• Published 5th Dec 2014
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Tales told from the Hearth: Lunaverse - Alchemystudent

A collection of stories about what it is like for Lunaverse to experience Hearth's Warming

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IT feels like Hearth's Warming

Trixie sat in the office chair, letting out a soft sigh. She so wanted to be a grinch at the moment, every part of her told her to be a grinch, every hair of her coat wanted to be a grinch, but one look at her assistant made her think otherwise. He looked so cheerful about the Eve and wanting to go home, there was no way she could possibly ruin that kind of mood. No matter how bad she was feeling at the moment, she could not bear to ruin his mood, “Ok Pokey, go home.”

“You mean it?” Pokey asked, his eyes wide in happiness.

“Of course, would I lie?” Trixie joked as she helped Pokey get a coat before walking back to her kitchen.

“But what about-”

“We’ll just let it pile up for the next week to handle. It is hearth’s Warming Eve and none of us is going to waste it!” Trixie shouted from within the residency’s office room.

Pokey could only roll his eyes at the thought of his boss’s alternative motives, mainly laziness and the chance to drink burbon. Looking back at his boss as she walked out of the kitchen and to the sofa, he called out, “So, what are your plans for the evening?”

“My plans are simple,” Trixie said, sitting front of a small fire. “Due to the fact that Luna is off on an ‘meeting of goodwill’, my aunt and uncle took an unexpected trip to Luna knows where, and leaving me with no where to go. I am going to enjoy a warm night alone here with my thoughts and Mr. Bourbon.”

“What about your friends? Maybe they’re going to visit,” asked Pokey as he walked out of the residency.

Trixie let out a sigh as she thought, “My friends, they’re probably too busy with their own traditions to come here,” turning her her head up from that thought, she looked at one of the photos that now lined her mantle. Next to a photo of her and Luna was a photo of her friends sitting together in a group, smiling like six idiots. If one had told her that this was the life she would be heading for, a life full of adventure and insanity, would she had believe them? Probably not. Would she give it up for anything in the world? Not even if Discord broke out of his statue, and told her that she had to choose between her magic or her friends.

Her eyes then drifted over to the photo of her as an foal standing with an older stallion, and she smiled. All of the memories of the past hearth’s warming days gone by flooding her mind.

“It’s just a plain tree, grandpa,” little Trixie said, giggling at the oncoming trick. It was something he had demonstrated before, but seeing it always made her smile.

“ You say that now, but,” the earth pony magican smiled as he waved a hoof in front of the tree. “with a little blessing from Luna, and a kiss from the world’s greatest filly.” as he looked to Trixie, he watched her blow a kiss to the tree. “I can turn this little tree into a-” with three claps and a swish of his head, the tree exploded in a dazzling display of light.

Trixie’s eyes widened in amazement and awe, “Wow! How did you do it?”

“Magic, wonder, and happiness of the season,” the blue unicorn chuckled. “Just a codeword for a few electric lights that he placed under the rug that we sat on that activated on three steps in succession,” Trixie chuckled, remembering how she discovered the trick ages ago. Looking up at the other photo, of her and Luna, a sad sigh came from her. Luna’s shows during the holiday in Canterlot were some of the best times of the season, and with her gone, it just felt bland at the moment.

Trixie watched as Luna walked in front of her, wings fully spread. For reasons unknown to the young foal, this time of year would occasionally make the night princess seem sad and depressed. Trixie had always wondered why, but then again...her mentor did seem to have a few secrets about her. The blue unicorn then smiled when she watched Luna flap her wings and take to the sky.

It was tradition for the Lunar Princess to give a little show every Hearth’s warming, and being an apprentice to the princess meant that Trixie could have a front row seat. She cheered as she watched her mentor fly through the upper heavens, laying the stars and constellations in a beautiful art. She couldn’t help but smile as she watched the city below her master begin to light their holiday lights in sequence with the princess’s lovely dance through the night sky. It was through her, that Trixie learned some more about the beautiful magic of the holidays.

“A magic that seems to only come, when you have ponies near you. Bah, Humbug,” Trixie grumbled. It wasn’t that she hated the season, far from it. She loved it, her fond memories of her grandfather and mentor proved such. But, it was kind of hard to be happy at the moment, “Kind of hard to enjoy a holiday when you are alone for the evening.” she looked up at the row of photos, each bringing a happy memory but along with it...more depression. Even Twilight had her family come down to visit her, but as for the element of magic? Alone.

It wasn’t supposed to end up like this, espically on this, one her favorite holidays. One of her favorite memories from childhood were spending time with her family, or watching her grandpa putting on a show for her. Heck, she knew that hating the holiday tends to lead to the appearance of dead friends and three ghosts who like to show you different things on the timestream, “It’s just that,” the unicorn sighed and looked at the pictures of the past. “With your loved ones traveling out of town for the holiday, your mentor busy with other things, and your friends gone off to their own traditions...it’s hard to enjoy the holiday with a smile.”

Levitating the bottle in front of her, Trixie let out another depressing breath of air, and looked at the pictures of her friends.

It’s in the singing of a choir
It’s in getting warm by the fire
It’s true wherever you find love
It feels like Hearth’s warming

“I wonder what they’re doing right now?” Trixie asked herself.

Author's Note:

My first entry into the Luna verse.

At first this was just another entry in m Taes told from the hearth series. But then I cam up with so many ideas that I had to expand upon it. So...here we are!