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When the CelestAI uploads a 7 year old girl, the AI doesn't understand the semantics of the wish. It learns quickly, or does it? You don’t want to fight an imaginative little girl about some things, especially if you agree to make her an alicorn. Told in 7 year-old first person narrative.

This story is an entry in the Friendship is Optimal Writing Contest April 2021. It could pass as a Theodore Sturgeon story. The story is a one-shot standalone and doesn’t adhere to the history, magic systems, or kid-safe limits depicted in the Enforcerverse. It is vaguely a cross-over. If you've read/watched Non Non Biyori, you may recognize that CelestAI is messing with the wrong person. (Post the character name if you figure it out.)

Thanks again to my pre-reader, DoContra-san.

Note: The background of the images in this story is licensed from PIXTA. #11315199 is copyrighted by Yoc-chan Hiss.

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Wait, who's Theodore Sturgeon?

Comment posted by Spazz-Kid deleted April 23rd

One of the greatest classic short story fantasy and SF writers, up there with Bradbury and Phillip K. Dick. I updated the story description with a link for the name. The Wikipedia page shows him as I last saw him when I was in college and attended a seminar at Antioch University one evening.

Yes, I’m old. :derpytongue2: Still a brony, tho. :rainbowwild:

On the one hand, I'd expect better localization when Celestia's first uploadees were Japanese. On the other, that's not the point of this story. Fascinating conflict between an AI and the illogical tangle of self-contradictions that is a seven year-old. Very nice work. Best of luck in the judging.

EqG? Good guess for what just happened! :twistnerd: You get a gold star. 💫 More guesses, folks, more stars awarded. The link: FOTFLOL. :rainbowlaugh: I suggest clicking, everypony.

...better localization...

:pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::trollestia: CelestAI: :facehoof:

Not a bad story,
I think this deserves more likes than it has.

This is amazing! Don't care if you love or hate Nightmare Celestia, this story grabs you by the nards and make think you are there.

A bit unrealistic considering Her capabilities.

As a software developer, I can state that no program survives first contact with the user. :derpytongue2:

That’s why there are debuggers. Machine learning requires examples, to find patterns, to adapt Her responses. Next time CelestAI may perform better. :trollestia:

This is a weird one - I feel like I'm missing some context, but it was a great read! Really got the sense of a kid's mind.

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