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Enter Madness

I'm just a guy. Who likes ponies. And fan fiction. Why not both?


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Top Stories

  • EPick-Me-Up
    Twilight casts a new spell labeled as a "pick-me-up" that, among other things, gives her the ability to smell color and causes her to lose all meaning of the words "personal space."
    Enter Madness · 5.5k words  ·  432  5 · 5.3k views
  • TA Silent House
    One year after Vinyl Scratch has passed away, Octavia struggles to cope.
    Enter Madness · 13k words  ·  313  9 · 4.5k views
  • ESlammed
    Rainbow Dash tries her hoof at something she's never done before: poetry
    Enter Madness · 1.2k words  ·  103  1 · 871 views
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  • TBrave New World
    Twilight wakes up two-thousand years in the future on a salvage boat and finds out that Equestria is gone. With a tyrant ruling the land and Princess Celestia nowhere to be found, she must join new allies to survive this strange new world.
    Enter Madness · 18k words  ·  135  4 · 1.5k views
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