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When a large nerf war between schools is about to be hosted in a wooded park between them, one of the schools best nerf teams, the Lunar Nightwatch, goes on a recon mission to spy on the enemy. However, on the way to the enemy camp, a mysterious portal opens up and the team goes through. Upon arrival, this band of bronies discovers three things: They're in their favorite TV show, their nerf guns work like real weapons on the creatures of this world, and that they are now the deadliest creatures in that world. What are they gonna do? Read and find out!
A sorta nerf/mlp crossover

Gore tag added for some war violence

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I require more. This is good.

8049767 Thanks! This is my first story on Fimfiction, and the Lunar Nightwatch is based on my brony nerf team in real life!

I don't believe they even mentioned Special Operations to Luna before she asked. Other than that, pretty solid. In my personal opinion, at least. I'm nowhere close to being a pro, but I try.

I'm basing it off the fact that they told Twilight and that she would probably tell Luna.:twilightsmile:

This is really good can't wait for more.

warm and humid

so was this mid december as always? XD Im out in Spring.

Im loving this already.

Good, short but entertaining. It feels short but it makes up in quality.

Please do keep it up, I enjoy the music in the chapter, great songs I havent heard in a while.

"Well, you certainly have proven yourselves to be fierce warriors.

Yes clearly portrayed by the videos above.

8051629 lol yeah I wanted to give some context and humor to the story :raritywink:

Chrysalis has best reaction to loss of soldiers.

Also, Twilight probably would've been all over the whole fandom if she knew...

Another great chapter and in my opinion my Favorites are luna and Fluttershy

These chapters are so good and interesting can't wait for the next.

Toy guns turned into real guns. Wonder what happened there. Still, at least they aren't dead.

Will read more later. May God go with you :twilightsmile:

Ah Nerf...

I own a CS-6 Recon, but I know a few friends that have more

Really enjoying this story!

Can't wait to see the next chapter!

They need ALL THE AMMO!

Another great chapter.
Buuuullllletsss --- Deadpool

8064004 Yeah most of these nerf blasters in the story are what my team and I really use in college nerf wars

8073739 how many darts do you usually carry? Ive got a pistol belt with a pouch containing 200 elite darts, in which i fire from an old firefly and/or an old recon cs-6. This not including the four extended mags for my cs-6 that I keep in the pouches of my BDU's.

I would like to suggest leaving detailed political references out of your story if possible, as it can cause arguments in the comments and can start conflicts in general. As of 1830 hrs April 8th 2017 the U.S.Navy launched a 59 missile strike on a Syrian airfield, on November 7th 2016 A General of the Russian military declared that any missile strikes against Syria would be recognized as an act of war against Russia. Russia has yet to declare war, this supports the theories that Russia was informed that this was going to happen ahead of time, or else they would have declared war against the U.S. by now.

I am stating factual evidence only.
I am nuetral to any politics surroundjng this event or the current U.S. and any other nation Politics, as why would I care tomorrows mah birthday, I have better things to do, such as prepare my uniform for tomorrow. I have inspection at 0730 hrs tomorrow.

Also keep ehm comin m8 Das ist good.

8088329 Oh ok sorry, I thought it would be interesting if they talked about American vs. Equestrian politics.

8088266 For my stryfe rifle, I usually carry up to 4 12-round mags and I also carry 18 darts for my strongarm revolver. this doesn't include the spare ammo pack that I wear on my belt, which may carry up to 40 more rounds.

"Dammit, we missed out on a Pinkie party!" The guys stated in unison.

That'd be my reaction too.:pinkiehappy:

SPOILER ALERT! I just saw the new season's first episodes yesterday and there are hints of the first new episode in the story. You have been warned!

Don't worry I saw the first and second one yesterday as well.

Season 7 Episodes 1 and 2
Episode 1 Season 7
Episode 2 Season 7

#Teacup XD

Uh oh.... let's hope the Nightwatch can stop them!

That last paragraph could really use a break or two...

Find out next week on Dragon Ball Z! Sorry couldn't help myslef but it was a great chapter good job keep it up.

8063967 But if my pesimism has told me anything, things will south quicker than the hawk diving in for it's prey. And they are fast.

Like i said, going far south. Also, this song sounds like it would fit, right?

fack off, the changeling should live. Oh, and if the queen still lives, maybe you can bring some humans who are the opposite of Lunar Nightwatch, maybe?

If only the some other humans helped the changeling rebellion (AKA: the evil changelings.) then things will get interesting.

Out of curiosity, what are the loadouts your team uses?

8148807 Excellent question. The loadouts were listed in the first chapter. They are based on the loadouts my team uses in real life.

This title seems like something I recognize... Refference is nice.

8152845 Yeah it's a reference to the movie 'Battle: Los Angeles'. I don't want to spoil too much but the next one will have a title based on another war movie starring one of Texas' best soldiers.

Another great chapter and i hope newbies gonna be alright.

Oh, no... not Newbie. He's got so much to live for...

You better not've taken a look at my stories and said, "Time to kill a character!" Not kidding, I do Iit all the time.

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