• Published 5th Dec 2014
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Tales told from the Hearth: Lunaverse - Alchemystudent

A collection of stories about what it is like for Lunaverse to experience Hearth's Warming

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The most wonderful time of the year

Carrot Top, I could see really getting into the gift giving season...a lot. Heh, probably looked forward to this almost as much as I do.

“I hate this holiday,” muttered Carrot top as she walked to the library. Chuckling a little, she shook her orange mane and replied, “No, you don’t. Not really. You just hate the shopping part of it.” A sigh escaped her lips as she brought out a small list from her pocket and gave it another read through.

Lyra and Bon Bon-X






For members of farmer’s guild, see other side.

A tired sigh left her as she put away the paper, knowing she had one pony left on her list. Sure, she loved seeing the smile on her friends when she bought them gifts,but being the element of generosity and a really good friend to most of the farmers of Ponyville also meant that you tend to give multiple gifts to ponies and try your best to be even between each on to try and show that you aren’t playing favorites. This is was why she chose to limit herself to one gift per pony and this year, this included one great and powerful mare. A smile slowly crept back onto her face as she neared the Golden Oaks Library and her long sought prize within.

Opening the door to the library, she remembered when she and the other bearers had discovered the book that was published early that month, “The Longest day: Birth of Harmony.” They had later discovered that this was a book written about them and how they became the bearers. Once she found out about that book, she knew she had to buy it and keep its existence a secret from Trixie until Hearth’s Warming Eve so she could give it as a gift to Trixie. Of course, she and the other bearers each had their own copy, but she was a little afraid to give the book to Trixie, “Her ego will become the size of a small sun,” she whispered to herself.

“Oh, hello Carrot Top,” Twilight said, walking away from the kitchen. “I was just about to close the library for business today. So you made it just in time.”

“I’m so glad,” the yellow mare said, smiling. “Is the book I ordered in?”

Twilight nodded, “Yes it is, but I thought you already had a copy?”

“I do, but its a hearth’s warming eve present,” Carrot replied.

Twilight’s ears drooped a little, “Oh, I see. Just give me a second, its in the back.”

Carrot nodded and stood there waiting for Twilight to bring out the book. In the meantime, she brought out her copy and began to look at the cover. It was, exaggerated, to say the least, “They got our coats, manes, and cutie marks right.” Carrot said sheepishly with a giggle. On the cover, the bearers stood on a rocky mountain top while Corona’s eyes stared at them from behind. Trixie stood on top of the mountain with her mane flowing behind and in one hoof, a mystic tome of glowing power while she threw out a lighting bolt with the other hoof. Lyra stood behind Trixie, holding Bon Bon like a lover close and protectively while the beige earth pony mare looked scared. Next to Lyra stood Ditzy, holding a baby Dinky and looking on with eyes that looked like she was looking to Trixie for guidance. On Trixie’s right was Raindrops, with enough muscles to put Big Mac to shame and eyes that seemed on fire. On the bottom of the cliff was Cheerilee with big glasses and holding a ruler above her head like a sword, while Carrot Top herself was holding a shawl and looking worried about the battle ahead.

“So, how much of that book is true?” asked Twilight as she brought the book to Carrot, “Did you really fight off against a Timberwolf to get Lyra’s cure before she died? What about Zecora, was she really torturing Raindrops to get the location of the others before you came to save her?”

“At least they got my coat right,” chuckled Carrot as she shook her head. “You know, I have no idea where the writer got all of those ideas. I mean, some of it is flattering, like calling me the generous farmer of unflappable wit, but then there are some things in there I have no idea where he got it. Like that part where Lyra had to tame a hydra to fight the sirens.”

Twilight giggled and shook her head, “Well, I knew the author took some liberties with the story, creative liberties you know. But still, it doesn’t hurt to ask about the true story from somepony who lived it. It makes it all the more fascinating and make the fake story better.”

“Maybe,” Carrot admitted, trying to hide her blush. As she placed the book back into her pouch, she noticed the lack of decorations around the library, “Um, did you forget to decorate this year?”

“Oh, no I didn’t,” Twilight sighed. “It’s just that I don’t know if Shining and my parents are coming to visit this year. And since I spent most of the past few years traveling alone, not really celebrating, I don’t think they’ll be coming here to spend time with a criminal.”

The yellow farmer frowned at the somber mood of the unicorn, then widened her eyes in shock at a shelf, “Oh my goodness Twilight. I just remembered I forgot to bring a book I borrowed from here a few days ago. Oh, I hope I didn’t lose it.”

“It’s ok Carrot, since its library property maybe I could help find it?” ask Twilight, knowing that the rules of her house arrest allowed it.

“Oh thank you, Twilight!” exclaimed Carrot. “I think I might of lost it when I was at the local Barns but No Bell bookstore just a few blocks away. Maybe we would check that out!”

Twilight nodded, “Let me get my coat and I’ll be there,” she then used her magic to pick up her scarf and coat and followed Carrot out the door.

About half an hour later, the farmer and librarian made their way to the small bookstore, Twilight’s eyes widened at the small treasure trove of books that laid out before her, “Wow, to think they were able to set all this up in a few days.”

Carrot smiled, “I guess it was to stem the Hearth’s Warming Eve Rush. Now, how about you go that way and I’ll head to the fictional section to see if I can’t find the book.”

“Well, ok,” Twilight said, looking ahead at some of the non-fiction books, taking note of a few.

Carrot, for her part, watched Twilight carefully as she went down some of the aisles, taking note every time the unicorn stopped to look at a book or took some interest in one. After a while looking up and down the store with Twilight, Carrot ran back to her, “ Well, I don’t think its here. Maybe I left it at Sugar Cube Corner.”

“Are you sure? I’ve seen the inside of that-”

“I am pretty positive, wait outside for me and then we can head there,” Carrot said, pushing Twilight out the door.

“Well, okaaay!” the unicorn squeaked as she was pushed out the door of the bookstore. After waiting for a few minutes, she watched as Carrot came out with a few bags in her mouth, “What are those?”

“Oh,” Carrot Top said, muffled. She quickly put away the bags into her pouches, “Last minute shopping. Come on, maybe we can see Sugar Cube Corner before it closes.”

Twilight nodded, quickly following Carrot to the gingerbread shaped building. Once entering it, the smell of gingerbread and frosting filled the air, along with the vision of a pink pony placing herself face to face to Twilight, “HEYA!”

“Gahh!” Twilight screamed, backing up a little, shocked at the appearance of the pink mare.

“Welcome to Sugar Cube Corner, sorry that the cakes aren’t here right now... they’re in the back making their special-awesome-once-in-a-year-gingerbread house. They need absolute quiet and Carrot needs to get that dollop of frosting off his nose. He looks so silly with it on,” Pinkie giggled as she walked back behind the counter and looked at the two ponies. “Sooooooo, what can I do you for?”

“Well-” Twilight began, but was interrupted by Carrot.

“Two holiday specials, please,” the earth pony said, taking out the bits before turning to Twilight. “Why not sit down for a bit and I will ask Pinkie about the book.” Watching Twilight nod and walk off, the orange mained farmer leaned in to Pinkie, “Pinkie, we have a class D emergency at the library. Go to it.”

As those words entered the pink mare’s head,her blue eyes shot open and she let out a gasp, “A class D emergency! I’m on it!” and with that, she took the bits from Carrot and ran out the door of the building, a cannon in tow.

“Why was she dragging a cannon with her?” Twilight asked, her eyebrow arched.

“Its best not to ask,” giggled Carrot as she gave Twilight a muffin with hot chocolate and red and green sprinkles on both. “Lets just enjoy the meal together and talk.” Carrot smiled as she began to lightly munch on the muffin.

“Great! We can talk about the differences between you of the book and you in real life,” Twilight said, a smile coming to her as she brought out a pen.

“Um, lets hold off on that. I am really not that interesting,” Carrot said, sheepishly.

An hour passes between the two mares, more than enough for the hot chocolate to vanish from the cups and the muffins to become nothing more than a tasty memory between the tow of them. Leaving the table and the building with a smile on their faces, the two ponies made their way back to the library, “Maybe thinking at the library might help me find my book,” Carrot said with a sigh.

Twilight nodded, looking ahead, “Maybe, I mean, it would be horrible to lose a good book that you liked.”

“Yes, it would,” Carrot nodded as the two neared entrance of the library. A smirk slowly came to her as Twilight opened the door and let out a giant gasp.

“Oh, my Luna. Look at all of this!” Twilight said, walking into the library, her eyes wide in shock. Looking all over the book laden building, the tree looked like a christmas bomb exploded inside of it. Garland, wreaths. and lights encircled the main room in several different laps. In the center was a large tree with more decorations than branches, “But, how? When?”

“A few minutes ago, and I have learned its not best to question Pinkie,” giggled the carrot farmer as she walked to the librarian’s side. She then turned to look at a nearby shelf, “Oh, look. Here was my book the entire time.”

Twilight’s eyes shot up at this, turning her head slowly as the gears began to click together, “Wait, you mean-”

Carrot quickly interrupted her by giving her a book, “This is for you, don’t open till tomorrow. And these,” she said, handing over two more book shaped packages. “Are for your family, should they visit, from you. Don’t tell them who bought it, just let them know that it was from you.”

“B...b...but you-”

“I know, but,” Carrot then smiled warmly at the unicorn, putting a hoof onto her shoulder, “This is my way of saying, ‘welcome to Ponyville, please enjoy your first HEarth’s Warming. Here’s to many more.’ I know I never needed to, but, I want to.”

Tears threatened to escape from her eyes as Twilight wrapped her hooves around Carrot and gave her new friend a hug, “Oh, thank you! I don’t know if I cou-” Twilight was interrupted by a knock, “Its open!” and when she turned to see who stood at the door, her smile put Pinkie’s to shame.

“Phew, that snow out there is a killer! I could bearly find this place,” the white unicorn said as he walked into the door, smiling.

“SHINING!” Twilight squealed as she ran to her BBBFF and almost tackled up to the ground in a hug.

“Hey Twily,” Shining chuckled, hugging Twilight hard. “I only have a few hours to spend here with you before I go back on duty. But I will make those few hours some of the best that you had.”

“You already did,” Twilight said, hugging her brother again. So engrossed ws she in her brothers company, that she did not see Carrot leave the library.

“Twilight Sparkle,” Carrot said to herself, leaving the library and marking off the new name on her list. She then looked at another name, and checked that last one off, “And Trixie.”

"It really is the most wonderful time of the year," she smiled as she walked away.

Author's Note:

If you think that the book is something, you should see the maneverse book. It has Fluttershy wrestling a dragon, a breakup in one chapter between the fellowship, and a romance subplot between Rarity and a royal guard (Note to self, write a fanfic where the girls find out about the book). Also the hard part of all of this, writing Pinkie and Twilight's scene. I had to remind myself that they did not know each other here, they aren't close friends, and so Twilight couldn't react to Pinkie like I normally would have her. I couldn't have Pinkie glomp Twilight and jab a gingerbread house into her mouth saying, "HI TWI-TWI!"

Now this one went through some interesting changes. At first, I was going to have Carrot just find out about Twilight's alone time and then go to Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie and get them to the library. That just didn't pick up steam in my head. So I went with this.

Also, can you find the reference to another fan fic in here?

Yep. the gingerbread house is a reference to "A sweet Taste of Cake by the desendant" one of my favorite fanfics and the first live read I did.