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  • Wednesday
    When stories re-write themselves

    So I WAS going to write Hex's first relationship into it's own story, but now it seems like it's gonna be included in the second half of Moon Eyed. So this story is going to be double the length of the first one. lolwhoops

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  • Monday
    Two Moons

    After much thought and consideration, I've decided that Moon Eyed will actually be in two parts/stories/books. The first half is almost done and actually only has one more chapter to go. The reason for the name of the story is about to be very evident. But I've rated it E for everyone and want people who aren't interested in reading T for Teen and higher rated stories to be able to enjoy it as a stand-alone short story.

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  • 1 week
    Getting Organized/Future Projects

    Sadly, today I have a 12 hour shift, and tomorrow a 10 1/2 hour shift. So I'm probably not going to get any good writing in on either day. This is just what happens when you work at Disney World. So I figured I could write out a list of the things I'm planning on writing so that all of you know what to expect out of me. I don't have many followers yet, but I appreciate you all for giving me such a warm welcome onto this site.

    List of Future projects:

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  • 1 week
    The Last Bronycon

    The very last Bronycon brought on a lot of feels that I wasn't expecting. It was only my second time there, and to be fully honest my roommate and I weren't planning on going again after last year. That all changed when they made the announcement that this would be the very last ever Bronycon.

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