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Saving a friend, and acknowledging her, had led me to right here, right now, Twilight Sparkle’s tourist guidebook under my talons, thinking about this thing ponies called community. Griffons had lost the symbol they agreed brought them together and had allowed themselves to forget their greatness. It was the degradation I’d brought upon myself when I humiliated myself at Pinkie Pie’s party. But then I thought, what if Dashie had foreseen the true second step in saving us? She knew griffons through me. Was she right? Save the idol, save the world?

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I loved the story, very interesting and it could be made easily into a very long saga about Gilda rebuilding Griffonstone. Also, it's rappelling.

@Enigmatic_Quill. Apparently, I was writing comedy. Rappelling not repelling, argh. Good catch. I had to fix it. THANKS!

6034859 If I ever get the inspiration, can I write an unofficial sequel where she tries to fix things in Griffonstone? Seriously though, it was a worthy story.

You are far too hard on yourself. This was a good story, and certainly could have worked as a sequel to the episode itself with only a few minor changes to keep in the ponies. I'm glad that someone acknowledged that since they know where it was, they could go back for the Idol, and I like that you've rationalized why doing so was a priority. The reasoning of the various parties work, the voices work well, and I thought the final solution quite clever.

This story really is horribly underrated.

@Nightwalker: As Fluttershy would say, you are too kind.

I've got the voices of all those souls whose critiques proved insightful in my head. Getting the most from critiques sounds like a good topic for a future blog post!

@Enigmatic_Quill: Knock yourself out, I mean, not literally... Sure, go for it I've no plans for Gilda; her voice is very difficult.

I will point out that the horns on the skull have heavy gold rings (bracelets?) that are like the diameter of dinner plates....

I thought this was great. When they didn't believe the idol, I thought she was done

Really good story. I loved how it took the skull more than the Idol to convince everyone it was real.

A very enjoyable bit of griffonery! Liked how Gilda kept referring to Rainbow as "Dashie" even when she had nothing but mocking nicknames for the rest of the ponies. Also, I kind of think that more than the Idol, or even the skull of the Arimaspi, it's Gilda's determination and drive that really makes the difference here. After all, she, Greta, and all the hangers-on manage to restore the library before any of the others know about her plan to go down the Abyss.

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