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Long before I took the name Songbird Serenade, I met Princess Nightmare Moon. It changed me forever. It revealed in me a strong—and I fear evil—certainty that has affected the lives of many ponies. This is the story of that meeting on the morning of the 1000th Sun Celebration, and its continuing aftermath.

An Equestria Daily story post on Sept 20, 2018. (Changed from Certainty: Songbird Serenade, Knight of Equestria because its length caused card view to mangle the title.)
First sequel: Knight of Equestria: Discordant Harmony

This story is standalone, but slots into the Enforcerverse. There will be a sequel. Thanks to DoContra for all your coaching to get me through this project, and to make it much more readable! Thanks to Loganberry for help with dialectal issues and a POV issue to do with FM's cutie mark.

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Did you make the cover art?

Yes. I did the compositing of a number of images and did the lettering. Compare with Discordant Harmony. I'm modifying it for each story in the series.

Fascinating, both the cultural disconnects that spared Flopsy from the Nightmare's wrath and the long revelation that even she didn't fully grasp for some time. Some of the ages involved are unexpected, but they do work. All told, a gripping read. Onto the sequel.

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