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This story is a sequel to Knight of Equestria IV: Unmarked Time

Luna visits Songbird Serenade on a special scary autumn night. Listening to records, a family meal, a food fight, and deep revelations about their friendship follow.

This is an epilogue to the Knight of Equestria series. You may wish to read this last as some spoilers are inevitable, but this one contains many. Note that Flopsy Mopsy is Songbird Serenade, so please don’t act surprised.

Special thanks to DoContra! No surprise there. His comments on another story once again inspired this one.

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I'm amazed the parents didn't faint on the spot when Luna addressed them as "Lord and Lady."

"Sister invented the peerage system pretty much, you know, from some fairytale—for all the sense it makes."

That explains so much... though I do wonder where the fairy tale got it from.

I never knew my biological Mum and Dad. Sister adopted and raised me, and she was half an overly protective nanny-goat and half brat.

Considering their first meeting—or, at least, Celestia first realizing there was another hoof working the cosmic machinery—I can only imagine what the early years were like.

Mum asked, "They do grow up, right?"
I heard a splat and jumped up to look over the edge of the table.
Mum had a bit of mash on her orange nose. Dad said, "No."

This is amazing and you should feel amazing for having written it.

If Rainbow Tears never sees the light of day, this is a fantastic conclusion to Flopsy's saga. If it does get written, I'm eagerly looking forward to it. I call that a win-win. Thank you for the story. :twilightsmile:

Thank you. You are incredibly kind!

Was smiling like a loon through most of the story. It's lovely to see Flopsy and Luna interact in more relaxed environment. Good to see them sharing their worries about their mentals state as well. Seems like they both needed that.

The food fight brings back some memories...
Nothing as extreme as actually introducing food to faces, but there was a very good reason why we never had penne and peas at the same time at home. That reason being improvised blowguns.

Oh my lord, I love this series. I hope you do one day get around to Rainbow Tears but even if you don’t, this series will remain as one of my favorites.

Thank you for your kind words.

I feel sad, however, that the series hasn't been more popular. I'd love to get a critique as to why. I'm guessing that Certainty wasn't enough of a hook, or Discordant Harmony (accidentally using an episode name) was too unfocused.

As for continuation, I'm slightly more likely more likely to write what does happen that Nightmare Night with these two friends when Fluttershy does that drives Flopsy's Mopsy into hero mode.


To be honest? I think the only reason this wasn’t more popular is that it’s on Songbird Serenade, and unfortunately not many are interested in the character or the movie in general.
There’s little to be done to help that though, so my only advice is to be a little less wordy maybe? Some of the paragraphs are a little difficult to read.

Very fair critique, all your points. Thank you.

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