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Starlight has many friends now. She has made more friends in one day than she has made during her entire life. What could possibly be better? But she still feels something is missing. There's still some emptiness in her heart. Luckily, Twilight is there, and she would do anything to help Starlight and show her how friends are always there for her.

Takes place right after Season 5 finale.

Inspired by this comic. (Warning: The comic contains spoilers for the story.)

Thanks to Word Worthy for the edit.

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Awwwuuuhhhh! I cry baby tears. Okay, I guess the story is not that original, because ehm everyone probably had something like this in mind after seeing the backstory. But still your execution of it was brilliant! I loved this oneshot. I guess my favourite scene is not the reunion but Starlight, who examines this tree. I just love the idea.


I guess the story is not that original

Hehe, I know, but I just couldn't get the idea out of my head :twilightblush:

Thanks for the comment! Glad you liked it :pinkiehappy:

As sweet as that was, Twilight neglected to tell Sunburst of Starlight's misdeeds following their separation. Still, that was pretty nice. Why do I get the feeling that we fan writers are tackling the issue softer than the writers probably will if they go for this plotline?

6719374 Thanks for that comment! But Twilight telling Sunburst about Starlight's misdeeds? Just imagine that in your attempt to reunite two friends that were separated since childhood, you tell one of them that the other was a villain who almost destroyed the world. Did you imagine it? Yeah, the result wouldn't be nice at all.

6719539 I get the feeling that Starlight probably told him herself later, but he didn't judge her for that.

OMG! Its great! I am cry baby teaaars! I have not words to describe it :о

Sunburst needs to have his own page.

8082129 What do you mean?

8082133 As in, where stories featuring him can go. Right now, he'd go under Other.

8082726 Oh. Well, he has a character tag now :twilightsmile:

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