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Loves to read and write, I decided to try writing fanfiction after a long hiatus thanks to ponies


"What are they doing now?"

This is the question that is on Trixie's mind as she sits around alone on Hearths warming eve. What are the other elements doing at this time.

What is Dinky and Ditzy doing in the kitchen?

How are young lovers Lyra and Bon Bon experiencing their first holiday together.

Is Raindrops watching the snow?

Where did Cheerilee decide to spend her day?

What is Carrot Top doing today?

A collection of stories about the Lunaverse holidays

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Wha is Dinky and Ditzy doing in the kitchen?

Missing the 't' in what. Is is an improper verb form with two subjects; you need to put 'are' here instead.

How are young lovers LYra and Bon Bon experiencing their first holiday together.

Remove the extraneous capital in Lyra, replace the period with a question mark.

These obvious mistakes suggest that no proofreading was done on the description, which further suggests a lack of proofreading on the story itself.

I think you accidentally left a comment from the GDoc in there at the very end...

This is sort of a depressing framing device.

I'm interested in seeing where this goes...

Also, a couple of typos for correction:

It wasn’t supposed to end up like this, espically on this...

At first this was just another entry in m Taes told from the hearth series. But then I cam up with so many ideas that I had to expand upon it.

It's only depressing if Trixie stays alone at the end. Having everyone show up at the end gives you that "Aw, they were thinking of her after all!" fuzzy-feeling. :scootangel:

A cute little scene... still, the typos are a bit of a distraction. : /

Really though, the most distracting thing is the places where it was left as Christmas instead of Hearth's Warming.

Dawwww! So sweet now take the muffin to the rough around the edges muffin who's feeling a little blue and indulge in some cannibalism!

a barbarian muffin who told her no lies

Well a weather muffin might fit a bit better, it's not like Raindrops consciously wants to go out and slaughter her way through a small army.

D'aww. *Hugs Trixie* A nice opening. I hope she ends this with her friends and/or mentor.

One of several more to come, hopefully.

I'd hope it was rather more than just several, many at least I'd think.

Adorable, but some typos I noticed...

I bet Dinky and Ditzy are busy just spending time with eahc other...


and a muffin who was a little rough around the edged


5370565 Depends if she's read her latest romance novel or not. ;)

Good friggin' lord that was adorable.

I love these Christmas stories. I personally find the Lunaverse characters more interesting then those of the cannon show. But I can see it's hard to switch over from Rainbow Dash thinking to Raindrops. :raritywink:

I think the Snails / Raindrops familial relationship is based on their colouring being similar, Snails is basically Raindrops just darker.

No idea where the Pip / Dinky relationship thing came from, I assume it's founder effect, someone made up the pairing early on and someone else copied it and so on and so on.

Anyway, it's so nice to see Raindrops having a good time, it's nice that she reacts to frozen rain the same way as normal rain.

I can answer both these questions!

Basically because I read a story that friendshipped the two, "Pirates for a Day," and really liked it. While, yes, I do intend to actually ship them in the far distant future, at the moment as just kids I like them as just being friends - though with some small hints towards the eventual ship, as happened here.

Snails as Raindrops' little brother
Anon delivers! I was on 4chan's at-the-time-brand-new /mlp/ board, and decided to see if the new board could be useful. I started a Raindrops thread with the intent of collecting all the Raindrops pictures I could, starting with this picture. Someone posted this picture of Snails with a caption of "...sis?" and I decided that I loved the idea. An author named Blackbelt canonized it with the first not-by-me Lunaverse story, The Night After, and ever since then it's just felt natural.

I do wonder who that Anon was. Whoever he was, good on him.

Run Snails, run! Or stay and have fun with raindrops. Either or.

Ps. Can you spot the reference to the other fanfic?

The magenta pony giggled to herself as she put the papers into her satchel and walked to the door, “Then I guess Trixie would end up becoming the element of laughter. What a weird world that would be, Trixie as laughter.

Yes, you made a refference the alternate universe Life in Manehattan because in there Trixie is the element of laughter. :raritywink:

I couldn't have Pinkie glomp Twilight and jab a gingerbread house into her mouth saying, "HI TWI-TWI!"

Nope, she could, she's Pinkie, she'd do that to random strangers if she thought it'd make them feel better.


I meant the nickname part. I can't have giving Twilight a nickname just yet.

D'aww, this was sweet of Carrot Top. And Twilight, I thought we solidified that your parents don't much mind what you did! Of course they'll show up for Hearth's Warming.


I think you mean Alula.

Cheerilee: [on entering house]. "Oh...and fish food. A lot of fish food.


...THIS! Is what I get for not remembering to check the character names before hand!


Yeah, the next day is when the parents show up. Oh, and I have no idea who wrote that book making the story more epic than it was...but trust me, you should his sequel work.

Merry christmas!

You know it would be nice to bring Tiberius into the lunaverse and having him be a present from corona is genius!


Thank you.

What can I ay, two things you should realize from my past works.

1) I am incapable of oing a sad ending, ever. The characters will go thorugh hell, but I will ind a way to make it happy for everyone

2) I am a sucker for friendshipping and sibling moments.

It has a couple of typos you should take a look at that.

Also I don't think Corona would sign her note as "Corona" since that is a nickname given by the ponies of Equestria for her tyrant title.

Now that the nitpicking is over. The story was good, a bit short for my tasting, but it accomplished the objective to tell a heart's warming moment with each of the Lunaverse mane 6.

Tiberius!!!!!!! Fun tales, thank you for sharing.

Very nice and generous of Carrot Top to do that for Twilight. :D

Merry Christmas, Bedford Falls Ponyville! Great story, Alchemy. Admittedly a little rough here and there, but otherwise quite nice. :D


When Pinkie was talking about the Cake's special Gingerbread house, and that Mr. Cake had a dollop of frosting on his nose, that was a reerence to "Sweet Taste of Cake" by the Desendant, one of my favorite romance fan fics of all time. I love how the story had a dollop of frosting on his nose be a part of the character building, so I decided to reference it (It doesn't hurt that the wrap aroun was set during Hearth's Warming) and the fic was the first fic I did a live read of.



Thanks. I don't usually polish or get a team of prereaders together for a small little story like this. Its usually me alone doing the editing.

That was nice. Beautiful gathering of the L!6 (plus Dinky & Bon-Bon), and Corona's gift made me imagine a "Tsundere Celestia/Corona" blog. XD


"A sweet Taste of Cake by the desendant"

¡Tiberius , and all other opossums, is a marsupial!

This was a very enjoyable story. I especially liked how Trixie's song was from my favorite Christmas movie of all time (Muppet Christmas Carol FTW!)

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