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Given all the disasters that have recently befallen Ponyville Princess Luna decides that the town could use more fun and introduces a new holiday she learnt of from her alternative universe self, Nightmare Night.

A magical mishap results in most of the mane 6 and many other ponies taking on the personality and characteristics of their costumes.

The chapters can be read in any order, the first lays out the problem and fixes it while the others show what was happening to other characters at the same time.

Two mares and a rabbit walk into a haunted house - Trixie and Twilight have to team up to try and stop the costume spell from destroying Ponyville aided by Pokey whose been turned into a certain wise cracking rabbit.

Heroes - Snips and Snails in the guise of their favourite superheroes have to save Raindrops from a pack of Diamond Dogs.

The Bat the Cat and the Plant - Cheerilee is turned into the jewel thief Catmare and Carrot Top into Poison Ivy can the Dynamic Due of Heavy Roller and Scootaloo stop their villainous rampage?

The Case of the Dangerous Duo - Lyra and Bonbon are changed into the gangsters Bonnie and Clyde, but don't worry Sherclop Holmes and Watson (Ditzy and Dinky Doo) are on the case.

Metal Beyond Words - A quick epilogue I put together because a few people asked for it.

Set in RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse.

My entry to the Nightmare Night writing challenge.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 55 )

This sounds like it could be hilarious. LOL

Comment posted by ZeppelinFan64 deleted Oct 21st, 2013

You are a winner. And ZEBRA MAGIC! is now a meme.

Also nice reference to the beard pell in my story.

Wow, Trixie was right, she was lamed for this.

Did you just imply that Bon Bon is rpenagt(re-arrange that, and you got what I think you implied bon bon to be)? With Lyra as the hterfa(re-arrange this too) due to some wierd zebra magic mumbo jumbo? Someone tell if the is a cannon story or not.


Well, if Bon Bon IS preggers, then I don't think it will be canon.

I approved. Brilliant! I will have to read the rest then comment some more. Rarity is best sexy vampire.

Awww. yeah SpiderSnails was dropping jokes all over the place. Rain Drops is best Platinum.

“As your boss knows kid,” she replied without taking her eyes of the stallion, “I like making things hard.”



Holmes has always been OP. If anyone was going to instantly figure out what was going on, it would be Holmes.

Rarity, you IDIOT!!!!
I mean, REALLY!!!!! This isn't the Mane Six's world and Zecora and her works cannot be trusted.


That is what I'm implying.

As this is part of one of the writing challenges its not canon

I think a toned down version of this story might have fitted to the canon but as it stands we'd end up with Rarity in Prison and a fair amount of havoc around town.


It more or less depends on the joke.

Most times the ponies remember most of what happened to them but can be confused about what exactly happened and why.

It could use one final chapter for round-up.


The thing is that the artificial personalities are run by the subconscious and Dinky's subconscious knows what happened to her and that Holmes is a really perceptive pony so It just told Holmes what he needed to know and came up with an explanation as to how he would have figured it out by himself.


I was thinking that, but I couldn't really come up with a good ending, maybe Luna turning up and asking if they all had fun?

Comment posted by Talon and Thorn deleted Oct 22nd, 2013

"...a pink cavepony mare dragged a white unicorn stallion in a spacepony costume..."

Oh, I wonder who those two could be? :pinkiehappy:

Yes, obviously the basement needs to be magically shielded. To protect the... books. Obviously. Look, a distraction! Blueblood's about to make first contact!


The magically shielded books idea is that Twilights going to go stir crazy stuck in the library so she needs something to do and she's incredibly rich so she's building a lab in the basement.

That was another story in the works with Blueblood becoming a Captain Kirk type character and Pinkie a cavepony it still might get written and added if I can get a few spare days.

Another idea which didn't get the cut was somepony wearing a Trixie costume and meeting up with the real Trixie. The fake Trixie would be a cowardly blowhard who constantly speaks in a cod French accent. Trixie was going to vow to hunt down whoever's subconscious thought of her in that way.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated others can even write stuff that happens at the same time if they want.

I really enjoyed this story although I think it could have really used an epilogue of some sort.

I really liked twilights predicament at the end. I also liked trixie's description of Nightmare Night.
Good Work.

Poor Twi.
Also I kinda think that .....Trixie "enjoyed!" being Vampony Rarity's slave....though that's just nonsense right? hehehe hehe he...eh..hehe.:twilightsheepish:
Nevermind, going on to next chapter.

“Excelsior,” commented the old unicorn as they left.

Stan Lee YEEEEESS!!! :pinkiehappy:

“Eh, could somepony untie me,” asked Heavy Roller from where he still lay.

“I don’t know,” said Cheerilee hungrily looking up and down the costumed stallion, “You do look kind of good like that.”

Oh geez......LOL. Best chapter yet, besides the last one I mean. I swear I'm running into a LOT of Batman/Batstallion stuff as of late. LOL

Muy bueno "T and T"! If you were to ask me which chapter I liked the most in your story......I wouldn't have a fair answer. I'm torn between the last two chapters and this one as well. Don't get me wrong, I like the first one though the next few afterwards really had my attention. Story as a whole...LOVE IT!! :derpytongue2:

Don't sell yourself short on this one. I thought it was hilarious. But I do agree with others in that an epilogue chapter would be good to include. A chance for characters to compare notes on how their night had been. And of course Raindrops/Trixie arguments are always fun.

I cannot believe that I missed this. ¡This story is an hoot!

On a sidenote, the notificationsystem is broken.

¡Stallion Lee!

> “Let that women go now, beast,” announced Captain Equestria.

It needs to be singular and equine:

> “Let that mare go now, beast,” announced Captain Equestria.

> “It was black and rather more risqué, it even came with a whip, she hoped she could remember how to use one, it had been a while.”


Sherclop Pones is evidently a better detective than the Dark Knight. After hours, the Dark Knight never figured out that he is a magical construct while Sherclop Pones figured it out in seconds.

I hope that Twilight Sparkle will not get int trouble for building a laboratory in the cavern under the roots of Golden Oaks Library. It could violate her probation. Given that she is not a bad pony, but a good pony who made a bad mistake, I would allow her to experiment, under supervision, but other ponies might not be so forgiving.

It seem so often you say you feel you're not proud of your fics but I disagree. I really enjoyed this, it was cute an fun and I loved the slice of life feel to it.

Aww... it's over? But... I want more costumed nonsense.

Vampire Rarity is an excellent Rarity, but Renfield Trixie is just icky. I'm really liking this so far!

Hmm...interesting choice of costume for Princess Luna. Though a bit confusing with the wig. :derpytongue2: Happy New Years! :pinkiehappy:

This is one of the most awesome scenes I've ever read for Snips and Snails. I loved seeing them charging in and beating up a pack of Diamond Dogs.

I loved the sexual tension between Cheerilee and Heavy Roller! And the banter between Catmare and Batstallion, although that was a bit more one-sided. I'm a bit concerned about Carrot Top's plants, though.

To the Batchariot! Let's go! Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Batstallion! (You can tell what show I grew up on.)

Dinky makes for a great Sherclop. I love how quickly she figured out that she and Watson weren't really themselves. And then she figured out that Penny Pincher was defrauding the bank, which is pretty darn clever. She should be proud!

Luna dressed as Nightmare Moon? Excellent. Good thing she wasn't around for the spell.

Great epilogue! Nice rounding up of everything. I like how most of the ponies actually sort of enjoyed themselves, in spite of all the horrible stuff going on. The awkwardness involving Raindrops, Snips and Cheerilee is cute - of course Cheerilee needs to take a dim view of what that looked like. (The grey pegasus is Ditzy, by the way - Raindrops has a light gold coat.)


Well Cheerilee had the same problem with Sweetie Bell so she knew it had to be dealt with quickly. I was going to have Raindrops let Snips down gently by saying she was dating Trixie but I thought that was a bit beyond the element of honesty to come up with.

I've corrected Raindrops colours now. Of the L-6 she's the only one I can never visualise correctly, I keep mixing her up with Cloud Kicker.

The grey pegasus knelt down to get her head closer to the colt. “Look Snips it was nice of you, of both of you,” she motioned to her brother who grinned, “To rescue me but you know I wasn't myself when I kissed you and you weren't yourself either.”

I thought Raindrops was the one who was rescued not Ditzy?


Ghaaa! I though I fixed that.

I'm going to have to write a story about Raindrops dying her coat at this rate.

3721734 Maybe she's going through a goth phase because she can't meet any nice stallions who aren't afraid of her.


Oooh! Someone should write that story!

She did just have a bad breakup before this story. Somewhat helped by her brother pummelling her ex-boyfriend.

I am just starting the Time after Time chapter with her in it and oddly her love life will get discussed.

3721734 Maybe the premise of such a story could be that Ditzy and Raindrops both think that the other has the easier job/life and after an argument over who has it better, they decide to switch places for a day (with Trixie's help for the disguises) to try and prove to the other that they have it easier.


Possibly although I don't think it's in either ponies character to do that, although their might be another reason for it. While Raindrops might possibly say her jobs harder than Ditzy's I'm fairly sure Ditzy considers her 'job' to be raising Dinky, being a postmare is just a way of getting money for that job. Plus Ditzy's eye thing might be hard to hide.

3738286 Yeah in hindsight it wasn't the best premise and I probably could have thought it over more but hey it's just an idea (not a good one)

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