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I'm a crazy author-- but then again, what author isn't? I am into all things fandom, especially pony. I also love history, which is why I'm writing this crazy Apollo 11 thing.

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So This is Me

Short autobiography for you all.

I live in the Intermountain West area of the United States. I'm a male who likes ponies, Doctor Who, Halo, and generally all things books and science fiction.
I'm addicted to books, so it only makes sense that I write. I'm never not listening to music.
UPDATE: I have been dragged (not unwillingly) into manga and anime, primarily FMA, InuYasha, OHSHC, and The Devil is a Part Timer.

Hopefully, I'll be making some some basic background scores for my Apolloverse, and posting the links here.

You may also want to know I'm more than a bit insane. But then again, all the best writers are. :pinkiecrazy:


I'm finally back · 1:38pm Dec 4th, 2015

Well, I'm terribly sorry, everyone.

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Hope your okay and just too busy to visit the site.

Smile! You're on TV Tropes! (Check the bottom of the page.)

Well, hope you enjoy, and please do let me know your thoughts one ay or the other.

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