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This story is a sequel to The Alien Warriors: Journey to Equestria

It has been six months since the end of the Equestrian-changeling war. The Lunar Nightwatch, now renamed the Equestrian Rangers, live relatively peaceful lives with the ponies of Ponyville. Although the team has put down a few monster attacks, life in Equestria has become mostly quiet. However, back on Earth, a government agency which is in charge of the well known company that produces nerf and ponies has noticed that some nerf players may have been accidentally teleported to Equestria. In order to prevent their high tech weapons from falling into the hooves of magical horses, the agency sends in a hand-picked strike team along with a number of troops to do two things: capture or kill the humans in Equestria and prevent ponies from advancing their weapon technology to human levels.

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Hmm. Well, that's a good explanation for why the nerf darts actually kill. Not to mention everything else.

Glad to see the sequel, buddy. :twilightsmile:

May God go with you, man :pinkiehappy:

OH BOY, this is big, very very very biiiig

Hey, nice choice of sound affects. Great action! Wow, Lyra really likes Daniel. Do I spot a new waifu? Uhoh what does Prince Blueblood want with the Power Rangers, erp, I mean Equestrian Rangers :derpytongue2:. Really great start to the sequel, I can't wait till chapter three! :raritystarry:

Uh oh....

Is this gonna go where I think it's gonna go? Cuz in that case, I'm howling like a timberwolf for more!

Huh, so not only enemies without, but from within...

This will be... interesting...

True, that indeed would be an unusual encounter. What did you use to make that with?

Paint and Google, took like 5min.

"Sandy look at humans"

Dear Lord, your editor but be ready to kill himself after reading this and realizing something so simple got through. :raritydespair:
Anyway, am glad you could get the chapter out. I too hope Chapter 5 will come alot quicker. :raritywink:
Read, write, and rewrite well my friend. :rainbowwild:

I get the feeling that Blueblood is gonna tell Celestia that the Rangers did it. Which she is unlikely to believe, but will deal with it anyway because her nephew is a pain in the [REDACTED] and she'd probably want him to shut up. And then the Rangers are gonna be like "Seriously, it wasn't us!" and Shining is gonna vouch for them. Then the bad humans invade Canterlot, take hostages (hopefully Blueblood since he'll have deserved it by then) and the Rangers will either have to counterattack, betraying their own kind, or leave Equestria, which would turn their backs on the ponies they hold dear.

It's gonna be one ride I don't want to miss.

What are the names of the Rangers again? It's been awhile since this story's been updated.

Ooh ooh I know,
Daniel Rameriz
Jeff Smith
Andrew Summers(Newbie)(me):moustache:
Corey McLaughn
William Parker

One of the Rangers one they're dropped off: "Yippee Ki Yay, mother[BEEP]ers."

Wow, you actually killed one of them off. Damn.

Ack! I read it! I finally read it! Only took like A MONTH! Poor McLaughn. POOR WHITETAIL!!! Jeepers! I look forward to your next chapters. Keep on keeping on!

Dude Please continue this story is amazing

Mmm, nothin like lying next to the fire, coffee at my side, chin propped up on a pillow, and iphone in my hands, whilst casually reading about the adventures of The Alien Warriors. Keep on writing my freind. ^w^

Where’s Corey???? Reeeeeeeee!:flutterrage:

"Why??! WHY DID THEY DO THIS?!?!" Lyra wailed loudly as she cried into Smith's chest. After asking the other's about McLaughn's whereabouts, they reluctantly walked her over to the hastily dug grave. It was mainly a pile of dirt, rocks and branches marked by a cross made of sticks. One of her favorite companions was now dead, a victim of a war that she was unaware of. She hugged Smith tightly as even the usually more resilient human was now shedding tears of grief.

Well, this is BS!!!!!

If you wanted to keep Cory staying dead.

( That is IF you didn't choose to somehow revived him back to life. )

At least give him a way better proper buriel, and a send out cemetery of his tragic and rather unnecessary "sacrifice".

Huh, I'd been wondering where this had gone. Glad to see its back :rainbowdetermined2:

Nerf, advanced tech? X-D Dafuq?

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