• Published 5th Dec 2014
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Tales told from the Hearth: Lunaverse - Alchemystudent

A collection of stories about what it is like for Lunaverse to experience Hearth's Warming

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Baby its cold outside

Lyra and Bon Bon, are most likely trying to mix and match their traditions together. Or at least trying to, then the cold starts up and then they snuggle up and...ok getting off that train of thought, putting it away, and never getting on it again!!

Lyra happily levitated the stocking to the fireplace and hung it right next toe the beige colored one marked “Bon bon”. A soft smile came to her lips as she looked at the two stockings that hung by the fireplace, the warm fire softly glowing and flickering from within. Walking away from the small fire place, she looked at the tree that she and her marefriend put together. Granted, it was hard at first and led to a small argument between the two lovers, but in the end it all came together.

It was a beautiful tree, decorated with musical themed ornaments and pieces of candy with bright tinsel all around. One look at one of the hanging candy canes caused the mint green mare to lick her lips and to ignite her horn to try to grab one. But she hesitated when she could practically hear the earth pony telling her, “Not until AFTER the holidays,’ in her head. Raising her hoof to her eyes and then pointing it to the tree as a threat for later. Then she drifted her golden eyes down to the small pile of presents at the bottom of the tree, smiling widely at them, “Soon my pretties, you will be ripe. Then I will harvest you and your glorious bounty will be mine!” she whispered, before looking over to some of the presents that were marked for Bon Bon. She sighed, hoping that the earth pony would like some of them, and maybe even the lingerie that she bought for her.

As she continued to look over some of her final decorations, she began to think about how this would be their first Hearth’s Warming living in together. One of several more to come, hopefully. They already fulfilled some of their old traditions, such as visiting the parents and doing individual shopping, and hopefully made some new ones together. A smile of almost childish glee came to her as she began to anticipate the next day, which would dedicated to only the two of them cuddling and spending their holidays together. She turned to walk down the stairs into Bon Bon’s shop to see if there any last touches she needed to do, but stopped at the top when she heard the pony singing. It was a soft song, one that brought back memories of a time long ago where they did spend Hearth’s Warming together.

(Three years ago)

“Thanks for helping me finish with the decorating Lyra,” Bon Bon said, putting the last wreath over the doorway to the stairs.

“It was no big deal, really,” Lyra smiled as she walked away from the tree. “I’m always happy to help.”

Bon Bon smiled and ran her hoof along Lyra’s foreleg appreciatively, “And I will always appreciate it.”

Lyra looked into Bon bon’s eyes, smiling softly and giving her a quick kiss on the lips, “I should go, the dads are probably waiting.”

“Right,” bon Bon said, a little disappointed. She then looked outside at the snow and frost, “You aren’t planning on going now are you?”

“Eh, if I start moving now, I should be able to get there,” Lyra said, walking down the stairs. “I really can't stay.” she said almost lyrically.

“But, Lyra, it’s cold outside,” Bon Bon said, walking ahead of her marefirend with a worried look in her eyes.

“I’ve got to go soon,” Lyra said, looking into her marefirend’s pleading eyes, and finding her resolve fading.

“But baby, is so cold outside,” bon Bon pleaded, caressing the foreleg of the mint colored mare.

Lyra tucked the beige pony’s chin and looked into her eyes, “Honey. this evening has been-”

“Maybe you can warm up with me,” Bon Bon smiled softly.

Lyra’s eyes widened at this, thinking about cuddling up to her lover, “so very nice,” a small gulp came to her, as she found some will power left.

“Look at your hooves, they're just like ice,” Bon Bon exclaimed walking into the kitchen.

“Dad could start to worry,” Lyra thought as she followed her marefriend.

“Then, what's your hurry?” Bon Bon asked, walking back and forth between her stove and the fridge

“Dad could be pacing the floor,” Lyra said, watching her marefriend finish making the hot chocolate.

“I have the fireplace and more,” smiled Bon Bon

Lyra took one whiff of the brew and walked towards the stairs, “ Maybe I should scurry.”

“Oh really, please don't hurry,” Bon Bon requested, walking up to Lyra, brushing her coat against hers and running her tail along the unicorn’s nose.

“Well, maybe just a little sip,” blushed Lyra, her body tensing up in arousal.

“Before you leave on your cold trip,” Bon Bon winked as she walked up the stairs, Lyra in tow.

“The others might think,” Lyra then siffed the coca as she walked into the living room of Bon Bon’s apartment, watching the earth pony winking at her. “Say, what’s in that drink?”

“Baby, its bad out there,” Bon Bon said, streaching out on the sofa, giving Lyra a come hither star, “and there are no carriages out there.”

Lyra sighed, and smiled, “I wish I knew how, to break your spell.”

“Your eyes are lovely right now,” giggled the Earth pony as she moved to the side to let Lyra cuddle up next to her, resting her head on the shoulder. “I’ll warm you up, and you feel swell.”

As Lyra laid on the sofa, nuzzling into her marefriend, she laid a soft kiss on the lips, “You drive a hard bargain...bonnie.”

(the present)

Lyra looked at the couch and smiled softly, remembering that special moment that they shared. It was one of the many pleasant memories that they shared when they were starting out as a couple, and more that she had hoped would continue. Turning to walk back to walk down the stairs, she heard a surprised, “Oh!”

“What is it?” Lyra asked as she trotted down the stairs.

Bon bon quickly raced to the cupboard to grab some small boxes, “I promised I would get the cakes some chocolate cherries for Hearth’s warming. I almost completely forgot!”

“But, can’t that wait hun?” asked Lyra as she looked outside, watching the snow fall heavily.

“Well, I guess it could, but I still want to get this done asap!” Bon Bon said, making her way to the door.

“Bonnie, you could wait till tomorrow,” Lyra said, walking up to the earth pony and brushing herself against the side and kissing her cheek.

“I ought to say no, no, no,” Bon said, smiling softly at the touch, turning her head to follow Lyra’s movements up the stairs.

“Want to move in closer?” asked Lyra, winking to her marefirned as she walked to the stairs an their sofa.

Bon Bon let out a sigh and put away the cherries, “Well, at least I can say I tried.”

“You don’t have to stay inside,” Lyra pouted.

“I really shouldn’t stay,” Bon Bon said, looking back at the cherries.

“Oh baby, don’t go away, its so cold outside,” smiled Lyra, walking slowly up the stairs.

Bon Bon reached the top of the stairs and smiled as she looked at Lyra, keeping some of the hot chocolate in her magic, “I should make that delivery instead.”

“But, you’ll freeze out there,” Lyra objected, looking outside and walking up to her lover. “You could freeze out there!” she then ran her hoof along Bon Bon’s side gently, caressing the soft coat.

“Say, you lend me your boots,” Bon Bon thought out loud, but then shuddered in pleasure at Lyra’s caress. “Oh, that feels grand.”

“Thrill when my hoof touches your coat,” Lyra said, her voice soft and sultry. She then leaned in and kissed her lips softly.

“ Do you see? What you are doing to me?” asked Bon Bon as she returned the kiss, her eyes closed and a smile coming to her lips. “They are bound to ask tomorrow.”

“But, think of my personal sorrow,” fake whimpered Lyra as she walked to the couch and laid on it, waiting for her girl.

“I think they’ll know what is implied,” giggled Bon Bon as she walked to Lyra, trying to resist the charms of her lover.

Lyra ran her hoof along the couch, winking at her, “Think how I would live if you died from the cold.”

“I guess that I can stay,” smiled Bon Bon as she cuddled up close to her mint green lover, nuzzling the neck.

“Aw, see you can’t resist,” chuckled the unicorn, resting her head onto Bon Bon’s shoulder, smiling.

“After all,” Bon Bon began, a lyrical tone in her voice.

“Its cold out side,” the two sang together.

“You drive a hard bargain, Ms. Heartstrings,” smiled Bon Bon as she kissed her lover again.

“Its because you do it harder, Miss drops,” Lyra replied, kissing bon Bon back and then resting her head on the shoulder.

Author's Note:

Yes, they spoke the entire song, you can hav them singing in it, but I also wantd to see if I could make it a collection of dialouge with the song. But, I think I'm a little weird. Oh, well, any chance I have to play with my OTP is a good time.

Next time, Raindrops in snow plays!