Sunset Shimmer and Abacus Cinch have a conversation at the end of the world.


Set more than ten years after the Point of Divergence, which takes place during Friendship Games, which makes this an AU of both Equestria Girls and my own fic Long-Distance.


An entry into Abacus Cinch x Sunset Shimmer Contest (September 1, 2021 to September 29, 2021.)

A humble addition to the genre of Rooftop Conversation Between Depressed Sunset Shimmer And A Current/Former School Administrator, which has its origins in chris the cynic's Indifference.

Thanks to Dewdrops on the Grass and The Sleepless Beholder for prereading the first draft!

Thanks todaOtterGuy for the suggestions on the flowers!

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i love this
Crackship go brrr

This was a blast to pre-read for and such a lovely little story that ends in sadness. I loved it Bike. Well done. :raritywink:

Why was this Crackship for a competition in a group I created so emotionally draining and touching at the same time???

You’ll probably win even if their are more stories added.

Thanks for this!

Confused on what happened.

My guess is that the Equestrian Magic released at the CH vs CP competition didn't play well with the EqG universe. It caused the deaths of the bearers in some horrific way (black dots?) and slowly it began to unravel reality.

Alternatively, the bearers were captured and killed during testing. With the spark of harmony extinguished the universe is snuffed out.

Huh. This makes for two literal disaster lesbians at the end of the world stories in a row I’ve read. Both by you.

Hrm. :trixieshiftright:

i like writing lesbians and i like writing characters dying, what can i say?

Are undead lesbians next?

nah im not into zombie stuff im not a frickin nerd

Liches are undead. Ghosts aren’t totally dead. There are all kinds of undead, no need to discriminate.

I actually wrote that for my first romance

This is a wild crackship... and I want more of it! I love the world you've created, and I desperately want to read more about it. This ship is odd, but you made it work, and made it work well. I'm sold on it!

Good thing it's on my read it later. 👀

thanks! just had to put them together in secret government magic prison for 10-15 years, make Sunset extremely depressed, and on top of that destroy the entire world, is all. easy peasy!

yep, instead of the magic being channeled in to Midnight Sparkle it just comes out as this uncontrolled force that does awful things to Twilight and the five Shadowbolts that were standing the closest to her, analogous to radiation poisoning from a criticality incident. the idea of Equestrian magic eating away at EqG world until it is destroyed about a decade after canon, and a secret government agency on standby to try to contain it, are both from Long-Distance, though i hope the unexplained mentions still made sense enough to be enjoyable in the context of a standalone story.

The contest period seems to be over!

Please accept my congratuations not only on winning this contest, but also on doing so well writing on such a blatantly bizarre contest theme. You have done so much more than merely fulfill my hopes, and my delight in seeing you write such a non-standard story is considerable.

More in PMs (questions about your preferred prize options at least.)


< Ice Star
i like writing lesbians and i like writing characters dying, what can i say?

I like writing characters living, but if we define success as writing a good story, I can't argue with your success here. :twilightsmile:

My previous comment that replied to you seems to have lost its reply marker. Sorry about that!

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