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Happy Christmas! · 3:12am Dec 25th, 2018

(and/or any and all solstice celebrations you may partake on! :pinkiehappy:. Although let's face it, most of us will be celebrating winter solstice regardless of the actual season :duck:). As I was raised catholic, have my favorite nativity scene and some relevant music:

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If you did see it in popular and/or featured then that's news even to me. As far as I know Apple preserves was my first and only of either. If true you just made my day even more. But either way, thanks for taking the time to read, I owe kits since more thanks I guess.
Raridash is a more rare ship, but it does take more work to seem believable so I can see why. I'd have never tried it without the inspiration from anther story. Sunshyne is one of my fav DL ships and I can only think of like three stories for them.

Yes. I remember seeing the cover in the popular stories sidebar while it was in progress (maybe even the lower three slots in the featured stories) but kits' post was my final push to read it, yes :twilightblush:

Lovely take on such an underrepresented* ship! :pinkiehappy:

*: Personal opinion, may not represent your experience, terms and conditions apply, offer not valid in Wyoming, yadayadayada :scootangel:; in my trails only FlutterPie beats this ship at being underrepresented :fluttershysad:.

Thanks so much for the fav on when did this happen:twilightsmile:. I gotta ask, were you another one bright in by kits post?

Thanks for the fav on Mating Dances!!

  • Viewing 108 - 112 of 112
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