to Dr. Caballeron (grandson, nephew, 3rd cousin twice removed?)
-Gil may have something to do w/ Iron Will (or Feather Bangs as a joke) but I’m not sure.

These are just my guesses but I can’t wait to see who they are! I’m so excited to read more!

You're partially right, but I won't tell you who about

I take it you saw the teaser for Descendents 3?

That I did! And I’m very excited!

Especially the implications of Mal's father.

Interesting choices for Gil and Harry's counterparts. I honestly thought you were going to go for the kids of Sonata and Aria (or at least them and maybe an added character like a son of a Diamond Dog). So glad you've added another chapter. I've put this story and all others in the MLD series in my "Creme de la Creme" folder in my library. Check it out :pinkiehappy:.

600% mastapeece! Liked and followed!

Awesome chapter. Can't wait to see Nyx on the Island and see the stuff with the others.

I'm still confused on how the truth potion made both Dude and Berry talk.

As my writing has improved, I’ve realized that adding songs to stories breaks the immersion, so no, I won’t be adding the songs.

Hi love your series I was wondering if they make a Disney Descendants 3 will there be a part 3 in the future? :eeyup:

Great job at getting back. Too bad there's no songs, but you're choice :pinkiehappy:. Having the Mane-iac's daughter for Dizzy was an interesting choice. Can't wait to see "It's Goin' Down."

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