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Fizzlepop BerryTwist, still an ensign in the Equestrian Navy after 4-years of fully commission duty, is ready to accept discharge and leave Equestria forever when she is assigned command of the Eagle's Stoop—a museum piece with a maintenance crew and a griffon XO. Her mission: Save Canterlot!

This story is starting as hiatus. The ensign and CPO Bent Feather appear as important side characters in Ms. Glimmer and the Do-Nothing Prince. Fizzlepop is integral to the resolution of that story. Sadly, since I've never been in military service, and consequently never in the navy, I do not believe I have what's necessary to carry the side story to completion without serious mistakes. To complete this story, I need someone with navy experience willing to review the naval details, suggest how certain plot points would work out, and verify the story is faithful to navy tradition (US or UK). I'll share the byline, or if you are an author, I'm willing to make it a colab. Might that be you? PM me, if so.

I have a full outline for it. Regardless of the title, it isn't a cross-over. Characters from this novel play integral roles in it.

This story takes place 600 days prior to the 1,000th Year Summer Sun Celebration

A 603 Day Universe Story

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This story is a sequel to The Enforcer and Her Blackmailers (Enhanced & Augmented)

Friendship has always made Starlight Glimmer uncomfortable—since Sunburst—but the friendship lessons keep coming. When Celestia and Moon Dancer's great aunt aim Starlight at the enigmatic Prince of Equestria, to teach him a lesson, unexpected feelings of friendship and love rear their ugly head. It really bugs her. It feels like she's being forced to take the advanced course in friendship when she's just learning what it even means; could it be more than friendship!? Whether she likes it or not, her choices about him will save or doom Canterlot—and change her life forever.

Prequels? The story is written such that you should not need to read the prequels. Your fun will be doubled, however, if you do.

About warning tags: Nothing explicit, but a warning nonetheless.

Additional MLP series characters: Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Shining Armor, Fizzlepop Berrytwist (before becoming Tempest Shadow), Sunburst Mortorboard, Grampa Gruff, and Moon Dancer. I could add a dozen more, but introducing them before they show up during syndication is spoilery.

Artwork by Syrupyyy at https://twitter.com/SyrupyyyArt

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This story is a sequel to The Runaway Bodyguard

Now includes AU sequel starting with Ch 31: Starlight and the Persistent Princess. Starlight Glimmer's magic is self-taught. To fix the holes in her education, she won entrance to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. She has secrets, however, a past she wants to forget, and she knows how to fight very well. Despite her assumed name, certain facts are discovered—fortunately not by Celestia. She really wants to attend the school, and must compromise with ponies who want her as their tool. Sometimes it sucks being popular!

[Ratings are weird. I suspect instant downvoting. PM to discuss.]

The Enforcer and Her Blackmailers is the original story in the Enforcerverse. It was originally a standalone one-shot, and I’ve tried to preserve that feel. (The characters demanded I write more after the fact, including the prequel.) Remastering it added and corrected it with details from the prequel, carrying forward threads written four years subsequently. It is still standalone and can be read that way.

Carrying forward the threads from The Runaway Bodyguard implied a possible fulfillment of Celestia’s plans and Starlight’s education, experience, and uniquely fungible ethics—if I were to allow the one action by Celestia that prevents Starlight from becoming the canon “Our Town” Starlight in the show. I’ve added those chapters and they are clearly marked as an AU ending.

I've added the [Sex] and [Violence] tags. Nothing particularly graphic, but Starlight does talk from her experience, and some fighting has to be described. Starlight tells her story with brutal disregard for what ponies think about her. She is not shy.

Image (c)2016 by Riakoh-Illust, commissioned for this story. (Click source to see final artwork.) Titling by me.

Thank you to Javarod, the pre-reader for this story.

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Crystal Skies was to be married and then wasn’t. Now he’s got blood on his sharp feathers. Forced to move to Baltimare while the incident cools down, he learns stuff about himself he didn't know: who he is, what's love, who he loves, and where friendship begins and ends, amongst other things. He gets involved with gangsters. Intimately. Not as strange as it might seem, considering his fiancée’s Family background.

This is a standalone novella that incidentally takes place in the Enforcerverse. It features Starlight Glimmer in a supporting role as Grimoire, many years before the Our Town incident. Having read The Runaway Bodyguard will provide minor spoilers.

This story was written as an entry for the M/M Shipping Contest 2021.

About warning tags: Unmistakable innuendo, strong allusion, flirting, plumage. Gangsters, blood on feathers, an incidence of Prench cursing, etc...

The main cover art, and the alternate cover in chapter 4, is by Syrupyyy, an amazing artist. The lettering is mine. Visit Syrupyy on twitter at: https://twitter.com/SyrupyyyArt

A super big shout out to my pre-reader Javarod. He made a snide comment in The Runaway Bodyguard on the “Hay is for breakfast” line that intersects both stories (chapter 14 in this work, chapter 51 in that work). That one comment was the genesis of this story. If you like this story (and please, up vote it), be sure to thank him, too!

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When the CelestAI uploads a 7 year old girl, the AI doesn't understand the semantics of the wish. It learns quickly, or does it? You don’t want to fight an imaginative little girl about some things, especially if you agree to make her an alicorn. Told in 7 year-old first person narrative.

This story is an entry in the Friendship is Optimal Writing Contest April 2021. It could pass as a Theodore Sturgeon story. The story is a one-shot standalone and doesn’t adhere to the history, magic systems, or kid-safe limits depicted in the Enforcerverse. It is vaguely a cross-over. If you've read/watched Non Non Biyori, you may recognize that CelestAI is messing with the wrong person. (Post the character name if you figure it out.)

Thanks again to my pre-reader, DoContra-san.

Note: The background of the images in this story is licensed from PIXTA. #11315199 is copyrighted by Yoc-chan Hiss.

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Her best and only magic teacher, Sunburst, abandoned her when he got his cutie mark and she didn't. Her butler and guardian, Proper Step refused to teach her magic, saying it wasn't "lady-like." Magic is in her blood, so she has no choice but to run away. She learns to fight with hoof and magic, first to save her life when she’s brutally attacked, but later because she is very good at it. She doesn't realize she's being honed to become somepony's sharp tool.

This is Starlight Glimmer’s pre-redemption The Gangs of New York and Anakin Skywalker Star Wars I, The Phantom Menace novel-length origin story.

The cover image is a commission by a very talented artist, Pony-Way. Please visit Pony-Way’s page.

About the warning tags: [Sex] Off screen, rare, unmistakable; [Violence] Street gangs, mafia bosses, prizefighting, becoming a bodyguard (naturally)—blood, occasionally. Please don’t be shocked and give the story a thumbs down because bad things happen to Starlight at a level that can’t be shown in show. Adversity always makes her stronger.

The sequel to this story is The Enforcer and Her Blackmailers. This is an Enforcerverse novel, and you can view that link if you want huge amounts of context.

A big shout-out to my pre-readers: Javarod and DoContra

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Starlight has always distrusted friendship, but, when she is infected by a disease transmitted via magic, she has no choice but to listen to some lessons about friendship from Double Diamond. Whether she learns anything is another question. A founding of Our Town / Love in a time of “Covid-19” story. (Updated 8/12/21 with very minor details related to The Runway Bodyguard)

The [Sex] tag is for language that indicates something happens, nothing graphic, and that is why it requires the [Teen] rating. While all my Starlight stories are plotted carefully to not conflict with her depiction in the show, nothing in the show implies the Enforcerverse milieu, so I'm bowing to the suggestion and including the [Alternate universe] tag.

The story is written as a one-shot (2 chapters due to size). Technically, this is a sequel to The Enforcer and Her Blackmailers, but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed reading out of order. This story is as good a place to start reading these stories as any. In a sense, it is a prequel for Starlight and the Double Diamond Affair (tagged M), but the Our Town events in The Cutie Map are a few years away and will come between this story and and that story. Starlight brings up her past often in story, even revealing information from the novel The Runaway Bodyguard. It could be considered spoilers. As the author, I don’t think it substantially lessens the impact of the other stories.

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This story is a sequel to Knight of Equestria IV: Unmarked Time

Luna visits Songbird Serenade on a special scary autumn night. Listening to records, a family meal, a food fight, and deep revelations about their friendship follow.

This is an epilogue to the Knight of Equestria series. You may wish to read this last as some spoilers are inevitable, but this one contains many. Note that Flopsy Mopsy is Songbird Serenade, so please don’t act surprised.

Special thanks to DoContra! No surprise there. His comments on another story once again inspired this one.

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When an inter-dimensional gate opens between Sweet Apple Acres and rural California, Twilight must act quickly before any creature gets hurt—pony, alicorn, or invader.

Events in this story take place before season 9 episode 1 and announcement of the royal retirement. [Teen] for weapons and some intense scenes. This story will consist of many smaller chapters published daily or every other day, and is an exercise in cliffhangers. It is a long novella, and is completely written. If it catches on, I plan to open-source or invite writing in the universe I created.

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This story is a sequel to Knight of Equestria III: Pizzicato and Changelings

Lord Tirek is stealing Equestrian magic. DJ Flopsy Mopsy a.k.a. The Songbird, reluctant secret hero, is heading for Canterlot for what she expects will be her first recording deal. While the princesses have a plan for Tirek, DJ FM puts into effect a more pragmatic solution. Then she meets Discord. Again.

Marked teen for fighting and some blood, mostly Flopsy's, but specifically not gore because it isn't. Sometimes when you've got Princess Compulsive Disorder and you fight against overwhelming odds, do or die, you get hurt.

Six chapters over six weeks published on Tuesday. All chapters are completed, so read with confidence and press thumbs-up early! Comments also appreciated.

Like all the stories in this series, this story is written to be standalone with all important background in the narrative. This is by design and was done as an experiment to practice writing this way. The individual stories were written out of order with "standalone" in mind.

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