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While Hornet mourned the Knight’s death, the Pure Vessel awakens in world so strange he can’t comprehend it.

But that’s not the only thing that’s happened to him.

Somehow, he could now feel emotion, something that he knew made him impure.

Even more perplexing, he could now speak!

But, before he can think on what happened to him, he finds himself thrust into a wild adventure so strange to him - and the people of this world - so he hefts his nail and bounds into the light.

This is the story of the new Hollow Knight.

These are the only other stories that crossover with Hollow Knight.


I highly suggest you check them out.

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I always thought that hornet saw the Knight as a brother....and is the Hollow Knight a girl or not I'm confused

On this is going to be good I've played the Game and beat the Pure Vessel in the fourth Pathion but still stuck on the 5TH I'm going to keep a eye on this story

Hollow Knight’s a girl, according to one of the of the other Hollow Knight stories on the site.

Ah makes sense....That means I'm the games I got my butt beaten hard by a six feet girl bug.......cool

I haven’t finished the game yet, but I watched my dad play the entire thing.

Comment posted by Doomed Soul deleted Jul 13th, 2019

The Hollow Knight was impure, good sir. If she’s impure, she can be a girl.

It is stated in lore and all the sources I have found that the Hollow Knight is genderless and referred to as they.

It is fine if you want to change that in your story, but remember that is not at all canon.


Pretty sure Hollow Knight does not have a gender and is called an it or they. The Vessels had no identity, not even a gender.

Remember, I said the Hollow Knight is IMPURE. She’s supposed to have no voice to speak, no emotion, no NAME, but the fact the Pale King showed affection to her caused her to develop impurity. Thanks to that, all three things she can’t have she CAN have now.

It was confirmed by the creators that the Knight and Hollow Knight and all of the other Vessels are canonically genderless. Hollow Knight was shown affection by the king, but that does not change biological gender of one already born and formed.

Changing these things for your story is fine, but please do not act like it is canon when it is confirmed not to be.

l Like what I see so far but I just have one question. Are all the chapters going to this short or are they going to be longer?

Sorry, I have a bad habit of making chapters quite short. I need to work on it, and I’m hoping to at least break the 2,000 word barrier for a chapter someday.

I’ll have to look it up sometime...

Didn’t realise that even when they’re impure, they’re genderless.


Sorry if I was being rude.
I just get worked up over this sort of thing and take getting facts straight really seriously.


If someone could send me a cover picture for this story, or better yet, draw one, I’d be extremely happy. This story needs a cover. No story is really complete without its’ cover. And yes, while it’s important to not judge a book (or fanfic) by its’ cover, the cover can give a reader some insight as to what the story might be like.

The reason I’m asking someone to send or draw a cover (other than I need a cover), is because of family restrictions. Currently, I can only access FiMfiction.net, or Fanfiction.net on Safari. I can’t access any other website. Not even Google, to find a Hollow Knight picture to save and upload.

So stupid question. How big is the Knight compared to everyone else?

He’s tiny compared to the Hollow Knight (about one-tenth her size), who’d be about as tall as Tirek when he was at his largest after absorbing a lot of magic.

Compared to the Mane Six, he’d be three-fourths their size.

Compared to Celestia, two-fifths, at the very least (these are all estimates, if someone has a better estimate, please comment on it)

Nice chapter:yay: I love Hollow Knight so I can't wait to see where this goes:pinkiesmile:

The Knight is going to be at the heart of the Changeling (aka pony shaped bugs) Invasion. This will be interesting to say the least

Yes! He will.

Let's just hope no infection came with the Knight huh

Do I need to play Hollow Knight in order to understand this story?

Sort of. Or you can look at the wiki.

Other than that, no.

Isn't it a bit odd that chrysalis is disgusted by him for being a bug when they quite literary are bug ponies.

Probably because he’s a different bug, and Chrysalis thinks any other bug as inferior.

Yeah I can see that with her personality.

I hope he doesn't ruin his new suit too badly after the fighting is over.

He won’t. Remember, he has the dash that gives him invincibility, so he won’t ruin it.

On come on the Knight cant blame anyone for thinking hes cute just....for a little guy he does have the potential to become a God

Aww this is so good....and I know twilight is going to ask our knight questions on his equipment like the charms and everything .....Question does he have the Grimmchild charm?

Remember he’s a young bug. Basically he’s still a kid!

I have yet to implement it in this story.

Well I do can t wait to see the six reactions to all of his charms....and there combinations of you want to use some charm combos go to YouTube and look up secret charm combo

Yeah a kid that basically killed a false God

Was Radiance a false god?
It seemed to be indicated she was the real deal or at least as good as the genuine thing.

No, she was a forgotten god.

that was a good boss fight

Well yes and no to the bugs of hallownest they did acknowledge The Radiance as a God but they did not want her so yeah it's kinda confusing

Didn't the Pale King usurp her and give the bugs sentience while she was effectively erased from history?

Yeah. Then, she accidentally created the Infection.

Pretty sure the Infection was deliberate on her part. She was determined to not be forgotten and would go to any length, even going with the "if I can't have you, nobody can" route in regards to the denizens of Hallownest.

I might have misheard that one Hollow Knight lore video.

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