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This story is a sequel to The Enforcer and Her Blackmailers (Enhanced & Augmented)

Friendship has always made Starlight Glimmer uncomfortableβ€”since Sunburstβ€”but the friendship lessons keep coming. When Celestia and Moon Dancer's great aunt aim Starlight at the enigmatic Prince of Equestria, to teach him a lesson, unexpected feelings of friendship and love rear their ugly head. It really bugs her. It feels like she's being forced to take the advanced course in friendship when she's just learning what it even means; could it be more than friendship!? Whether she likes it or not, her choices about him will save or doom Canterlotβ€”and change her life forever.

Prequels? The story is written such that you should not need to read the prequels. Your fun will be doubled, however, if you do.

About warning tags: Nothing explicit, but a warning nonetheless.

Additional MLP series characters: Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Shining Armor, Fizzlepop Berrytwist (before becoming Tempest Shadow), Sunburst Mortorboard, Grampa Gruff, and Moon Dancer. I could add a dozen more, but introducing them before they show up during syndication is spoilery.

Artwork by Syrupyyy at https://twitter.com/SyrupyyyArt

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so, does this follow the canon enforcerverse or the au at the end of blackmailers if canon where in the timeline?

Spoiler tags as this might be spoilery for The Enforcer and Her Blackmailers (both versions): The inflection point is the Star Swirl the Bearded library scene. In the original story, Starlight would successfully run away, perfect her cutie mark magic, and found Our Town, etc., exactly as in the show. The AU story happens when Starlight is prevented from escaping, thus changing the timeline. Everything before it, including the revelation, could all be show canon, assuming Celestia was tight-lipped and Starlight wasn't entirely forthcoming with details of how she became such an OP pony. Everything before the inflection is canon and Enforcerverse. At some point in this story, Starlight will muse about what could have been if...

This story takes place in the 603 Day Secret AU extension of the Enforcerverse. Stories in the Enforcerverse taking place later would not happen. If you read Sisters in All but Blood, you'll find what was important in the inflection scene is important in that story, also, though it's more of a MacGuffin there.

Ooo, looking forward to this. I was hoping there's be more after those au chapters

How many stories are going to be in this series? Or did I already ask this?

Depends on how much people like what I write!

That said, after you see the limited time period of this story, you'll understand there are plenty of other things I could write, including what happens in 603 days. Tick-tock, Starlight, tick-tock. Almost all the secondary characters in the series will put in an appearance. If I could find a co-author interested in writing a naval story, this novel includes strong hints of another side story novel that takes place at the same time as this story that stars a certain broke-horn unicorn.

That said, I can't guarantee I'll write more. None are planned, but neither was this one.

I am enjoying this story, and I look forward to more.

Did we have a full adventure survivel set for combat?
Armor, helmet, horseshoes, loin protection?

Prince Blueblood intrigued me. I acted on my own accord. With nopony to ride, I spoiled for a good fight. Could I be my own sharp tool?

Are Unicorn horn sharp at the end? :derpyderp1:

Starlight Glimmer is a very clinical character isn't she?

It's funny to see you want to know the end even if the story often just started :rainbowlaugh:
The path is the goal in a story. Watching the end is spoiling the story and no matter how long or short stories are, they are always over to soon.

Will the next chapter show shining and cadence see blueblood and starlight at the restaurant and they share a table I would like to see that

Cool chapter while not I was expecting it was very good I can't wait for the next one and I hope starlight without knowing meets cadence in private it would be funny to read

Thank you!

Since I chose Cadance as one of the original character tags, it's not spoilery to state that Cadance plays an important secondary role in the story. Her relationship with Starlight won't be easy. She will show up on the secondary cover, btw!

Casually destroys restaurant
Refuses to elaborate
Refuses to leave


But... is she evil?

A bit morally flexible, but more true nuetral

soooo, changeling!Blueblood? Are there two? Cuz at the castle meeting he seems to act like the night meeting never happened. Though all of this raises the question of why they let her go and not just capture her. spicy mystery, very good

She's previously said (perhaps in another story) that she has "uniquely fungible ethics."

ah yes, i had forgotten the exact wording, but that is what i was recalling

I love the Enforcerverse you have created and your Starlight Glimmer. I can’t wait to read the rest of this story and I sincerely hope all the wonderful side stories you have imagined get written as well. :twilightsmile:

My mother had been an opera singer, so I could judge these things.

Didn't she kick the bucket when she was small?

Correct. When she was five. Midnight was a mix of Julie Andrews and Pavarotti; an international star. The number of albums she left behind was immense, and her daughter knows them all. Somewhere, I stated that Midnight often sung to her daughter, on the rare occasions she was home. That may have been in The Runaway Bodyguard, however.

Thanks for commenting. I really appreciate the opportunity to address meta aspects of the story.

Green flashes. Hmm, warding spells in the armour. like Starlight thinks, or is it? Possible Changeling? Oh well, only future chapters will tell... :derpyderp1:

Why hasn't she gotten her ear re-glued? Shouldn't exactly take long.

Starlight seems to repeat herself a whole lot.

All kinds of discrepancies. Discrepancies everywhere! And I'm not talking about the obvious changelings. Blueblood here mentions living in place that would be in the Everfree Forest, during a time of chaos. The chaos would the "Discordian Era," or whatever you decide to call it for your story. He's either really old, or full of horse piss. Possibly both.

I will neither confirm nor deny what mysteries you have either deciphered or detected. Remember that the story takes place 600 days prior to the first episode of the series and you know things from the series nopony could know at this time, including Starlight.. Thanks for commenting, I find it insightful.

Oof the dramatic irony is palpable.

Cute. Something deep inside Starlight wants to obliterate threats, though we understand why she got this way (The Monster). One might still worry she could turn out evil. Wait... what?

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