• Published 5th Dec 2014
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Tales told from the Hearth: Lunaverse - Alchemystudent

A collection of stories about what it is like for Lunaverse to experience Hearth's Warming

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Since we have no place to go

Heh, Raindrops is probably yelling at Dash right now, mainly because she wants the snow to come early.

“Come on, come on!” Raindrops screamed wit irritation in her head. Her hooves were scratching the soft white clouds beneath her in a mix of irritation and anticpation.

“All right, listen up!” the cyan mare said, pacing back and forth in front of the gathered pegasi. “We have all worked really hard this past year, dealing with storms and other things coming from the Everfree. Now, I don’t know about you, I am ready to just go and unleash the full power of this snowstorm on the town below and go home to bed. Who’s with me!” she shouted, thrusting her hoof above her head triumphantly.

In one of the few times in recorded history, Raindrops enthusastically agreed with Rainbow Dash’s laziness, “HECK YEAH!” It wasn’t that she wanted her boss to fly home, practice a few tricks, and then sleep for a few hours, it was more that she was looking forward to the snow fall that was about to happen. After all, snow was just a colder form of rain right?

With a grin on her face, she trurned to look at the line of pegasi next to her, all ready and eager to begin the snowfall, “1!” shouted Dash, as the pegasi raised their hooves. “2!” with the next shout, the weather team braced themselves for a jump. “3!” With the final shout, the team all leapt in unison and unleashed the snow.

Without even waiting for Dash to dismiss them, the jasmine colored pegasus flew beneath the cloud cover, flying after the falling snowflakes. With a smirk on her face, she began to sing to herself

Oh the weather here is so delightful
Watching all of the snow is so wonderful
And since I have no place to go
Let it snow, let it snow

With a chuckle, she gave herself a small chance to do a loop-de-loop and fly up to a small snowflake. Sticking out her tongue, she licked the cold little water crystal into her mouth. A small shudder came to the pegasus as she felt the cold water trail down the back of her throat. After the chill of the snowflake vanished from her body, she let out a giggle and continue to soar through the falling snow. Shifting back and forth on the soft air currents, she allowed the cool winter air to guide her through the sky. For a moment, she stopped flapping her wings and adjusted into a small glide and allowed the snow to acculminated on her feathered limbs. After the snow piled up a little and becam heavy for her, she corkscrewed in the sky to make the snow fall from her wings.

Banking as hard as she could, Raindrops chased after the snow and landed on the ground before the snow hit the ground and landed on her. Laughing a little, the jasmine pegasus shook the collected snow off her and walked towards the school. As she did, she watched as some of the other kids ran by her to their parents or older siblings, all with the intent of heading home to hot chocolate or to play with the snow a little, “Snails? Hey, Snails! Now where did he-”


“Go,” was the last word that passed over her lips as the snowball remants rested on her face. The smile that she had been wearing that day turned into a scowl of anger and rage as she wiped the snow from her face. Narrowing her eyes, she swished her head back and forth in an attempt to hunt down the unicorn that she knew who threw it.

“Uh oh, Snips, I think she found us,” said Snails as he hid.

“Don’t worry, Snails. There is no way she’ll find us. We have this battle in the bag!” Snails exclaimed with pride. This pride quickly vanished, however, when the branch that he was hiding in violently shook and sent the green unicorn tumbling off into the soft ground below. Looking up, he bearly had a chance to scream as the pile of snow from above hit him hard.

As Raindrops laid on the top branch and looked down at her snow covered victim with a cunning smirk, “Nice try Snips, now where is the little brother?”

“Um, Uh,” Snips said, slinking out of the snow pile with a nervous look. He was torn between his loyalty to his friend, but one look at the jasmine pegasus told him who he would stand by, “He’s behind that tree!” and then he ran off into the town in order to get home.

“What was that?” Snails asked, his green tail showing from behind a tree, not knowing that his sister has him in her sights. “Snips, come in! Do you see the target? Is the enemy in your sights? Come in!” Snails continued to shout into the small can in front of him.

“She is at your flank, and ready to take you out,” Raindrops said, flapping her wings at a steady pace.

“How do you figure?” asked Snails.

“Because,” Raindrops replied, adjusing her alitidude to aim her breeze at a small pile of snow, “I am her!” and before Snails could react, the pegasus flapped her wings hard and blew a ton of white snow on the defensless colt. Watching the little unicorn colt get a ton of snow blown over him caused her to double over in laughter. But, her laughter was stopped by her brother’s quick recovery and the ability to collect three snowballs in his magic. Deftly, she moved out of the way of the oncoming attack and flew into a tackle into the little brother. With a shrug of her shoulders, she gave the yellow unicorn a noogie and a kiss on the forehead, “Nice try, little brother. But, in a snow battle between a pegasus and an unicorn, I put money on the pegasus.”

“But,” Snails said, snowly getting up and walking to his sisters side, “Miss Cheerilee told us about the great snow battle of-”

Raindrops shook her head, “Ok, so there was that one incident but, you get my drift.” she said, smirking and rubbing a bit of snow into Snail’s mane.

This snow doesn’t seem to be stopping

At least, that’s what I’m hoping

Because I love it so,

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

As the snow continued to fall lightly around the two siblings, Snails began to talk a mile-a-minute about what he did that day along with some of the biology of the freeze tolerant insects that he had read about. Raindrops, for her part, just listened to him speak about his day, way to interested in the white snow to notice her brother trying to speak and warn her of-


Raindrops growled a little as the snow fell off her face, the firey look in her eyes saying that whoever threw that last snowball was going to pay dearly. With a quick glance to her left, she caught sight of a lavender glow from a small horn and a small brown mane next to it. Nodding her head left to the unicorn next to her, the signal was given to Snails to run next to the bush and begin his own personal assault on the small filly. Her partner, on the other hand, began to roll some snow in his little forehooves to attack the two siblings, but arched an eyebrow when he discovered Raindrop’s dissappearence, “Now, Pipsqueak, before I hit you with a snow barrage, what were you and Dinky doing out here?”

“Well, me and Dinky met up while she was going to Sugar Cube Corner to pick up baking supplies,” Pipsqueak began, his Trottingham accent doing little to hide his stutter in fear. “Then we s-saw you and we figured we could take you in a snowball fight.”

“So, your last act in this world, is to over shoot your boundaries,” snarked the jasmine coated pegasus, holding four snowballs at once.

“Uh...yes?” squeaked the pinto colt, “DINKY! Help!”

Upon hearing her friend’s scream for help, Dinky turned to her friend, “Pip!” she exclaimed, her opponent forgotten as she ran and pushed Pipsqueak out of the way of the barrage. “We’re offically outgunned. We should leave.”

“You’re right,” Pipsqueak nodded, and then leaned in close to nuzzle his friend, “Thank you for saving me, my little magicain.” Then he turned to run off, not seeing the blush creeping on Dinky’s face, before she ran off after her partner in crime.

Raindrops chuckled and shook her head as Snails came back to her side, “Come on, Snails, hot chocolate time!”

When we go home tonight

How I'll love to watch the storm

and if rest by the fire’s light

Right at home we’re going to be warm

As the two ponies neared the house, Raindrops smiled at her little brother, “How about you go inside and wait for mom and pop to make some cocoa and I’ll be right there.”

“Ok, Raindrops,” said Snails, nuzzling his big sis and running into the warm house.

As she watched her little brother walking into the house, she braced her legs and flew off to the rooftop of the house. Turning around, she got into a good position to look over the small town that lay before her home. Though she did not have a home that had a good few over the town, she did have one that allowed her to see things like the Representative house, the Golden Oaks Library, and the town center. All over, she could see the same effect that the snow had on the town. The white blanket’s reflective surface seemingly to make the area alight like it was day, allowing the town to be birghtly lit as though it were the day.

Raindrops sighed softly as she laid on her belly to watch the snow continue to fall across the city. It was so calming, so peaceful, and so soft, everything that she wished she could be. Yes, there were times that she wished she could be calmer, to control her little rage issues. But, she knew that was something to come with time, something that she would have to continued to work on. She chuckled as she thought of a certain blue unicorn who kept reminding her of this fact, the mare who had a lot of her own personal issues to work for. But she, much like Raindrops, had to continue to work to make their lives just a little more perfect and clean, like the pure white snow. The pegasus sighed and smiled at the snow, watching it blanket the city, bringing a white calm to the small little hamlet.

The snow is now lying

And, it so relaxing

and since I love it so

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Author's Note:

Writing this chapter made me think of two things, one) how did the idea of Snails being Raindrops borther came about? I knew the first I heard of it was in the longest night webisode. But how did it come out?

2) How did we come up with the dea of Dinky being Pipsqueak's marefirend? Why is she so commonly paired with him? I mena, LYra and Bon Bon, I can see. All of the maneverse ships, yeah. But Pip and Dinky seems, shocking. Not to say I don't find it so adorable I write it and use it alot. (except in a certain verse where Pip is with Applebloom) This is a ship I love that I really want to know the origins of.

Os. As a Fallout Equestia fan, I almost wrote Little Pip instead of Pipsqueak. I don't know how I did it.

PS. It was weird writing Rainbow Dash and NOT have her be a main character or side character in the story. Also, I almost wrote a Raindrops line like Rainbow Dash. I was going to have Raindrops roll her eyes and say "Ah, what does she know. What does she gt paid for?" Then I remembered, I am writing for Raindrops, not Dashie. Wrong pegasus.