• Published 5th Dec 2014
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Tales told from the Hearth: Lunaverse - Alchemystudent

A collection of stories about what it is like for Lunaverse to experience Hearth's Warming

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All I want for Hearth's warming

Cheerilee would, well, she would...Hmmm? Wonder what a teacher would do on a few weeks with no foals to work with.

“...And that is what I hope to get for Hearth’s Warming this year, “ Aluah said, finishing the last report of the class day.

“Thank you Aluah,” smiled Cheerilee as she finish clapping with the class. “Now, since that was the report for the day, that also means class is just about over. I could let you all out five minutes early to enjoy your Hearth’s warming break, but I think I could keep you for a few minutes more,” the magenta mare smiled, listening to the groans and moans from her charges. She then looked at all of them and threw her hooves up, “Just kidding, class dismissed!”

With that, the flow of children was unleashed from the school house and out into the wide world. The magenta earth pony let loose a big sigh as she watched the flood dissapate and leave. Though it was true that she looked forward to the end of the day as much as anypony, she still loved her work immensely and still felt a little down to watch the entire class leave and make the one-room school house empty once more. Taking the papers into her hooves, she smiled a little, wondering how sad she was going to be when the foals were all done with her classes and then leave her school for the big wide world. Shaking her head out of the saddening thoughts, she looked at one of her papers, “‘What I want for Hearth’s Warming’ hmmm? What would I write?”

“I want a chance to become truely great and powerful. To weild the magic of the ages and use it to impress the audiences Equestria wide. To able to bring to the foals everywhere my magic stories and lessons and make them smile with my power. I want to amaze and shock them all. And there, waiting in the wings, would be my handsome assisstant, waiting to help me at a moments notice.”

The magenta pony giggled to herself as she put the papers into her satchel and walked to the door, “Then I guess Trixie would end up becoming the element of laughter. What a weird world that would be, Trixie as laughter. But then, what would the others be?” she shook her head and continued to walk outside and towards her house, to put away her papers.

Pull out the Holly
Put up the tree before it falls again
Hang up the Stocking
Cause we need a little Hearth’s warming.

Cheerilee stoppe herself in her tracks for a few moments, looking up at the falling snow, “Ok, now I know that isn’t how the music goes. Wasn’t there are a few more lyrics before that last one. Oh well,” she sighed and looked to the building she was walking by, noting the music store, “Maybe that’s what I need for Hearth’s warming.”

“What I want for Hearth’s warming is to be able to sing perfectly, able to woo them all with my song and dance. To be able to bring the mood of any place up with my song and to bring ponies to tears with my song.”

“But then, I would get bogged down with so many music offers, I wouldn’t be able to do my teaching job,” sighed the earth pony, before looking up at the old Hospital Loan and Trust. Granted, the orginal owner had died years ago, the building still had an intimitating feeling about it, “Or maybe what I really want for Hearth’s Warming, is a lot of bits.”

“For Hearth’s Warming, I want so much cash that I never have to teach again! Then I cold lord all of my money throughout the land, buying every stallion to become my slave.”

“But, then I would miss teaching,” Cheerilee sadly mused, looking at her looming house. Nearby, she could hear a teenager argue with her parents, bringing back some memories of her teenage years. As she listened, she began to think, “Yes, I could have all of that, but what I really think I want for Hearth’s warming,” slowly she opened the door and walked in. “Is for all of my friends to be happy.”

Author's Note:

I want to apologize if this chapter wasn't as good as the others.

See, this one was going to be about Cheerilee visiting Tarnished, but I felt like it was stepping on the toes of something else. Then wanted to make this about Cheerilee helping a lush Berry, but thay was out of character for Berry. So then I came up with this on the spot. I'm sorry. I just realized how hard it was to write for Cheerilee this song a chapter premise. Even though she has a nice backstory.

Ps. Can you spot the reference to the other fanfic?