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Enter Madness

I'm just a guy. Who likes ponies. And fan fiction. Why not both?


Sometimes, our lives are like paper boats floating on the water. But as Applejack finds out, a boat can only take on so much water before it starts to sink.

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Wow. That's all I have to say. You made it very clear what you were trying to say here, and the metaphor you used to tie it together was just about perfect. I think a lot of people can see themselves somewhere in this story, in either AJ's or Rarity's role. And speaking of Rarity, you completely nailed her character here. She's not one to go in and give empty apologies. When something is serious, she's frank, and we can see that in the show. The fact that she was being borderline cruel made it even more realistic, because most people aren't going to say the perfect thing in this sort of instance. But Applejack was able to take this severity because of her own personality. Their personalities mesh very well, and that realization makes it even more painful when it doesn't work out.

You did an excellent job here.

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I know Blurt Mode all too well, and this is exactly what happens. It's deeply satisfying -- and more than a little grim -- to see it portrayed so accurately.

This story is beautifully written and I like how simple the whole theme is. It was a clever theme and I can also see myself in this situation but not like how you would expect. I see myself having feelings for someone yet I somehow always have those feelings returned. I was hooked on this story and I couldn't stop reading. I feel that these are the kind of the stories that there should be more of. Simple, nice, clean little stories about ponies in a real life situation. The description was not too detailed and it was plentiful for the simplicity of the story's plot. The character's dialogue was nailed and you did an excellent of keeping them both in character.

Overalll a beautiful story and thank you for writing it.

I will be sure to give this a favourite, a solid thumbs up and maybe even a follow if your really lucky. :raritywink:

Very, very underrated as far as I can tell.
Lovely concept, refreshing change of pace from the static 'X Loves Y and Y Secretly Loves X Back' stories, not that I don't enjoy them.
Should be getting a lot more attention, but this is still a fantastic read no matter how many people have happened across it.
Well done mate :raritywink:

Reads text on the boat

I see what you did there :twilightsmile:

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