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Retirement is a scary concept when you've barely had more than a day off at a time for over a thousand years. Doubly so when it's not physical or mental infirmary driving the decision. For the former princess Celestia, everything that has happened has sparked what was supposed to be a small, casual adventure, but as per usual, nothing is as simple as it's supposed to be.

A chance encounter and a cry for help puts Celestia face to face with an otherworldly affliction that endangers not only the Breezie village where it seems to have originated, but potentially all of Equestria should it spread. Cut off from the allies she normally relies on, Celestia must instead rely on her intuition, wits, and leadership to battle an enemy she can't even see, or else succumb to the will of this dream from beyond the void.

A crossover with Hollow Knight, with spoilers for the ending of that game, though knowledge of the game's story is not necessary to understand this story.

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this really needs a sequel!

I loved this!

I like this, it actually held some emotional weight for me. Still I have a few criticisms, mostly about it being too short. There's more words to them but that's just because it's easier to give fine details on issues one has than with compliments.
The defeat of the Radience seemed a bit slapped on, if it was that simple she'd never have been a problem. Similarly I think she was a more complex character than that though that could just be a matter of interpretation.
Willow connecting to the void was too abrupt, I like what you did there but there wasn't enough detail.
Seabreeze got dream powers too simply, the dream realm never simply bent to will, delusion occasionally but even that was limited. Mostly just "muting" Radiance seemed weird, after all Radiance is as much if not more of a dream god as a sun god, if anything the dream realm is a product of the Radience, saying she was stealing dreams seems unfair. Something I think is probably wrong but is still worth mentioning is that I don't think the higher being definition is the same in game as in fanon, it seems like in game it meant any sapient being, not necessarily those possessing particular power.

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