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Some say that death is a peace most mortals have at the end of their life. For the Knight, preventing the Shade Lord was a sacrifice worth achieving for Hallownest. The Absolute Radiance was destroyed thanks to the aid of the Godseeker's power to summon the Shade Lord. Now the Knight finds itself, with Grimmchild, in Equestria, going through journeys with six of Equestria's best hopes to stop all evil.

However, will they be able to help the Knight go back home? What about its siblings? Did the Pale King also end up here?

All questions the Knight must find answers for while aiding its new home.

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 97 )

I like where this is going.

Please continue this, I love Grimm.:scootangel: Also, please have them meet the CMC.:fluttercry:

Also, how does she know about what happens when his shell breaks?

Well, it's more of a guess. It's not hard to deduce that the Vessel's shell breaking means it dies. It even confirms that. But thank you for the comments and questions

Yes, but why would she skeptical of how it was still alive? Also vessels don't die, at least not in the knight's case, they are shattered, the priest specifically tells you they can have you face your past regrets, not the regrets of a past life but the past in general. Also if you're up for new ideas, try implementing this little theory. Okay, basically my theory is that the shadelord is actually the void being focused by the godtuner to the point where the kingsoul found within the voidheart can harnessed, this would explain why the shadelord only comes out when the knight seeps into the abyss. Now for something I think is cooler is that the knight's newfound mind could actually be the godseeker's, this could actually have the knight feel greif later on in the story, just a thought.

All good things come in time

Just throwing these out is all.

This story is awesome. It’s so great seeing more Hollow Knight stories here.
To answer your questions I quite enjoy the vessel being given a voice and thought. And Grimm here is also cool. I would love to see development with them as well as the Grimm Troupe.
As for interactions with ponies. A good rescue for the cmc would break the ice and until then all, except the kids, will be suspicious. Pinkie and Fluttershy probably the most open and Discord would be wary knowing a godslayer was near, although if he got good with them he would use them for jokes and fun.
Also between Grimm and Luna, I’d imagine indifference, respect or friendship as they both are against nightmares.

Grimm is the literal king of nightmares. They are not going to become friends, maybe respect or indifference due to the fact that they are simply doing what they were designed to do. Could have a whole subplot about it.

That is true, him being the nightmare king. But he doesn’t create nightmares. Rather when kingdoms fall to ruin he goes to them and removes their nightmares. He does this for himself but removing the nightmares does clear the way for new kingdoms, wether this removal is good or bad is debatable/unknown. Also he is a vessel. Vessels are prisons, just as the hollow knight, siblings and the player are prisons for the radiance , Grimm is the prison for the Nightmare Heart.

Be pleased that a new chapter should be out within the next couple of days or possibly tonight. Depends on how much I can get done in one night

I'm so happy that there is finally a good hollow knight fic. I was quite tempted to start one myself. however I didn't trust myself to continue it.

so far love it

loving it i hope they get to meet queen chrysalis at some point

Ghost turned around, instinctively drawing his nail as a set of dark blue hooves began to materialize. A blue light shined from the intruder, Ghost’s nail readying to attack.

...... Luna?? The hell you're doing?!

Luna fight. Luna fight. Luna fight.
Wait if their in godhome....

Uh oh.
(Radiance intensifies)

Jokes aside another great chap and lovely cliff hanger.

Technically, the Radiance cannot be fought anymore. It's dead and they aren't in Hallownest. As much as that would be a cool idea on paper, I have no plans in having the Radiance return without pulling a massive deus ex machina. Not something I want to do personally without finding an actual good reason.

I appreciate the comment though

Yeah I went with radiance because it’s in my opinion the most iconic from godhome. Absolute radiance and all. Still this could be done with the other gods. Mantis lords, nail masters, ghosts siblings. Plus when he attunes Equestrias gods, he can also fight them.

As for radiance. A little black magic, ancient artifacts, a ritual or two. Grogar could always have a trick if the stories lasts all the way up to his arrival.

I completely forgot that villain existed. Hm...Let's see how the story progresses

Don't be silly, Ghost! You've slept on something other than a bench before! Remember when the Dreamers forced you unconscious in front of their statue, later to be reawakened by the Seer? Or whenever you struck a fallen boss with the Dream Nail, joining it in sleep as the two of you did battle in the realm beyond?

Neat chapter! Kinda exposition-y, though, what with the bearers introducing themselves with their Element.
Also, could not the Godseeker allow Ghost to attune them in their shared dream, as was done in Hallownest?

Attunement, at least how the Gods and Glory DLC portrays it, is through combat. So, Godseeker would be literally having Ghost fighting anyone that has any form of strong power. As she has said in previous chapters, there are many gods in Equestria. So much fun for Ghost, not like he fought 42 bosses in a row

Thank you for the comment

Yes, combat, but in the dream. Sly is only fought in Godhome (the others are at least implied to be fought in the training cutscene, but Sly doesn't have one). Ghost could face off against the Mane Six, the other alicorns, and several villains "safely" in Godhome without necessarily seeking them out.
Though it would definitely be more interesting to see them fight the gods outside of dreams. And as fights like Mantis Lords show, they don't even have to die!

This story is so good UwU

Thank you, I try to make something decent out of the time I have

“Shunned Goddess of the Night.”

Aww yeah. Great fight. Great name.
Since we now have KM that means...
Daybreaker. Hell Yeah!

Also I like how Godseekers one of those overly obsessed yandere tsundere characters who overly love the main character. It fits well.

Also Grimm v rarity.

Odd.... but go on.
(Posted a little early on the last one:twilightsheepish:)

never stop this story

Well, I might make this story a series depending how it goes. So hopefully I can continue with your guys' support

Ooh, neat! I like the moveset you gave NMM, can definitely picture it in-game.
A couple of bits regarding the second-person singular:

Luna regained her composure before approaching Godseeker with narrowed eyes, “Are thee sure of it?”

"Art thou sure of it?" (or "are thou" if you're just changing the pronouns without the conjugation along with them)

“Glorius! Thee may be holding back"

"Glorious! You may be holding back" As she soon after refers to Ghost as "you" (similarly, as a sign of respect, she uses the plural/respectful form for the God of Gods).
Alternatively: “Glorious! Thou may be holding back, God of Gods. However, thou show strength with thy restraint. Destroy her! Show the Nightmare thy true power!”
Essentially, I/me/my <-> thou/thee/thy (thine when the next word starts with a vowel)

Edit for extra (and probably correct, at least) pedantry: "Glorious! Thou mayst be holding back, God of Gods. However, thou showest strength with thy restraint. Destroy her! Show the Nightmare thy true power!"

Well this is a very helpful critique since my second person old English is very rusty as it can be seen.i haven't used or practiced it since high school so I roughly went off of Godseeker's dialogue in game to get an idea. As for NMM, I tried to make the attacks both something that could be seen in game and at the same time, something not so restrictive.

Thanks for the comment once again.

I’m surprised that the Broken Vessel showed up I thought that if any other characters came to Equestria they would still be alive. Though I guess being a vessel his shade went to the abyss after the knight defeated him.

Still waiting for Hornet to show up.

>Nightmare Night chapter
i predict Grimm getting a bit bigger of a head

You are definitely not wrong

Oro and mato made up in godhome, just saying.

And Equestria grants thought to another being of Void. Interesting.

im just waiting for hornet to show up lol

With this I expect The Hollow Knight to make an appearance somehow.
Hope that’s the case.
It would also be cool for more and more of Hoolownest to appear.....
What the whole kingdom arrives. And half call ghost king?:rainbowderp:

I will confirm that Hornet is planned after the Nightmare Night. Not directly after that specific point but expect her sometime around there.

As for the Hollow Knight, I have no plans as of yet for its appearance. I will have an update concerning future characters possibly soon

Well I certainly look forward to knowing what lovely characters you bring to life will be.
Based off of what you have so far, it’s going to be good!

If more vessels do make an appearance, might I recommend some from a recent fan animation called “Escapism”?

Hollow Knight Animation “Escapism”

It might just be wishful thinking, but damnit now I want to see that little vessel with one horn and the main one who seemed to take on a “big brother” role for it just make it to Equestria and finally live a life.

Believe it or not, that fan animation made me decide to use Broken Vessel first. I always felt the Vessel's had some sort of brotherly bond with each other whether they were truly hollow or not

Yay, Hornet's coming! Wait, does that mean Silksong doesn't happen in this fanfic?

The game isn't out so I have no idea how it would incorporate to the story

I'm loving this so much! Ahhh

Mah, dude.
Might want to edit this here ol' chap a tinsy winny bit. First impression s'the one that counts, eh? Maybe get yerself a editor or some such, hot stuff.
I dunno, I'm high on sleep deprivation, so, heck good first impressions, I guess.
The prose's might sloppy at some parts, 'n not in the charming, quaint way. More in the, newbie 'n quaint way.
And the flower stuff, a bitt odd, hope it matters in the long run. What even is that flower anyway? Screw that flower, not like I like like them.
And I just got the oddest dejavu writing about the flower.
Have I said that I'm sleep deprived?
Withu much love and potatoes,
The guy with rubber for eyes. And brains apparently

To be honest, I have written for a few years now. My writing is very sloppy due to it so I'm making due with what I got. I appreciate the criticism and I'll keep a closer eye as I write

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