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Starlight runs away from the controlling influences of Princess Celestia and blood money wealth to the streets of Baltimare, becoming a prizefighter and eventually a bodyguard. She’s manipulated and controlled in unexpected ways no matter what, and works to overcome it by making herself smarter and growing stronger, and more cynical—especially of cutie marks. Her journey to make herself the highest level unicorn in Equestria is something she doesn't yet know would greatly please her avowed enemy, Princess Celestia. It certainly pleases her real benefactor, Equestria’s greatest criminal mind.

This is Starlight Glimmer’s pre-redemption The Gangs of New York and Anakin Skywalker Star Wars I, The Phantom Menace novel-length origin story. Scheduling will be weekly posts.

The cover image is a commission by a very talented artist, Pony-Way. Please visit Pony-Way’s page.

About the warning tags: [Sex] Off screen, rare, unmistakable; [Violence] Street gangs, mafia bosses, prizefighting, becoming a bodyguard (naturally)—blood, occasionally. Please don’t be shocked and give the story a thumbs down because bad things happen to Starlight at a level that can’t be shown in show. Adversity always makes her stronger.

The sequel to this story is The Enforcer and Her Blackmailers. This is an Enforcerverse novel, and you can view that link if you want huge amounts of context.

A big shout-out to my pre-readers: Javarod and DoContra

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Does she wants revenge on Celestia? If so why not stay? All those titles, all that minor political influence is practically given to her from the start.


My wealth devolved from the Crown; it wasn't truly mine. [...] I did the only thing I could do to truly foul Celestia's plans... I ran away


The story will answer further in the following chapters.

Oh dear, Starlight's first crime appears to be a big one, if unintentional. Poor filly.

I do love how you've worked out the magic system for the Enforcer Verse. It's always great to see the ways those inform things in the ponies' everyday life, like the enchanted carts and Woodcutter carrying the rope.

Does The Gangs of New York have any badass women in it?

Good question. No. It's the aspect of destroying one's integrity and ruining one's life for the sake of revenge that I'm going for.

Good story! If I were to give any criticism, it’d be that Starlight is still a filly. The constant flirting with adult ponies is really awkward to read, honestly. Starlight hasn’t really faced major consequences for instigating fights with various groups/ponies.

Now, what I like about this story is probably the physical descriptions. You narrate things very well, and I’ve never really found myself bored while reading. The fight scenes are narrated particularly well.

I’ve never really reviewed a story like this, so I’m sorry if my wording/grammar is bad. I really enjoyed the story! :twilightsmile:

Thank you for your kind words. Poul Anderson once advised to have three senses in every description and I've practiced that in this story.

Your criticism about consequences is valid, as is your honesty about your feelings about Starlight's sharp tongue. I like it when readers tell me that I made them think. You get a gold star! ⭐


I spent much time agonizing about Starlight's age. In the end, I judged that it wasn't gratuitous when Starlight confesses to Sunset Shimmer the unfortunate consequences of her misbehavior in the previously published sequel to this story. See The Enforcer and Her Blackmailers chapter 4*. I judged that it isn't gratuitous in this story, either. Uncomfortable and challenging to the reader, yes, by design; gratuitous, no. It makes a point about difficult realities and the consequences of our choices, and that victim-hood is a state of mind, not what society tells us it is. I am a feminist writer. I am driven to write about the shackles society and culture put on women. Even if the constraints are right or accepted by those effected, they still must to be examined ruthlessly**.

Lastly, thank you for sticking with the story. No spoilers, but the consequences of her actions will change her immensely.

*Her age and Ch 4 ultimately discouraged me from submitting The Enforcer and Her Blackmailers to the Equestria Daily Fanfiction Update, despite being convinced the story would have benefitted from the publicity.

I am reusing the OC backstory of the character in a different genre outside of FiM and am choosing to leave her age unstated. I suspect I am being wus about that.


** See my To Bring Light to Eternal Darkness for a particularly well-received ruthless example of this examination.

Sounds awesome! I didn't really know this story had a sequel

(I've moved over to this account, me and the other person listed are the same)
edit: oh my god how did I not see that
the sequel was in the goddamn description

Yep, prewritten sequel, baybay! Remember this is a first person unreliable narrator story—sometimes Starlight dictates events to me differently the second time as she remembers them, or maybe just to her advantage. (She's done that once in this story, already.) Yes, the sequel varies slightly from the prequel; that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! :scootangel:

Btw, @bonrewaer né @CATBOI_: liking your catty avatars.


The profile pic for this account was a random picture I found on the internet XD

The avatar for the CATBOI account is a dog, ironically enough. I originally drew it as a gay character for a story I was imagining.

I knew I was going to comment about something, give me a sec.

I really like the character interactions.

I was going to expand on that, but my brain is malfunctioning. I'll try to remember for next chapter.

I never considered who might've originally run the library, and I suppose it does make sense Sunburst wouldn't be in the crystal empire for quite a few years yet. Poor Starlight, she was so close and had no idea...

Ah dang, I ran out of chapters to read. This story has so far been different than I expected, (less bodyguarding and mafia bosses than I has assumed to be in the story, though I'm sure that will change with time), but it definitely has been a lot of fun, and I look forward to seeing where it goes next.

I love it when reader tell me they like the story! Thanks.

Guess who runs the fights? Yep. That stuff begins w/ chapter 31. I oopsied the coming-attraction flash-forward beginning part 3 in ch 32 (it belongs in part 4 ~ch 43), but I think I'll have 32 patched up in time to publish in about two weeks. The mafia-transporter episodes (part 3) flowed so well, the body-guarding mafia boss finale got pushed to a new part 4. :pinkiegasp:

Too much inside baseball. I really ought to get to sleep now....:ajsleepy:

Edit: Successful! The patch took.

To be honest, this series would make a great animated TV series or drama series.

Imagine if your story became a drama series known worldwide?

Nice complement! I'm sure you'll like my other stories on-site and off.

How can a story that updates this often not be complete yet?

With all chapters written, TRB will have 180k words; that puts us at halfway. Though I published 39 today and chapters 40-43 are now proofed, I want to preserve a backlog to ensure no interruptions in the publishing schedule. My pre-reader thinks two chapters per week is possible, so I hope to switch to publishing longer chapters or smaller chapter more frequently soon. If I could, I’d get it all out by the end of the year.

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