The Hollow Vessel

by Jahbraz



That’s all Hornet could see.

Thankfully, it began to edge out of her vision.

Getting up, she quickly grabbed her needle.

Looking around, she saw bits of Void goop seeping from everything in the Black Egg.

Walking forward, she felt her foot brush against something.

Looking to her right, she gasped.

It was the shell of her half-sibling.

Putting her hands to her mouth, tears welled in her eyes.

Deep below, below the Forgotten Crossroads, below the Queen’s Station, below even the Ancient Basin, the shades and siblings of the Hollow Knight and her brother, the Knight, having already sensed the freeing of their adult sister, and the death of their brother, had gathered in the center of the mass of discarded shells for a funeral of sorts.

Suddenly, one of them sensed a great ‘disturbance.’

It realised, it was time to go back home.

Balling up, the shadowy inhabatant of the void phased through the ground, returning to its’ rightful place.

Seeing their sibling do such a thing, the others looked at each other, before following their comrade-in-arms.

Hornet, sobbing, fell to her knees. She’d lost the only sibling she’d really known.

Suddenly, she felt a hand on her shoulder.

Whirling around, she held her Needle to the throat of her supposed assailant, tears still streaming down her face, before gasping as she realized who she was dealing with.

The Hollow Knight themself.

Trembling, she lowered her Needle.

But instead of hurting her, the great bug of the past hugged her.

“Sister!” the Hollow Knight said.

Shocked into speechlessness, Hornet shook her head, and said, “What! How!? Vessels aren’t allowed to speak! They can’t feel emotion! And how are you my sister!?”

Immediately the Pure Vessel’s expression became grim.

“I was never really ‘pure’ in the first place. Well, I was at birth, but the Pale King showed affection to me. I guess that’s what made me impure, since it allowed me to feel emotion. As for me being your sister, well, the Pale King is my father, too, you know!”

Hornet was shocked. She hadn’t known that her ‘sister’ had been impure.

Suddenly remembering little Ghost, she felt her eyes well with tears again.

“What’s wrong?” Hollow Knight asked.

“It’s another of your siblings. He’s..” Hornet began crying again.

“Who was i...” the Impure Vessel began, before she came across the Knight’s broken shell.

“Oh, brother....” she said.

Looking up, Hornet asked, “He?”

“Somehow this sibling of mine was pure enough to stop the Radiance. But he was never pure at birth. At first, when he was born, he’d performed excellently in the art of combat. But it was discovered that the little Vessel had a gender, and so he was deemed impure and cast into the Abyss. Somehow he managed to climb back up. I even ended up seeing him clinging to that one ledge leading out of the Abyss. He fell off, after a few seconds, before I left with Father. Ironically, he was the one to stop the Radiance and purge the Infection once and for all,” The Hollow Knight explained.

“Then may he Rest In Peace,” Hornet sobbed.

The Hollow Knight pulled her sister into a hug and comforted her as best as she could.

Unbeknownst to them all, the Knight was very much alive.

And he was heading to a new world, albeit not of his own will.