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Luna Farrowe

Hello, dear listener. Enter freely and of your own will. (Audiobook narrator, VA, singer)

Contact me :)

If you want to chat or ask me to voice in your fic reading, drop me a line on FIMFiction or DM me on Twitter.


Narrator Info

Youtube channel

Through the Well of Pirene by Ether Echoes
Bandcamp - Free downloads! Just enter $0 on the payment page.
YouTube - Streaming on Illya Leonov's channel
Soundcloud - Streaming on Soundcloud courtesy of Illya Leonov

Voice profile:
Format partially copied from AShadowOfCygnus. (Go follow him)
Preferred genres: Dark, Horror, Adventure, Sad, Drama
"Maybe" genres: Clop, HiE, AiE, fetish fics (depending on the fetish), romance, comedy, mystery
"Nope" genres: Foalcon, loli/shota, torture porn, gorefics, badfics
Voice type: Warm, resonant, youthful. Light lyric soprano (singing)
Accent: English (posh)
Other accents: Scottish, Irish, French, General American, American South
Requests: Closed
Other notes:
Sturgeon's Law applies to everything I consider narrating, including my preferred categories, but this is subjective. Not all popular fics are necessarily good - not all good fics get the view counts they deserve. I will read suggested fics, but cannot guarantee they will be narrated.

Requests and commissions are currently only available to Ko-fi donors. Not all commissioned requests will be publicly available for listening.


Introducing the Feast of All Souls - "On the Transience of Adelasters" by WritingSpirit · 9:36pm Nov 29th, 2018

Putting this one together took a lot out of me (and my computer). I might release a oneshot or two in the same theme, but for now it's back to adapting "Three Nights in Manehattan."

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Aww, thank you!! ❤️

I dabble, but I don't actively write too much. Eventually I'll post a story here. Probably. xP

Question for you Luna Farrowe. Are you a story writer?

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