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Life was going great for Rarity. She had a thriving business that sprawled in three cities, and she was preparing for a grand photo shoot for the most beautiful manes in all of Equestria, but then she took that potion....

When her friends notice how distressed Rarity has become, they call upon Equestria's only human to cheer her up.

Minor edits may be incorporated until 11/24/17.

Story written for CategoricalGrant's Cuddlefic Contest!

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This story is a sequel to The Alien Warriors: Journey to Equestria

It has been six months since the end of the Equestrian-changeling war. The Lunar Nightwatch, now renamed the Equestrian Rangers, live relatively peaceful lives with the ponies of Ponyville. Although the team has put down a few monster attacks, life in Equestria has become mostly quiet. However, back on Earth, a government agency which is in charge of the well known company that produces nerf and ponies has noticed that some nerf players may have been accidentally teleported to Equestria. In order to prevent their high tech weapons from falling into the hooves of magical horses, the agency sends in a hand-picked strike team along with a number of troops to do two things: capture or kill the humans in Equestria and prevent ponies from advancing their weapon technology to human levels.

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When a large nerf war between schools is about to be hosted in a wooded park between them, one of the schools best nerf teams, the Lunar Nightwatch, goes on a recon mission to spy on the enemy. However, on the way to the enemy camp, a mysterious portal opens up and the team goes through. Upon arrival, this band of bronies discovers three things: They're in their favorite TV show, their nerf guns work like real weapons on the creatures of this world, and that they are now the deadliest creatures in that world. What are they gonna do? Read and find out!
A sorta nerf/mlp crossover

Gore tag added for some war violence

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