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Princess Twilight Sparkle lay there in anguished silence for almost a minute until she decided to let Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, and me help her. It came out as a whisper: "My special talent isn't magic." Of all the ponies we might help, I had never imagined our first might be Twilight, or that it would essential for Equestria that we got it right.

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It is an interesting way to look at what Twilight's talent could actually be based on her actions, rather than her abilities. And the fact that the Crusaders helped her to see was very heartwarming.

Twilight's cutie mark looks like an explosion. Maybe her special talent is exploding.

It also looks oddly similar to the plasma focus in an inertial electrostatic confinement nuclear fusion reactor (i.e. Farnsworth Fusor):


Maybe her true destiny is to become a thermonuclear engineer?

Unicorn magic is made out of rainbows? Is that actually canon? Kinda sounds like something the show would say, but I thought rainbows were a spicy liquid in Equestria.

6541921 Made from Pegasi who failed their flight tests. :pinkiecrazy:


Unicorn magic is made out of rainbows? Is that actually canon?

Googling "Unicorns and rainbows" will yield some funny reads and images of rainbows coming out of unicorns. It could be considered canon because it was how the ponies defeated Tirek in the first gen MLP, but it's never explicitly stated.

It's a favorite trope of mine and I've used in many stories, including Sisters in All but Blood. I use it to explain why unicorns cannot directly harm anyone with magic in the show, and thus the slice of the ponyverse I write in. I realize Hasbro is limiting the actual violence in the show, but it's my literary explanation distilled into MLP physics and it forces protagonists to find more interesting solutions to their problems.

I liked this :twilightsmile: have an upvote :pinkiehappy:

An alternative is that in Equestria, condensed magic looks prismatic, hence making it possible to have rainbows the CMC can touch, rivers of rainbow in the clouds, as well as the amusing results of trying to drink the stuff.

I normally am rather ambivalent towards oneshots which are basically a sharing of a piece of headcanon, but this one was sufficiently in character to be rather good, especially since the result makes so much sense. Twilight is a perfect example of the archetypical Magnetic Hero, being the focal point to allow otherwise seperated individuals or groups to become one allied force. For other examples, see Robin Hood, Littlepip, Many Shoujo protagonists, The Nameless One of Planescape: Torment, etc.

Day and Night, Order and Chaos, Doing what you want vs. doing what you must, Twilight is the heroine who aims for harmony rather than destruction. Well, most of the time.

this....made sense. i am now scared. :rainbowderp:

Head-canon accepted.

That makes sense.

Though one fanfic (can't recall the title, but it hasn't updated in forever) has Twilight find out that her mark actually represents a hole in the sky, i.e., a dimensional rift.

I bet Mabel from 'Gravity Falls' wished that unicorns in her world were more like MLP unicorns.

Neat idea. It makes sense, I think.

And I felt the urge to sing.

That got me. You rarely see the musical numbers in a fic, and the implication (if intentional) comes across as something magical and profound rather than silly, here.

Decent enough, I suppose, but overall felt lacking.

~Skeeter The Lurker


Does that look like "thermonclear engineer" to you?


... well, yes it does. Kinda. Sure has a crazy amount of power behind it.
If anything her talent would be "one who make a weapon out of anything and everything".

After all, we already know love is a weapon (massive AoE, choose its target) since Shiny and candance did use it. And happiness is too; crystal empire used it for a similar effect.

Its a bit scary really.


And she means it too.

Twilight's special talent is trees.

I accept this. Nice job!

This could be so real and true that it made me feel as if it was... The last two sentences actually made me almost tear up like the CMC getting their marks did... Bringing harmony... What an amazing mark you have Twilight.

:unsuresweetie: One other question Twilight, Where's Spike?
:twilightoops: Spike?
:moustache: Diamonds! three diamonds!
:duck: Two hearts
:raritywink: one game
:unsuresweetie: I don't want to be an aunt
:twilightangry2: I don't want to be a grand whatever

:applecry::unsuresweetie::scootangel: another case!

cute story....


Some say you can still hear him Yo-ing to this very day.

Well, if her special talent is bringing harmony then wouldn't Twilight have been called on by the map each time? Unless of course her special talent is dealing with direct threats to harmony like Nightmare Moon, Discord, etc.

SparkleShy confirmed?

Cannot directly harm? Twilight lasers things all the time, including sapients like changelings and the bugbear. She's also burned Spike when teleporting him before. Shining tried to laser Tirek, too.

Also, if her cutie mark isn't magic, how did she get it when not doing anything remotely related to harmony?

And really, everything Twilight mentioned being good at in this fic, other than magic, falls under the umbrella of friendship. Since magic is friendship in MLP (quite literally), it just backs up the conclusion that her cutie mark is magic, as thats exactly the same thing as having a cutie mark in friendship. I find it extremely hard to believe that Twilight, someone who literally ascended into an alicorn due to her deep understanding of friendship, would be confused on this point.

6544181 i agree with you 100% considering everything in teh show contradicts this fimfic BUT its still a good fic and besides ive read many stories where cutie marks have multiple meanings whos to say hers doesnt also mean shes a bringer of harmony

And finally, we get a fanfic where the CMCs live up to their cutie marks!

Have a 'stache. :moustache:

I like this. Sweetie's new mark has a star also, with a musical note. Could her talent be musical harmony?

More than one fan has pointed out that Twilight's cutie mark closely resembles the traditional mythic representation of the Elements of Harmony as shown on the front of the book on the subject we saw in season 1, episode 2. The fact that the Element of Magic resided in a formation on the Tree of Harmony that resembled Twilight's cutie mark more than a thousand years before she was born strengthens this link considerably.

Yes, Twilight's skills and aptitudes are in magic and logic. However her true talent is and always has been being an agent of and avatar of Harmony and friendship.

This was a nicely characterised and well-thought-out speculative world-building piece. I'm faving it so I can read it again at leisure and determine if I've got all the nuances of the story right.

Great story 10 out of 10

Makes sense. Twilight is great at magic only because she studied it so hard, lived and breathed it in her youth. But, where ever she goes, she brings Harmony. It's in her very name! Twilight, the time between night and day, the Harmony between Light and Darkness. She IS Harmony, like Celestia and Luna ARE the Sun and Moon respectivly or Discord IS Chaos. Okay, braingasm over. :twilightsmile:

Your take on unicorn magic is interesting, although I'm not convinced it fits what we see in the show. While it would keep unicorns from being OP if they couldn't directly harm anyone, we have seen them fire magical lasers, and Twilight accidentally burned Spike, as Fwelin pointed out. Anyway, I always assumed that most unicorns know two or three spells that have to do with their special talent (in addition to basic telekinesis). Only unicorns whose special talent is magic, like Twilight and Sunset Shimmer, get a wildcard to do pretty much whatever they want. :twilightsmile:

Twilight's special talent isn't magic... and what's the problem? The lack of that answer ruined my enjoyment of the latter part of the story (out of story descriptions don't count) because it wasn't clear what were they trying to do.

One thing that the show has established is the inextricable and vital link between the meaning of the cutie mark and the pony's sense of self-identity. Any doubt about the validity of that interpretation (or an incorrect interpretation) can cause depression and other mental and/or behavioural illnesses. It's something that really has to be dealt with sooner rather than later for the sake of the unfortunate pony's health.

6545013 I understand that. My comment was about that point isn't explicitly mentioned in the fic: that's even more pointed when we're in a first-person perspective when we have front seat to the PoV's line of thought. (Sweetie Belle's in this case)


Sequel required because of first fic's COMPLETE AWESOMENESS.

6544339 I'm going with the more literal interpretation that she's a music star, but that would mean she's good a musical harmony, too. :twilightsmile: The CMC are the first dual cutie mark we've seen, a team who's good at helping ponies find their special talent and individually at something personally (as Scoots would say) awesome. Bet the show will explore that going forward, or in what I now expect to be the spin-off series of them as obvious teens.

Nice idea. I feel like the actual writing/pacing could have been better. I found myself getting bored and just skimming the story. And, Applebloom seemed a little off-character to me. But, I like your theme and how you tied together their skills with their cutie marks. That last line was also really cool. I liked the happy vibe that line gave off, and also how it brought in the underlying theme of Sweetie's talent: music.

I don't this quite lived up to its potential. The description had me intrigued with the idea of the CMC helping out Twilight for a change, and on something so important... but the story was mostly a lot of talking and the conclusion was one of those "Well, duh!" moments. (Since magic = friendship = harmony yadda yadda is kind of a major theme of the show, I mean.) Also, the narrative voice didn't really sound like Sweetie Belle.

It was a good idea despite the execution anyway.

And then she made a mistake--talking to Discord about this:

"So my special talent is actually Harmony!"
Discord stared at Twilight for a few seconds, then repeated, "Harmony? You?"
"Why not?"
"Dear Miss Sparkle, let me say a few words. Think of each one for ...just a moment or two."
He continued:
"Your Gala dress"
"Come-to-life spell"
"Slumber party"

"Beginning to see a pattern, my demented little pony of purple power?"
"But-" She replied, "The star, all of those rays coming together in one point..."
"indeed, and also exploding out from that one point. Your cutie mark shows a momentary event that can go either way, toward Harmony or toward Chaos. You are a catalyst, a trigger, a decision! You make things happen, whether you intend to do so or not."

He paused, holding a dramatic professorial pose.
"Take it from me, it's better if you intend something to happen. Accidents can be fun, but they often aren't."

That was such a great ending!!!!! FAV AND A LIKE 4 UUU

This is less a story than a cleverly framed commentary on the show's lore. And magic being math. I like that.

Harmony is friendship and friendship is magic. Her talent is still magic.

You realize that all this led to harmony. It looks like you don't even know what are you talking about.

That actually makes sense.

6546903 Twilight Sparkle: The Happening

I liked this a lot. :scootangel:

Isn't bringing harmony the same as bringing friendship, which the show explicitly states is also magic? I dunno, the story takes a while to get to the point that matters, Twilight saying magic isn't her talent which is already spoiled right there in the summary, then it doesn't really explain why twilight is so broken up over it. She already wrestled with this question in the show, what does it mean to be me, so the story doesn't have the kind of impact you were going for.

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