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Made a rainboom. Awwwesome. Won the race. Check. Where the heck is Fluttershy?

Here is Rainbow Dash's true story of runaway Fluttershy and how Rainbow Dash ended up moving to Ponyville on her birthday.
(Have a handkerchief available—fair warning.)

Written before Fluttershy's family became canon in season 6 or RD's in season 7.

Art (c) by ColtSteelStallion. Hover over picture to see a source link.

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6892618 Mission accomplished How many handkerchiefs did it take?

Definitely pulled some heartstrings.

6892659 NONE......okay maybe one or two....but not three definitely not three.

You've made me tear up. Are you glad?

Also, amazing story.

OMG FLUTTERDASH!!! SOOOO CUUTEEE!!!! Now kiss!:rainbowkiss: this was an amazing fic!!

Wow, such a well written story. One of the best fanfics easily

Despite being very jossed by canon this fic was amazingly sweet and great. Rainbow Dash: element of loyalty indeed!! :heart:

This was a heartwarming fic. However, this fic made the parents seem emotionally abusive, not neglectful. Aside from that, you did well in portraying a possible scenario of how Fluttershy got from Cloudsdale to Ponyville.

That was one of the best things I've read. So much characterization, so much emotion put into one piece. I'm happy to say I faved this, it's so well written.

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