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Tales told from the Hearth: Lunaverse - Alchemystudent

A collection of stories about what it is like for Lunaverse to experience Hearth's Warming

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Christmas Muffins

I bet Dinky and Ditzy are busy just spending time with eahc other...

In a cozy little apartment, well cozy for two ponies anyway, all was quite and calm. Well, that would be true, were it not for the loud humming coming from a little light purple unicorn that was bobbing her head up and down to music that only she could hear. Skipping by the kitchen table, her horn lit up as she levitated a small pan to the table. Then, placing her hooves on the table and taking a look at the pan, she began to sing and sway her head side to side to imaginary upbeat music

I love the Heart’s warming Muffins
with the little bit of jelly
a tasty little treat
that’s resting in my belly
with muffins like that
how could there be a reason
To keep inside
For just one season

A blonde headed pegasus listened in closely as her daughter began to sing the catchy little song, finding herself bobbing along to a similar beat that only they could hear. The pegasus walked up to a cupboard that was marked, “don’t open till Hearth’s Warming Eve” and began to unlock it. A small giggle escaped the mare’s lips as she began to think of her young daughter waiting for most of the day at that cupboard for her mother to get home and open it to unleash the goods within.

It was a special time in the Doo household, a time for baking and a time for mother and daughter bonding, “Get ready, here they come. Hearth’s Warming Muffins!” cheered Ditzy, bringing out a small green and red bag from th special cupboard.

“YAY!” Dinky cheered in response, watching as her mother laid the ingredients before her. While it was true that the baking of muffins was not something that was unusual in the Doo household, these were special muffins that would only come around once a year. giggling, Ditzy began to join in

I love the christmas muffins

That are made from scratch

I love the blueberries

so I add it to the batch

When the baking time is over

I pull them from the oven

The sweet and tasty

treat equals Heart’s warming time

Hmmmmmm, lovinnnn

Ditzy put the eggs, milk, and eggnog in front of her young daughter and cmiled softly, “Ok, Dinky, what do you do first?”

“Well, first, you put in some milk and butter,” Dinky began, while her mother began to chop up some blueberries. Using her horn, she began to to levitate the milk and butter to put them both in the bowl. Carefully, the little filly then added some eggnog to the mix, watchig it all rest there.

“What else?” Ditzy asked, pushing some of the more solid ingrediants to the bowl.

“OH!” gasped Dinky, looking at the three eggs next to the bowl. Grabing the first one, she cracked it and put the yolk into the mix, “Three eggs.” Then she looked at the other two eggs, before gazing up at her horn and squinting.

“Come on, little muffin. You can do this,” Ditzy cheered, a smile on her face.

Dinky squinted hard at the two shelled items, allowing her telekinetic magic to flow through her horn and onto the white eggs, making them glow a small violet. Breathing slowly, concentrating with all of her might, she began to lift the eggs over to the bowl and cracked them open. Sweat began to bead down her face as she let the yellow yolk drip down from the opened shells and into the mix. Looking at her accomplishment, the little filly thrusted her hooves into the air and cheered, “I did it!”

“Great job my little muffin,” Ditzy clapped happily. She was so proud of her daughter and how fast the unicorn had been growing in the use of her magic.

“And then, we stir!” Dinky cheered, thrusting her hoof in triumph and reaching over to grab a spatula.

“What do we stir it with?” Ditzy asked as she added the ginger, flour, baking soda, blueberries, and brown sugar to the bowl.

“Ummmmm,” Dinky ponder for a few minutes, until Ditzy nuzzled her head into daughter’s neck.

“A little lovin, for a muffin,” Ditzy said, watching her daughter try to move away from the nuzzle.

Dinky giggled as she began to stir the bowl, ‘Mom!” and as she stirred, she and Ditzy began to sing.

Me and momma got some advice for how to bake it
In the Ditzy and Dinky Do family way
Don’t hesitate and bake with some lovin
Mix it up and you’ll be famous with muffins.

` Her head bobbing along wiht the beat of the imaginary music, Dinky opened the oven after mother poured the batter into the muffin pans. Then, grabbing the red and green jelly, the little unicorn began to put a little dollop of each into the batter holders and then helped the muffins into the ovens. As the door closed, the little unicorn cuddled up to her mother and continued the song.

Christmas muffins

Can’t you see

Christmas muffins

for you and me

Christmas muffins

are hard to beat

When they are so darn good to eat.

“And now, for the hard part,” Ditzy said, looking at the oven.

“We wait,” sighed the two equines as they sat by the oven and watched.

Though the apartment wasn’t too terribly cold that day, the two ponies still decided that it was best just to relax next to the oven as it baked its sweet goods and against one another. Ditzy looked down at her little filly, calmly running a hoof through her golden mane with a soft smile on her face. A part of her began to wonder how long it was going to stay like this, until her little girl would be too busy to take the time to bake some muffins with her. She sighed and shook her head at this, knowing that no matter if that were to happen. She would still bake a treat for her little girl. After all, it was a similar muffin that she got on the day of Dinky’s first Hearth’s Warming. It had become a tradition for them to bake together like this, though to be fair, for the first few years, it was just Dinky watching. Now, the little foal could join in and bake with her.

“Momma?” Dinky asked, looking up to her mother.

“Yes, little muffin?” Ditzy asked.

“Could you tell me, a little story?” Dinky asked.

“Sure thing,” Ditzy smiled, running her hoof through her daughter’s mane and smiling. “.Once, there was this lonely little muffin who ran from home.”

“Why was she lonely?” asked Dinky.

“She made a mistake that made her parents mad, so she had to hide away and felt like she was hated by every muffin around her. So she went to a small house in a far away town where she hoped no muffin would ever bother her. All alone, she felt like she had no friends or any one to care for her.”

“What happened?” Dinky asked looking up.

“Well, first, she met a little muffin that looked like her. She promised to help take care of that muffin for all of her life. But, she still felt like her and her little muffin were all alone. That was when she met five special other muffins: a bard muffin who stood by her, a barbarian muffin who told her no lies, a teacher muffin that kept her smiling, a farmer muffin who gave her all, and a muffin who was a little rough around the edged, but she could see deep down that this muffin was full of magic. Then, do you know what happened?”

“What?” Dinky asked.

“The little lonely muffin,” Ditzy sighed, looking at her little girl and then to a photo of her friends. “Wasn’t lonely anymore.”

“Such a sweet story momma,” Dinky smiled, knowing all too well what that really was. Her ears perked at the sound of a little dinging noise, “The muffins are done! Do you think we did good?”

Ditzy could only smile as she pulled out the pan and set them down, “Only one way to find out.” she smiled, flapping her wings quickly, “We taste them!” she then threw a muffin to Dinky, who caught it with her horn.

Levitating the baked good from her horn impalement, she threw it into the air and in one bite ate it, “YUM!” she squealed as she wiped the crumbs from her mouth and smiled wide. “We did it!”

“Congratulations, little muffin,” Ditzy smiled as she hugged her little girl.

Author's Note:

Hey, kids, want to make the recipie that Dinky and Ditzy are making?

Here it is! http://www.food.com/recipe/gingerbread-muffins-66209

I havent made them myself, but it was one of the first things I found.

Also, this song will be stuck in your head.

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