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Tales told from the Hearth: Lunaverse - Alchemystudent

A collection of stories about what it is like for Lunaverse to experience Hearth's Warming

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Old Friends, dear friends

“And now, we come back to me. Drinking, bored, and all alone on one of the best times of the year,” Trixie said, taking one last look at her empty bottle and setting it aside. Giving herself a good stretch on the couch, she relaxed and began to sway a foreleg fore longingly along the ground,

It is the season of the heart
A special time of caring
The ways of love made clear
It is the season of the spirit
The message if we hear it
Is 'Make it last all year'

As the last lyric left Trixie’s lips, she looked at the clock and sighed, “Guess I should turn-” but, she was interrupted by a series of knock at the door. Eyebrow raised in curiosity, the mare walked to the door and opened it to reveal a little snow unicorn with a small hat. Trixie cocked her head to the side at the sight, and the unicorn followed. Trixie then cocked to the other side, and the unicorn mimicked the movement.

Trixie then raised her hoof in the air, and then unicorn did the same, letting out a high pitched, “Happy Hearth’s warming Trixie!” she then walked into the house, the snow lightly melting off her.

“Sorry about this, Trixie. But the moment we got to your house, a ton of snow fell on Dinky, then she wanted to open the door looking like that,” Ditzy giggled as she walked in, bags filled to the brim. “Dinky, put the presents under the tree and then head to the kitchen.”

“Ok momma,” Dinky said, the last of the snow melting off her as she placed the two packages under the tree. Then, taking off her hat, she trotted off into the kitchen.

“Oh, and don’t worry, I brought all of my usual baking tools and ingredients,” Ditzy said, skipping into the kitchen as she hummed to herself.

“But, Ditzy what are-” Trixie was interrupted by another knock on the door. When she opened it, she was surprised to find a beige earth pony and a mint green unicorn at the door.

“Now you see Lyra? I told you she wouldn’t have that many decorations in here,” Bon Bon complained walking into the room. Looking around she smiled, “Don’t worry Trixie, I brought a few decorations from our house to help out.”

Lyra gave Trixie a hug as she walked in, “Sorry about that Trixie, she just loves to decorate almost as much as she loves baking,” and with that, she walked into the room with magic levitating gifts in tow. As she walked pass Bon Bon, she did not notice her marefriend hanging up the mistletoe.

Bon Bon smiled as she hung up the mistletoe, “There we are, one mistletoe fresh for the kissing.”

“Ok,” said Dinky, happily skipping up to Bon Bon and kissed her on the cheek before heading to the kitchen.

“Well I meant from,” a depressed sigh came from the earth pony, “Never mind.”

“But what abou-” another knock on the door interrupted the blue mare and she went to open the door.

“Phew! When we Ponyville pegasi make it snow, we make it snow!” chuckling, Raindrops walked into the residency with a few packages in her bags. She then hugged Trixie and walked in. “Hey, is Ditzy making Hearth’s Warming muffins?”

“Well, yes but-” another knock brought out a small growl from the unicorn. “I swear to Luna, I am not going to get a word in edgewise around here!”

As the door opened, Carrot walked in with a small collection of bags in front of her, “Um, a little help?”

Trixie sighed and used her magic to keep the small tower steady, “Tree’s four feet ahead and to the left.”

“T-thank you,” Carrot said, struggling to keep the tower balanced and safe as she made her way to the tree.

Before Trixie could close the door again, she stopped herself and awaited the arrival of, “Hello Cheerilee, the tree is that away.”

“Oh, thank you,” the magenta earth pony said with a smile. Then she reached in her bag and pulled out two bottles, “I also brought some eggnog for us all. Some normal for Dinky and some laced with an old friend of yours.”

Trixie smiled and licked her lips at the thought of bourbon laced eggnog being served. As she closed the door with her magic, she watched the small group of ponies setting things up, talking to one another, and helping each other with various chores. She watched as Bon Bon tried to get another kiss from under the mistletoe, only to gt one from Carrot Top and Raindrops instead. Looking around, Trixie raised an eyebrow and asked, “Wait a second. What are you all doing here? Don’t you have your own traditions and families to get to.”

The five mares all turned to look at the blue mare, their eyes brows arched and looking at one another, “Yeah, we do,” said Ditzy.


“We’re doing our tradition right now,” Raindrops said, rolling her eyes in disbelief.

“What?” Trixie said simply.

Lyra chuckled, “‘Spending time with our friends’, we even wrote it down on our calendar. DEcorations,”

“Shopping,” Carrot added.

“Baking,” Ditzy said with a smile.

“And then spending the evening with our family,” Cheerilee smiled.

Trixie began to stutter as she looked at the five mares in front of her, “Y-you, you mean-”

Ditzy smiled softly, “Nopony should ever be alone on Hearth’s Warming. Least of all, our best friend.”

Tears welled up in the element of magic’s eyes, threatening to spill out, “You girls. I-I-I don’t deserve you, at all.”

“You’re right,” Raindrops said, walking up to Trixie and putting a hoof on the mare’s shoulder and smiled. “You don’t, but we love you anyway.” with that she gave Trixie a big hug.

Ditzy joined the embrace with Dinky, “You may be a little rough around the edges.”

“A little annoying sometimes,” Lyra said, hugging Trixie with Bon Bon.

“Arrogant, egotistical, and a little weird,” Carrot smiled and hugged Trixie with the others.

“But, we wouldn’t have you any other way. Because you might be all of that,” Cheerilee said, hugging Trixie tightly. “But we know, that if any of us were loney or needed help, you would be there for all of us. Because, you are our family, our best friend.”

Trixie held back the tears as she returned the embrace, happy to be with her friends on that day. She held them all tightly, and softly wept tears of joys into her friend's coats, “What the Tartarus are we all doing being sad and wishy-washy? Do we not have some traditions to make?”

Dinky nodded, “You’re right! The muffins should be done.” with that, the little filly ran into the kitchen and opened the oven.

“So, are they as good as I think they are?” asked Trixie with a smile as she walked into her kitchen.

“See for yourself,” the little violet unicorn said, throwing a muffin Trixie’s way.

Deftly, the blue unicorn grabbed the treat in her magic and took a bite, “Hmm, while it is good, it just needs something. Ah ha!” with that, Trixie reached into her cupboard with her magic and pulled out some mustard, peanut butter,and some mayo. Then she began to smear the unholy combination onto her muffin and took a bite, much to the disgust of the other mares in the room, “Mmmmm, much better. Delicious!”

After getting their taste back, the bearers all walked back into the living room. Bon Bon taking the time to stand under the mistletoe and await a kiss from Lyra, only to get a quick peck from Cheerilee instead. The magenta mare then winked at her Earth pony friend and walke to the tree, “Can I light it?” Dinky asked.

“No, no, allow me,” Trixie said with a smile. “Now, watch in awe as I proceed to light this tree without magic. First, I will wave my hoof to gain power from the ancient ones that came before us, and then with a kiss from the world’s cutest assistant.” the blue mare awaited a blown kiss from Dinky and then tapped her hoof three times against the floor. On the third tap, the tree exploded in a brilliant flash of purple, mint green, orange, blue, jasmine, and light grey lights.

The small group awed and cooed in fascination as they look at the lights, Dinky looked at Trixie, her eyes still wide, “How did you do that without magic?”

“Magic, wonder, and the happiness of the season,” Trixie smiled as she looked at the top of the tree. “But look, there is one light I forgot. A moon ornament that I place on top every year. If only I had a wonderful assistant to help me.”

Dinky enthusiastically nodded her head and rose her hoof, running to the topper and grabbing the moon in her magic. Concentrating her magic on the small object, she carefully lifted it and slowly placed it onto the the tree, much to the cheers and applause of the other mares, “Great job little muffin,” Ditzy said, hugging her little girl, pride coming across her face at her daughter’s improved telekinesis.

“Thank you mommy,” giggled Dinky into the hug. Then she ran to Trixie and hugged her, “Thanks Trixie.”

“Well, now that show is done, how about I go get us some eggnog and then we can open presents,” said Bon Bon as she left. When she came back, she stood under the mistletoe and await Lyra to give her a kiss, only to get one from Trixie instead.

“I only did that, because tradition,” Trixie snarked, much to the laughter of everypony else there.

Bon Bon let out a small sigh, “A stupid tradition, I mean, what good has it done me?”

“Does this mean I won’t get a kiss?” Lyra asked, standing under the mistletoe next to Bon Bon.

With an excited look, the beige pony pushed her lips onto the unicorn’s and gave her a passionate kiss, “Hey! Watch it over there, there are fillies present!” Trixie yelled.

“Don’t worry, I promise we’ll keep it rated E,” joked Lyra as she gave her love another deep kiss and walked back to the area around the tree.

“Now, this is from me,” Carrot said, handing Trixie the present.

Excitedly, the unicorn began to tear into the package to reveal the book within, “ ‘Longest Day, Longest Night’? Wait, is that...me?” Trixie asked, looking the book over and at the well detailed cover. Looking closely at the cover, she trace her hoof along the image of herself and its brave stance, “I don’t believe this.”

“I know,” Ditzy chuckled, “somepony made a book all about us and how we became the elements.”

“Not that!” Trixie exclaimed, “Its this! Look at this cover.”

“What about it?” Raindrops asked, looking at the book.

“They got my mane wrong! Nopony in the world would have a mane this long, especially a magician!” exclaimed Trixie, bringing out a mirror and looking at the two tone mane. “Really now, where did this Frank Frazetta get the idea that I look like this? And what type of name is that anyway?” “I heard its a pen name for “Epic Pose”,” Lyra said.

“No matter, I still find it weird. Yet, I am greatly flattered that somepony out there has heard of all of our adventures and decided to make a grand novel out of it! I do hope that whoever this author is, will have kept some of my more spectacular exploits from that day in here,” Trixie boaste with a smile, looking through the book.

Raindrops leaned in to whisper to Carrot, “There will be no living with her for a while.”

Carrot Top giggled in response, and then handed the pegasus her gift.

So it went, on through that night, for the eight mares. After they traded gifts, they all sung together and while some of them sang better than the others, the feeling of joy that was beaming from each solo or duet was felt throughout the entire group. Trixie entertained the small party with tales that she had picked up from some of the libraries she had visited, while Cheerilee offered stories of her past as the entertainment. Throughout the night, the bearers and the ones they loved were warmed by the feelings of friendship and family that kept them such close friends. So engrossed in their fun, they did not notice the time, or did they care. Slowly, one by one, each mare fell asleep by the fire until the only one left was Trixie. Sipping on the last bit off eggnog, the blue unicorn looked at the seven mares, sighed, and began to sing softly.

It’s in the singing of a choir
Its in getting warm by the fire
It’s true, wherever you find love
It feels like Hearth’s warming
It’s true, wherever you find love

It feels like...
Hearth’s warming

She then put away the empty cup, cuddled herself inbetween Ditzy and Dinky, next to Raindrops who fell asleep under Cheerilee. On the other side of the pony pile, was Lyra and Bon Bon, asleep in each other’s forelegs with Carrot Top asleep under them. Looking at each as she nestled in the small pile, the pony who was responsible for bringing them all together, the pony who was once alone because she had pushed away so many others, the mare who now would watch over this close group of friends, simply smiled to herself and whispered, “I love you all. Thank you, happy hearth’s warming.” and with that, warmed by friends who would never leave her, she fell asleep, protected and home.

I wonder where Luna went?

In a distant plateau, far away from the city of Canterlot and the far off griffon lands, a blue alicorn stood alone. Looking up at the starry sky, the alicorn of the night sighed and turned away, “She isn’t coming.”

“Why did you summon me, Luna?” Corona asked, flapping her wings as she landed.

“This place, do you remember it?” Luna asked, looking at the slow nod from her sister. “It was always a place of neutrality for us both. A place where we would go if we had a fight or we mad at each other. We would cool off and then go back to each other.”

“I know this, get to the point!” demanded Corona.

Luna sighed, “As you may know, its Hearth’s Warming back in Equestria. An I thought that, just for tonight, we would forget all of our hatred towards one another and share a gift. Here, I brought you a present.” the blue alicorn smiled as the alicorn of the sun took the present, and then she continued, “Its a flower I discovered in the Everfree. Its an eternal blossom, so called because it never wilts and looks as bright as the sun. I thought you might like it.”

Corona just looked at the flower and turned away, “I did not bring you a gift, or did I intend to! I just came to see what you wanted and all I see is you wanting to celebrate this paltry holiday. Do not call me again for such frivolites, sister.” With that, the sun tyrant teleported away.

Luna sighed sadly, turning away from her sister, “I should’ve thought as-” she was interrupted by a squeak. Looking down, she saw a little grey animal with a white snout, “A possum? What are you doing all the way out here, little fellow.” Luna giggled as she knelt down, and looked at the small rodent. It was then she noticed the little red ribbon around his neck and tag attached, “ What is this ribbon on you? Hmmm?” Levitating the little creature close to her, she read the tag while undoing the ribbon, “‘This rodent was found outside of my door, do something with him. I took note that he is properly trained, shot, and cared for, do what you want with this thing- Corona.’” Luna let out a chuckle as she held the little squirming creature up, “Oh, aren’t you the cutest little thing. I am going to call you Tiberus. Come along, faithful pet.” Luna said, putting the rodent onto her back and teleporting away.

Some miles away, Celestia watched from a rocky outcropping and sighed, “Happy Hearth’s Warming, Luna. Happy Hearth’s Warming.” and with that, Corona teleported away.

Happy Hearth's Warming Everypony!

Author's Note:

Ok, before I wrap this up, I need to say this. The song, "Together at Christmas" from the christmas toy shoul not be a Christmas only song. I mean, come on! Its a wonderful song about friendship, being together no matter if you are someone who you knew when you were a child, or just met him that day. It describes the wonderful feeling of gaining a new friend or seeing an old one again. Heck, one of the lyrics is "Somethings change with the passing years, but let these feelings stay." If that isn't what you are supposed to feel with friendship than I don't know what else to say. Sorry, I just really REALLY love this song and wish I could use it more often in a fic than just one time a year. But no, I can only listen to this song that has pony written all over it once a year.

Also, Frank Frazetta, for those who don't know, is a famous artist who makes fantastic art of fantasy creatures and humans. It waqs this art that I was basing the book's cover off of. I just thought that a book about the bearers would get an epic cover in their world.

Also, while I was writing the end bit with Trixie and friends, Thankful heart was playing on my media player. I havent gotten that lucky since I wrote Trixie's scene in Equestria's Mirage.

Now about this story. This was a personal experiment from two things.

One, when I was writing my annual Christmas stories, I ha gotten so many ideas for the Lunaverse side of things that I couldn't put it all in one chapter of the normal Hearth's warming fic. So I wrote this instead and put the ideas in there.

Second, it was a test for me to see who among the Lunaverse I had the easiest time writing. This was similar to when I wrote a Unico/pony crossover in my head to get a feel for the mane six (unwritten and publishe).Of course, I realized that the easiest o the lot was: Trixie, Ditzy, Raindrops, and Lyra. I have no idea why though. I guess Trixie came from how many times I write Trixie in a story or have her riff one. Ditzy and Lyra come from how many fics I read of those two, and I think Raindrops because I relate to her the most. Carrot Top was a surprise, but fun. Then Cheerilee happened. I think her problem was that I had too many ideas and I did not know what to do with her.

PS. Do any of you other writers have this tendancy to accidentally write Derpy instead of Ditzy? I do a lot/

Well, that was fun, back to the FOE and other cool fics. But first Me-

Luna: Alchemy Student wait.

Trixie: Yeah, wait.

What is it?

Luna: You have done so much this past month, please allow us to o you the honor of saying it./

Sure thing, your highness.

Celestia: (from the maneverse) Ready?

Luna: Ready,

L!6 and Mane six with their Repective Princesses: MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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Merry christmas!

You know it would be nice to bring Tiberius into the lunaverse and having him be a present from corona is genius!


Thank you.

What can I ay, two things you should realize from my past works.

1) I am incapable of oing a sad ending, ever. The characters will go thorugh hell, but I will ind a way to make it happy for everyone

2) I am a sucker for friendshipping and sibling moments.

It has a couple of typos you should take a look at that.

Also I don't think Corona would sign her note as "Corona" since that is a nickname given by the ponies of Equestria for her tyrant title.

Now that the nitpicking is over. The story was good, a bit short for my tasting, but it accomplished the objective to tell a heart's warming moment with each of the Lunaverse mane 6.

Tiberius!!!!!!! Fun tales, thank you for sharing.

Merry Christmas, Bedford Falls Ponyville! Great story, Alchemy. Admittedly a little rough here and there, but otherwise quite nice. :D


When Pinkie was talking about the Cake's special Gingerbread house, and that Mr. Cake had a dollop of frosting on his nose, that was a reerence to "Sweet Taste of Cake" by the Desendant, one of my favorite romance fan fics of all time. I love how the story had a dollop of frosting on his nose be a part of the character building, so I decided to reference it (It doesn't hurt that the wrap aroun was set during Hearth's Warming) and the fic was the first fic I did a live read of.



Thanks. I don't usually polish or get a team of prereaders together for a small little story like this. Its usually me alone doing the editing.

That was nice. Beautiful gathering of the L!6 (plus Dinky & Bon-Bon), and Corona's gift made me imagine a "Tsundere Celestia/Corona" blog. XD

¡Tiberius , and all other opossums, is a marsupial!

This was a very enjoyable story. I especially liked how Trixie's song was from my favorite Christmas movie of all time (Muppet Christmas Carol FTW!)

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