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When an inter-dimensional gate opens between Sweet Apple Acres and rural California, Twilight must act quickly before any creature gets hurt—pony, alicorn, or invader.

Events in this story take place before season 9 episode 1 and announcement of the royal retirement. [Teen] for weapons and some intense scenes. This story will consist of many smaller chapters published daily or every other day, and is an exercise in cliffhangers. It is a long novella, and is completely written. If it catches on, I plan to open-source or invite writing in the universe I created.

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Ah, Twilight...You underestimate. Starlight does have your range.

This looks promising thus far. Tracking.

Is this perhaps related to the anime also called GATE ?

Not a crossover, but the series got me thinking about the first contact situation depicted and how Equestrians might react to a botched alien invasion.

It is a long novella, and is completely written.

Does this mean that the chapters will be really long?

Only the entire story is long. The chapters are bite-sized. The range so far is 800 to 1300 words.
I project about 26 chapters, but I may release a few mult-chapter posts.

Ok, trekking.

Now let us see how the stupid Californians botch up first encounter...

Where's A farmer Bruener when you need him?

9875307 Hiding in Kansas. Since this seems to be an Earth to Equestria portal, we may have a language issue.

Oh yes, it's Earth - Equestria...

Stupid Californians...


I think my biggest issue here is the unknown gun issue. And the shining symbol of that issue is Tank. Even putting aside the "quick as a bullet" line from "May the Best Pet Win," he's named for hos tenacity, and by extension the British codeword for implacable, armored landships that became the standard form of reference for them. I can understand choosing to have the technology be unfamiliar to Equestrians, but it still bothers me. (And even then, that assumes that Twilight's Canterlot High friends never introduced her to the first-person shooter. Sure, most would hesitate to do so, but I could definitely see Rainbow Dash wanting to share that particular flavor of awesomeness with her friend.)

That aside, definitely an intriguing tale of first contact gone wrong. Looking forward to more.

I notice you added this to aliens in Equestria. Does that mean there's actual aliens or is the 'humans are technically aliens if they're in Equestria' thing?

Thanks for the question. I am an SF writer by trade. To me, the category Aliens in Equestria applies to The GATE because it's how the Equestrians are going to react. It is a semantic distinction based on the group name because a little green man from Zeta Reticuli (okay, technically grey) wouldn't be human or fit the group Human in Equestria. If the folder is intended to contain stories only about humans and aliens, my bad. Please forgive me. :scootangel:

Well speaking as a horror writer by... hobby, I understand that a simple shift in perspective can make all the difference, so you'll get no complaint from me about the choice to stick us in with the aliens, I was just curious is all. This is interesting though. I'd like to see where it goes.

Yep. :eeyup:

This is interesting though. I'd like to see where it goes.

Stay tuned. Incoming! The next episode drops at 4PM PDT (yes, I am a Californian).

Looks like it dropped a bit late eh? Says 50 mins ago and it’s 6:00 here in good old colorado

:twilightblush:I pressed publish at about 4:10 PDT, or 5:10 MDT. It did take almost 20 minutes to post to the front page, though, and that left me wondering what happened.

Don't know, don't care... MOAR!!!

Prepare to duck tomorrow at approximately 4:00pm PDT. Incoming!

oh I'm always ready for a good *uck...

Ah, bi-ocular telescopes. Nice idea, derived from glasses, no doubt.


Establishing horror is one thing, but I feel like you're overplaying matters to preserve the dramatic tension. Still, this does promise to be interesting.


*Clears and alters voice to imitate Miyuki from Lucky Star*

Well, Tank has three definitions (that I know of). One yes, refers to battle tanks. Another meaning is a container, usually for liquids, and the third meaning has to do with how much of something someone can handle, usually referring to alcohol consumption (which in and of itself, still is a reference to a container, since it's a PERSON that is containing either alcohol, or else is unable to endure an experience).

"Bullets" are a small (round usually, but not always) projectile ammunition in general, not simply referring to firearm ammunition. For example, a marble, a washer, a small stone, even a medication pill, all are considered 'bullets' when used as ammunition from a slingshot/sling-thrower, potato gun, or even thrown from your hand. Usually though, things thrown from your hand are called "missiles".

A "missile" is likewise not only an explosive self-propelled weapon-type either, though yes, it will almost-always be something intended as a weapon. An arrow, for example, is not a bullet, but a missile. a javelin is also a missile, and even a thrown stick can be called a missile also.

:raritycry: I thought that maybe that was established somewhere, but I remembered it as Discord. Opera glasses? We all know he comes up with really weird bad ideas nopony pays attention to... My bad.:facehoof:

On a good note, it means I can now watch the early episodes because I’ve forgotten stuff! Serioritis.

If I’m feeling revisionish, I might change it.:scootangel:

UPDATE: I went looking for what I recollected was a tank in Equestria, and found more binoculars, this time Spike’s pair, in The Cutie Remap. I revised the paragraph because it breaks verisimilitude and was a very minor point <sigh> So... Really... Thank you. PM me if you’d like to be a pre-reader. Plenty o’ chapters to go.

And point.

Nice discussion you two! Armored ponies and large containers both exist in Equestria, so I suspect Tank’s name could plausibly be an allusion to both of those together. Some human had to come up with that usage on Earth. I’d bet it derived from a congruent allusion.

As for conceptualizing firearms in a uniquely Equestrian way, stay tuned.:scootangel:

There is an easy fix to the invader solution, incinarate them with superior magic and be done with it.

They are Californians... Only roaches are sturdier...

Khaaaaaaan't upvote moar...

Need MOSR!!!!!

washing my vision like allegorical yellow-tailed red comets of bad omens...

Wait, does this mean Sunset's cutie mark is actually half sun, half doom comet?

Unicorn magic couldn't directly hurt anypony, not even the caster.

At the Canterlot Invasion (the one with changelings): :pinkiecrazy: I am Heavy Weapons Pie, and this is my weapon!

(Yeah, never really got behind this idea, though I can see why you might go with it.)

Intriguing. Hopefully the flying purple unicorn will make these fellows realize they're not dealing with typical horses.

:rainbowwild:The keywords here are indeed “unicorn” and “directly.” Reader-friendly magic systems, like physics, should have perceived rules. That said, it is a first person story, so perceived is also a keyword. :scootangel: And... Is the Sparkle-cannon in A Canterlot Wedding really a direct use of magic? I’ve never really thought about that, and maybe neither has Twilight! (Probably too embarrassing.)


Um... Please keep reading.:twilightsmile:

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