The Hollow Vessel

by Jahbraz



As we walked into the town Twilight called ‘Ponyville,’ I caught a number of stares being directed at me.

I guess these ponies have never seen something like me before.

Following Twilight, I saw a strange building. It was a tree, but the inside was hollowed out into what looked like a library.

“I’m guessing this is your home, Twilight?” I asked.

“Yes! I’m quite proud of how many books we have here, and I’ve made sure to organise every single one,” she answered.

On the way here, Twilight had told me about herself and her friends, and I had gotten the feeling Twilight was one of those people who loved reading books and had a huge thirst for knowledge.

Walking inside, I was met with a huge amount of books, and bookshelves.

Staring, dumbfounded, I was startled by a hoof reaching onto my shoulder.

“It’s a lot to take in, huh?” Twilight giggled.

“Yeah, it’s just that... even though the Pale King’s library was undoubtedly a thousand times larger than this, this is still a lot of books,” I said, having pulled myself together.

Cocking her head, Twilight asked, “Who’s the Pale King?”

Sitting down on a nearby chair, I beckoned her to sit with me.

“This is going to take a while to explain, you might want to get comfortable...”

“So, this, ‘Infection,’ causes bugs to go mad, and also ended up being what destroyed your home?”


“That’s horrible!”

I had just finished explaining the history of Hallownest, my mission, and how everything had ended to Twilight.

“I know,” I said.

“If only we could’ve been there, perhaps we could have used the Elements of Harmony to save everypony...” she lamented.

“Elements of Harmony? Something tells me it’s your turn to explain,” I joke.

“And so, we’ve just sort of... been the heroes of Equestria, I guess,” she finished.

I remain silent for a moment, before I speak up.

“I’ve seen magic, but none as powerful as your world’s. I mean, I can expel spirit in the form of a fireball, and that’s magic, but I’ve seen you use what you call ‘levitation’ magic. Where I’m from, we don’t have that,” I say.

Suddenly, a strange creature walks in.

“Hey, Twilight! How’d your search for that thing go....” it asked.

“The search went well, Spike, and we found somepony when we got there. Spike, meet Knighty!” Twilight said.

“Knighty?” I asked.

“Well, we can’t really introduce you as ‘The Knight,’ ponies might think you’re lying, or are being a snob,” she explained.

Suddenly, Twilight’s eyes went wide.

“What is it?” I ask, concerned.

“I almost forgot! My brother’s wedding! Oh, I still need to pack everything and buy gifts! Oh, what am I going to do!?” She says, hyperventilating.

“Hey, Twilight. It’ll be okay. I’ll help you pack. I’ll come along, too, as I still need to meet your princesses and see if they can find me a way back to Hallownest,” I say.

“You’re sure?” She asks, shocked that I would do such a thing for her.

“I’m sure. You’re my friend, after all,” I affirm.

“Friend?” She says, even more shocked.