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Loves to read and write, I decided to try writing fanfiction after a long hiatus thanks to ponies


Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash were the first, then Applejack, then Rarity, and now Pinkie Pie. Everytime she has had to deal with this hard task, she had to watch as each friend go through this journey of theirs. It has been hard, it has always been hard, and it has never gotten easier.

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Ah ah, really misleading story :trollestia:

Nothing is wrong with you, my friend. Just keep writing brillitantly adorable stories like this one. Very misleading title, almost made me not click on it, thinking it was about Twi's 'immortality' again. Glad I did in the end. Thanks for writing it. :pinkiehappy:

What...? Hah! That's funny! At first I thought Pinkie's wedding was a flashback and everyone was dieing just like all the other stories about seeing Twilight's friends leave.. I love it! A happy aspect. :pinkiehappy:

*Sees title and description*

Oh, god, not another--

*actually reads it*

That is just... BRILLIANT. And it makes perfect sense as well.

Didn't take me very long to realize what was going on.

:rainbowhuh: How is this a Slice of life I mean I can get how it is one but then again I thought Slice of life was suppose to be sad but whatever.


You are so very welcome, I wanted to make a more heartwarming aspect to immortality and subvert the usual. Thanks for the compliment, I try to make things heartwarming as I can


I learned from the best :trollestia: thank you my queen


What can I say, I love to surprise my audience

I want you to just... just... *bursts out laughing* Oh what can I say, I had a suspicion that it wasn't a depressing fic as soon as I saw that Applejack was the 5th "to go" but the ending was just SO funny. Pinkie would be proud.


*bows* I try to honor my mistress Pinkie in so many ways


Hey, just saw this added on my feed. Might I offer a suggestion?

Her Hardest Duty

Capitalize your titles! Also, no periods. It helps with first impressions when you publish fics, seriously! Good luck out there!

I have to admit that I wasnt really expecting this^^ Though maybe you should have chosen a more depressing picture for the cover art. I could kinda guess that it wasnt about "it" from it but you still manged to suprise me^^ One question though... what was er "other duty"? You never explained that


Oh, she gets to name the royal first born child of the royal couple of the Crystal Empire. and to be the royal foalsitter

I was all :fluttercry: until Pinkie jumped up and corrected Twilight then I understood what was going on and I was all :rainbowlaugh:
congrats ... you broke my mind ... :derpytongue2:

You...you brilliant mastermind. :rainbowlaugh:
At first I was like, wait, so the ponies know when they're going to die, and they're making dresses for themselves?
But then I read Pinkie's part...Excellently written, that was very misleading!

weddings...such a disgusting display of love... I wish pinkie got shot at her wedding ceremony....

anyhow, even due to my stone-cold heart, I Somehow enjoyed reading this...


Thanks, I was hoping for a good mislead.


Well, if I can bring joy to one dark devil in my career...then I have succeeded as a writer


your welcome; but it's the darkevil, not devil.

You had me going for the first few paragraphs... but then I noticed the strong lack of the word death, dying, or anything of that sort.

I'm like, "He's going to troll us with a happy ending."

And I'm glad you did so. I can't stand the mopey dopey that's come out of Alicorn Twilight lately.

Ok if anyone was watching me they would have thought I had lost it.:pinkiecrazy: I truely thought this was going to be a sad story of Twilight out living her friends. But when Pinkie spoke at first I thought, of coarse Pinkie would cheat death. But then I read on and found my brain was ready to explode. I shouted WHAT out loud a couple of times:pinkiegasp:. You really had me going there. I was ready to shed some liquid pride for a moment and then...THAT happened! All I can say is I did not see that coming.

Comment posted by ShadowWing09 deleted Apr 11th, 2013

I do like the concept of misleading us into a happy ending. That being said, intra-main six pairings are overdone, and I've never been able to see the mindset behind FlutterDash. In fact, I've never been able to understand the obsession with pairing up Rainbow Dash of all ponies with just about everybody


Too tell the honest truth...neither can I, wich is why I wrote this story


You are very welcome, I try to do my best.

:rainbowlaugh: Ha! I opened this up thinking it was going to be a sad story about Twilight having to watch her friends die. Then I actually read it, and that's not the case at all! It's a happy story about good times! :ajsmug:

Anyway, great story! It was a lot of fun to read!

2407469 Oh, why did you not include this in the fic then?^^

wow did not see that coming, well played sir, well played.

:ajsmug: Ah see what you did thar...


Need to leave some surpises


Thank you, I try


I try to keep myself ahead of the game

2410038 but its no suprise if its never revealed^^

What a twist! :trollestia HA! Nice change of pace from the usual formula.

thought it was the standard "Twilight Mourns" fic but was pleasantly surprised.

I liked this story! :pinkiehappy:

I afraid I can't like this because of the overused and annoying flutterdash. but I will admit. You had me going there.

Oh, for goodness sakes, I think I must be somewhat empty in the head to post this!

She knew that the day that she had reached her final stage in her development and became a princess that this type of day would come.

Chop it off! Chop it off with a flaming sword!

That she would soon each one of her friends go through this and she would have to watch each one every time. It was one of her duties after all, it was one that she spefically asked Celestia for.

Ahem, I specifically think this sentence (the first one, dammit!) could use some revision. Yeah.

Pinkie was the second to go, and she knew that one day, it would be Spike’s turn as well...

But I thought she had already done this three times! And isn't she going to perform the same duty hundreds of times over?

I first suspected starting from the very first paragraph. My hopes were smashed over the course of the next two paragraphs, then permanently rekindled the moment Spike started talking. I think I've gotten too used to these.

I read a related fic where the library had burned down, and Fluttershy was epicly sad about how Twilight was gone, and Celestia should've ordered a cloudy day, not such a sunny one, and yada, yada, yada...

“I know Twilight, I know. I personally have watched over several of my own friend’s ceremonies and it has never gotten easier..."

Heh, actually, up 'til this point, I was thinking immortalization, indirectly invoking sads from, you know, all that immortality stuff. Second read bashed that thought in a bit faster, with Twilight mentioning Spike.

Note that the actual subject of death was never mentioned, not once. Note it hard. Cut off thoughts also cut down on the serious atmosphere.

...her and her friends saving the day from an evil god from the old days that wanted to wipe out all will.

Is this a - no, it can't be. Immortal Game reference? Not quite sure. Hey, Alchemystudent, you read that before?


..." Celestia said as she decided to go and watch from afar as another Element Bearer went through the next stage in their life.


Sighing, Twilight walked slowly to the front of the chapel

Not quite. Slice of Life indicates a single snapshot of normal life, no serious drama or problems, and when not accompanied by a Sad tag, usually isn't.


Me? A troll, never...ok yeah.


Thanks, it was a nice change for me too


I do aim to please


You are so welcome


My apologies for the flutterdash, I hoped it didnt ruin too much for your enjoyment. I'll try and do better next time


Yes, its an Immortal game reference...its my second favorite fan fic of this entire fandom. As for the rest, I think I should redo that first sentance and maybe fix up a few gammar errors here and there. Thanks for the comment

Oh my GOD you had me GOING!!:rainbowlaugh:

I actually screamed when Pinkie Pie talked, I was like "AH ZOMBIE PINKIE!!!":fluttershbad:

but then I was like :twilightblush: when I read further.


...someone thinking Pinkie was a zombie...that is probably the most unique reaction I have ever seen on this fic

Oh mah gosh... I was gettin ready to cry then I read the ending.... And I'm like what? And well....the beginning tricked meh...

My mind has been fegged... :pinkiesad2: :twistnerd: :eeyup: :trollestia: :moustache:


This story simply does not work. Twilight's attitude at the start is completely unrealistic considering what's about to happen.

That said, I do like the blatant satirical swipe at the usual "woe is me, I'm immortal!" stories that have been infesting the place lately.

Sorry, but I was never tricked, oh, sure, I was expecting the cliché, but once I read about ceremonies and all that it clicked, you weren't talking about death, you were talking about marriage, nice story I must say, it entertained me.

I am curious though as to who AJ and Rarity's husbands are...


Got to leave some surprises right?


Darn it, I thought my clever use of wordplay would trick everpony. Curses!!!!!


Ok then, I'll try better next time

2406658 It was quite a wondrous thing isn't it

i thought it was about death... ended up being a wedding.

I thought it was about death. But i was surprised when it was a wedding. Good news is that weddings are happy occasions:twilightsmile: Bad new is that i always cry at weddings :raritycry:

Great story.

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