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I'm a crazy author-- but then again, what author isn't? I am into all things fandom, especially pony. I also love history, which is why I'm writing this crazy Apollo 11 thing.



When Apollo 11 lands on the moon, Neil Armstrong utters his famous lines as his boots land in the lunar regolith, but when he turns around he finds something no one was expecting or had ever planned for.
There's an alien on the moon. And it's blue, four-legged, and staring at him.

Sequel here.

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That's interesting, I hit the upvote button and it went from zero to five. Must mean I'm a slow reader.

I like how Earth and Equestria aren't the same planet, it avoids the dimensional boundaries nicely.

Edit: How can they hear each other? There's no sound in space.

... I like it!

Likely why they kept touching heads when they talked. And maybe magic.

This was good, would be intresting to see it continue.

Well... I see some bit of human panicking and even hostility predictions. We would have totally done a lot of things if Luna did appear on the moon.

I like it! :pinkiehappy: Stinks how its a oneshot though :rainbowlaugh:

3793787 because luna is just awesome that way.


I feel like this needs to be continued. Great job by the way.

This made me happy X3

This makes me happy.
Good job

This was awesome. :twilightsmile:

Then Buzz comes up with the machete and chops Luna in the neck

Give me moar :flutterrage: this was to goodbto be a one shot nooo moar moar MOAR:flutterrage:

then luna punches a hole in Neil's mask

There needs to be a followup to this!

The problem is when Luna with her superior agility on the moon vs an astronaut in a space suit enters the craft and demands to be taken down.

They likely wouldn't have the fuel.

This proves it, the Apollo landings happened on a sound stage at Hasbro.

Hmm, wait, if Neil's on the moon, the where are the Silence?

3794476 Silence? What Silence? I don't remember any Silence in this
you should kill us all on sight
story. What the hell are you talking about?

No sound in space. It's a vacuum. Is Luna speaking telepathically? Should explain that in the story.

3794641 You should kisskill us all on sight

jz1 #24 · Jan 16th, 2014 · · ·

Make more of this. Please.

Also, for anyone who doesn't understand how they are talking, they are using the vibrations on Neil's helmet as a sort of transmitter, in the same way that those toothtunes toothbrushes work.

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This story will be on the platinum list. I know it will.
Job very well done, my friend.

More. This is amazing. So much potential.

He pressed his helmet against her head allowing vibrations to travel up her horn and into Neil's EVA suit. Luna is an Alicorn afterall, and would probably be able to speak in space, even if she can't be heard, the vibrations were still present.

I thought this would be a crossover with the 70's WWII movie with the same name.

I wasn't disappointed though, good story.

So, the implication is that our moon is visible to Equestria, despite being light years away?


You know, I wouldn't mind a followup to this. I really liked it. I'm genuinely interested in the fallout of what just occurred.

And I thought there was nothing up there. Except for some dry rocks and those revolting onion men. :rainbowderp:

Luna making first contact with Humanity in the midst of the Cold War... that quite honestly sounds like a fantastic idea for a story.


Modern space-tech fic? Upvoted.

“Earth,” she (or at least that’s what it sounded like to everyone on Earth) repeated slowly. :|
there in the vacuum of space. there would be no noise .


My guess would be...


hehe you should have seen that one coming :pinkiehappy:


I want to scream "Why is Luna normal if she's on the moon", "WHEN is this happening in Equestrian time", but all I can say is

This is beautiful

What's going to happen when years later, once mankind gets used to the unicorn on the moon, they notice one day that she's gone, without any assurance of coming back..?

...Anyway, let me give you this well-deserved upvote. :moustache:

3794047 Why not jettison a couple of rocks? What's a moon rock in comparison to an alien that can survive in the vacuum? And I don't think fuel would be the problem, it would probably food and water.


For one, Luna is kind of heavy vs a moon rock or three. They really did NOT plan for bringing an extra passenger on board. Even if the spacecraft can make it with an extra, the lander probably can't.

Plus fuel is oxygen. And Luna doesn't need to eat or drink. Plus the moon is only a few days out. This is not mars.

I actually see a lot of fan material that shows her as Luna while she's banished. I like to assume that the things that make her Nightmare Moon (evil spirits or insanity, whatever it is) slip into her subconscious. If she's possessed, I like to assume the thing possessing her decided to ride out the millennium in a sort of hibernation and let Luna deal with the boredom.


well if there is no air... then how is she EVEN ALIVE? EH? :ajsmug:

I'm following this, because this is the sort of story that needs to be continued :)

3795660 I think the implication is that neither can see the other planet. Luna "looks" at the Earth because that's where Neil pointed. Neil looks into the blackness of space because that's where Luna pointed when she said "Equestria" Same moon, different dimensions interacting?

That's how I'm gonna take it anyway!:twilightblush:

... This is... The. Best. Human meets pony sotry... Ever...

Luna x Armstrong 4evaaah!

In my opinion, this story has only one problem: it's only a oneshot! :twilightsmile: I don't think anyone's ever done this plot in a story that lasted more than four chapters. I'm looking forward to the first one that does...

It's amazing I never thought of this. :twilightsmile:


Well that and Apollo 11's crew spent a couple weeks in quarantine just in case they brought something deadly back with them. A full blown alien? Not till they come up with a better way to make sure we don't bring down the next plague with her. And that assumes we realize she is marooned up there rather than having her flying saucer tucked away behind the next ridge.

Which might mean NASA's moon base budget just got approved. Or at least Nixon isn't going to be canceling missions. Can Luna even squeeze into the LEM and CEM? Hatches are the big concern, and room was kinda tight in them.

This needs a sequel. Get her to Earth, I say. :pinkiehappy:

It was great until

“Neil,” while pointing to him. It then pointed at itself. “Luna.” Her voice was tinny, but still easily understandable.

That doesn't work on the moon. (Sound, I mean)

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