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Story Length

Minimum length is 1000 words.
Maximum length is either 5000 words, OR you can go longer if your story holds the judges' interest. (A judge who gives up on your story before finishing might rate your story unfavorably.)

Story Theme

You know the EG villain who doesn't get a lot of love? Abacus Cinch! :rainbowhuh:

It would be creepy to ship Sunset Shimmer with someone three or four times her age, but we can fix that!

We can use tricks like
🔵 Time travel!
(Example: Maybe Sunset travels to the past and finds out how Cinch became such a villain!)
🔵 Age regression!
(Example: Maybe Cinch gets turned back into her teenage girl self! Maybe she herself doesn't know what her future will be like!)
🔵 Be creative! Make up your own!

If you need more options,
🔵 Are you allowed to use the "Alternate Universe" tag? Sure! Why not?
🔵 Is friendshipping ok? Yes, it is!

No clop or foalcon or human foalcon equivalent, please! I have to read these stories (at least until I get tired of a story and give up on it.) Story should be SFW.

Please have fun, and try to be nice!

Additional Rules

Stories should be first posted/published between today (September 1st, 2021) and September 29th, 2021. Time zone: United States, Eastern.

We have created a folder in this group for you to put your stories in BEFORE THE DEADLINE. The folder will be called something like "Abacus Cinch X Sunset Competition (September 2021.)"

If this is your first story ever on and you're having trouble publishing it on this website, please send a link with view password to both Mockingbirb and to Reactception. Email us if you have questions about this.

Please include a link to the contest in your story description.

The Prizes, Such As They Are

1st: First place receives multiple prizes.

An extra prize, as described in a section below this one.

The story will be on the page description for 2 weeks & gets to choose the next Sunset x EG Villain competition (can’t be the same one.) If they want to, they can co-judge for that competition. But if they don’t want to co-judge, they can of course compete again.

2nd: story review of one of their stories (their choice) by Reactception, and an honorable mention on the group description.

3rd: the story submitted will be reviewed by Reactception.

Substitute, Bonus, and Extra Prizes:

If you win a first place award, you can choose one of the following extra prizes!

If you're looking for a prereader for something you've written, you can ask Mockingbirb to do a preread of at least two thousand words. (More than two thousand words may be done at prereader's discretion.)

Did you ever wish you could get a custom commission without paying money for it? Mockingbirb is new to custom commisions, but is willing to dip a toe in! Mockingbirb's first custom commission ever is sure to be a valuable collector's item! How many custom commissions have you ever seen that are guaranteed to be at least fifty words long? If we assume a rate of ten dollars for a thousand word commission, those fifty words are worth fifty cents! That's almost enough to mail 5/6 of a letter nowadays! What an amazing deal!

Mockingbirb reserves the right to ask for a different custom commission theme/topic/prompt if Mockingbirb doesn't think they can do your request justice. Mockingbirb will make an effort to help find something we can agree on.

Additional bonus prizes may be awarded at judges' discretion, depending on total number of entries and how much we like or love your story.

Any Mistakes, Errors, and Changes in Contest Rules

If we've made a terrible mistake in these rules and conditions, we reserve the right to fix them in a reasonable way.

Looking forward to working with Mockingbirb as a judge.

this is a cursed ship I don't usually finish contest entries but I certainly will try

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I understand this might be challenging to do at the last minute, or challenging to do at all, really. But I appreciate your trying!

I would say "You only have to do 1000 words!" but I understand it might take more words to take the curse off. :twilightsmile:

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i entered the contest coward

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i entered the contest coward

And won first place!

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In response to Bicyclette's PM'd extra/bonus prize selection of

as for the extra prize i'll take the commission: fluffy SunFlower cuddlefic

Bicyclette's extra/bonus prize is here:

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