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Fluttershy has come a long way since Twilight came to Ponyville, but she’s still very shy compared to most ponies.

But who would have thought that a big time star would be shy as well?

A gift for BlackWater with thanks for SOOOO many things.

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Crackshipping? Crackshipping!

Really hope they add Songbird as a character option soon.

Ally at it again. Excellent, cute little piece.

I try not to always link Songbird with Sia in my mind. The advertising always pointed to Sia, but I really value seeing Songbird as more than just an avatar for her. Glad to see someone else does too, and glad to see a nice moment of character from her (is there any official material that says her eyes are blue?). Hopefully we’ll see her again at some point. Not all the time, but something like Coloratura, who I also wish we could revisit...

Anyway, again, good work.

“Could you introduce me to Princess Twilight?” she said, her cheeks blushing as she shook her mane back down over her eyes.
“She’s a kinda cute.”

Ally, go home. You’re drunk.

I couldn’t find info on eye color, so I pulled out the color wheel.

Also, the final bit is pulled from the movie where Songbird was rather interested in Twilight.

And I’m fine. I only had one glass of cider.

Maybe two. Things are a little blurry without my glasses.

“rather interested” in Twilight?

Sis, it was, like, a 3 second hover while holding a lyric. In front of the pony who just saved Equestria (again). Pretty sure that’s just a pop star’s way of showing respect.

Granted, shippers gonna ship. But this really makes me doubt your claims of not being drunk.

How many fingers am I holding up?

I’ve kind of tied that to Azure, so it’s not really me anymore.

Plus, this matched my general sense of style anyway.

That background...

I’m sorry if this is wrong, but is that a character from the Movie? Or is that an OC and I’m just dumb?

OC placed on a backdrop.

K. I’ll stop spamming your comments now.

I Don't know why, but I went back to see the entire 'chat' history to see how much was said....I regret nothing.

And Tempest and Skystar.

“Could you introduce me to Princess Twilight?” she said, her cheeks blushing as she shook her mane back down over her eyes.

Ooooooh, I sense shipping here :trollestia:!

The toy they sell of her has blue eyes

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