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Starlight has always distrusted friendship, but, when she is infected by a disease transmitted via magic, she has no choice but to listen to some lessons about friendship from Double Diamond. Whether she learns anything is another question. A founding of Our Town / Love in a time of “Covid-19” story.

The [Sex] tag is for language that indicates something happens, nothing graphic, and that is why it requires the [Teen] rating. While all my Starlight stories are plotted carefully to not conflict with her depiction in the show, nothing in the show implies the Enforcerverse milieu, so I'm bowing to the suggestion and including the [Alternate universe] tag.

The story is written as a one-shot (2 chapters due to size). Technically, this is a sequel to The Enforcer and Her Blackmailers, but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed reading out of order. This story is as good a place to start reading these stories as any. In a sense, it is a prequel for Starlight and the Double Diamond Affair (tagged M), but the Our Town events in The Cutie Map are a few years away and will come between this story and and that story. Starlight brings up her past often in story, even revealing information from the novel The Runaway Bodyguard. It could be considered spoilers. As the author, I don’t think it substantially lessens the impact of the other stories.

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