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This story is a sequel to Knight of Equestria III: Pizzicato and Changelings

Lord Tirek is stealing Equestrian magic. DJ Flopsy Mopsy a.k.a. The Songbird, reluctant secret hero, is heading for Canterlot for what she expects will be her first recording deal. While the princesses have a plan for Tirek, DJ FM puts into effect a more pragmatic solution. Then she meets Discord. Again.

Marked teen for fighting and some blood, mostly Flopsy's, but specifically not gore because it isn't. Sometimes when you've got Princess Compulsive Disorder and you fight against overwhelming odds, do or die, you get hurt.

Six chapters over six weeks published on Tuesday. All chapters are completed, so read with confidence and press thumbs-up early! Comments also appreciated.

Like all the stories in this series, this story is written to be standalone with all important background in the narrative. This is by design and was done as an experiment to practice writing this way. The individual stories were written out of order with "standalone" in mind.

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I do love the almost incidental nature of DJ FM's rise to fame. She's trying to focus on that, but PCD is a harsh mistress.

"That explains a lot." She said, walking again. She murmured to herself, "Our world is filled with monsters."

No, no, no, this set well after the trials of Vermillion. :raritywink:

I get the feeling Flopsy's already helped more than she knows with that shot of confidence. And this heart-to-heart adds some great depth the silent exchange during the movie.

I wouldn't worry. I'm not worrying.

Please remain calm. Everything is fine.

Looking forward to more. Loving how this highlights just how terrible Celestia's plan was. And Flopsy's next encounter with Discord is sure to be one to remember.

It was great to get a spectator's view of the fight.
Plus, first.:rainbowderp:

I love this. The whole outside perspective for the big happenings in Equestria is amazing. And Flopsy is badass. I wonder what will happen the next time she meets Discord.
Keep up the good work. :pinkiehappy:

What's Princess Compulsive Disorder?

It's the diagnosis a snarky doctor gave to a certain apparently ordinary pegasus who acted like a princess, taking on dangers that she was ill-equiped, in his opinion, to deal with.

I love this series and it definitely should get far more views than it got.
And I for my part really want to see how she did during the happenings of the movie. Considering what I've seen of FM until now there seems to be so much potential. I'd love to read your take on it. :heart:


I wonder what will happen the next time she meets Discord.

i.e., Flopsy kryptonite: I don't think this gives away much of the of plot Knight of Equestria VI: Rainbow Tears, and I am unsure if I'll be writing it anyway...

When Twilight is preparing the Friendship Festival, Princess Luna strongly suggests Songbird Serenade headline. Flopsy Mopsy agrees to do it for free so long as Twilight tells Discord that she will be there. Discord runs back to his personal dimension and stays there for the events depicted in the movie. My guess is Flopsy will be rather distraught about Luna's subsequent glassification and the occupation of Canterlot that is allowed to unfold as a result of her actions.

Yeah, the problem with redeeming a lackluster character is that going in, people just see that there's going to be a lackluster character.

Still, lukewarm reception aside, I loved this installment of the saga of Flopsy Mopsy... even if I didn't exactly show it through assidious reading. Sorry, magic loss is one of my big squick factors for MLP, which makes me hesitste with anything involving Tirek. Still, a fantastic read from start to finish, especially how Discord is still deathly afraid of that angry little pegasus. Thank you for it. I do hope you reviist the Knight of Equestria sooner rather than later.

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