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I only want to help ponies. Twilight had it all wrong about me. Yes, I stole her and her friend's cutie marks, but nopony else's before that. I ran a town of happy ponies. But in the end, I deluded myself. Choice is important in equalization therapy. I've set up practice, under the radar, in Canterlot, where plenty of ponies have trouble dealing with life. Problem is, my reputation proceeds me. And today, it looks like somepony wants me to help him help his "friend," and not in a good way. Sometimes it seems my life is filled with burnt hay burgers.

This story follows show canon only through the season 6 season opener.

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This is a different kind of Starlight story: a redemption fic that is plausible and doesn't overplay its hand. Her moral struggle feels genuine. Even the deception employed by Celestia to "test" her feels 100% true to the Princess' character.

I like this very much. Part of me dislikes the overall theme, but it's the same part of me that is rather evil, sympathizes with what Starlight was trying to do, and hates seeing her reduced to another reformed antagonist. Overall, I enjoyed this skillfully written morality tale. Well done.

Okay, a different story, but I can see that Starlight is similar to Starlight in "The Enforcer and her Blackmailers". Thanks for recommending this story, have a thumbs up! :pinkiehappy:

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